Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ending the evening with Sexy Max...

I am going get him some manties soon!

I like this route Phillippe

Swim for your life fish!

He wants to do it...

Control freak or such a good helper!


So baby H and the kitty cats are getting settled into the new house (the house formally owned by another client of ours).  He found his sun spot... how darling is that?!  

Y'all can't imagine how beautiful this home is... I can't wait until they leave again!  

Quick Question...

Has your car ever been so gross that you are to embarrassed to take it to the detail shop so you clean it yourself just so you can take it to the detail shop?

I will be in the garage most of the day.  Holla - I will be bored

I can totally see that!

I would try that!

Heading to Whole Foods!

Wet and stinky!

Friday, September 23, 2011

My sofa and view of St. Charles Avenue ROCKS!

I found it...

the strength and courage to see our darling baby this evening.  We had a glass of wine and talked about the time he bit me.  He looks great but is not interested in eating.  I am so glad his Mommy invited me over!

Marisa will break ya down!

That a girl Ophelia!

Little fish - swim fast and I would go east!

Shampooch at Whole Foods Market - Tomorrow

A few of our clients are working this event tomorrow and asked me to post this reminder...  I hope to see y'all!  My two are DEFIANTLY getting a good scrub!

* Saturday September 24, 10am-4pm, SHAMPOOCH at Whole Foods Market uptown, 5600 Magazine. $10 dog shampoo; $7 dog nail trim. Proceeds benefit LA-SPCA.  For more information call 586-7720, 899-9119 or contact

This is just breaking my heart today...

This part of owning the company just breaks my heart.  

Y'all - please do me a huge favor... at 1PM today...  do what you do, send positive vibes, pray, take silence, light a candle... whatever it may be.  At 1PM our sweet (and by that I mean - somewhat... more on that later.) my wonderful client is going to get her very sick baby from the vet and spend time with him until he tells her he is ready to go.  It is going to be so hard for her but I know she will watch him closely and will listen when he tells her that he is ready.   

I love you little man and I hope I can find the courage (I would even take more stitches for you!) and strength to come see you before you go.    

Here is my favorite video of us...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

In My Wildest Dreams...

I would have never expected that this company would become what it has become.  Never - really.

Good PM y'all and thanks so much.  You mean the world to me.  The world.  

Go North Ophelia!

Better yet - make it a fish storm!

What Bradley?

Email from a client today...

Y'all have no idea how much I needed to read that...  

"You're welcome - what you all provide is as or more valuable as anything
else I pay for in the month"

I love my clients... (our family)

"One zillion thanks for rushing over with the gate key.......
I really texted you to see if I could come to get it......
But, you are such a "johnny on the spot" were knocking at the door in a flash.
You really are an angel.
Thank you!
I will get a key made and get it back to Bradley ASAP"

Should I worry about how she did not say how cute my Pajamas were? 

Walk vs Rest?

I smile when I rest! 
See how happy I am?

I needed this smile at this very moment...

Thank you my darling!

I just want another kitty....

You want to come home with us?

Such a sweet Mommy

She hides treats all over the house for her baby P to find...  Today she put some under the stuffed kitty. Awww.... love her!

Stuffed kitty

Real Kitty

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bradley is my man candy!

New Orleans vs Italy... we will take -

la nostra casa...

Taking good care of Bradley y'all!

Security Guards

Who needs neighborhood watch?

Ma Maison...

Bradley can really wear one out!

Or in our case..2!

Makes me so happy too...

One of our doodle bugs got to go swim with his Daddy today....
Makes me so very happy!


I have cute photographs to post...  I just asked Henri to check the printer to see if something printed for me.

What is going on?

Now that is how we roll!

Let's do it y'all!