Friday, December 2, 2011

Uptown robbery surge brings ill tidings for holiday season

Y'all - be careful out! Heads up!

Uptown robbery surge brings ill tidings for holiday season » Uptown Messenger:

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Out of the hospital..

Back to my normal/bananas self!

Heads up people...

My Daddy is having an amazing season! 
wink, wink

Heads up! Lost Afghan in New Orleans Area

I received this from one of our Afghan parents today.  Please cross post and share.  Lucy needs to find her way home.    

I was asked to cross post this to all my lists. I know there aren't any Afghan people down in New Orleans, but maybe if you send it to your lists, it will catch the eye of some New Orleans dog folk. Thanks. 

Dee Jones
Lagniappe Hounds

See Below:

Lucy is an 8 year old female black greyhound with white face.

Her home is on Oaklawn between Vets and West Esplanade - she has been spotted as far as Rebecca and West Esplanade right before Power. 

If you have information about this dog, please call (504) 722-8374


Linda Dantagnan, President
Greyhound Pets of America
Louisiana and Mississippi
(504) 828-1717, (504) 722-8374>

Heaux, Heaux, Heaux

I went to LSU...

and they are making me all better!

Send good vibes my way...  
I itch - bad and now they are shaving all of my beautiful hair off. 

Now - back to QVC


What was I thinking?

Isabelle had five ornaments off of the tree this AM when Daddy was in charge.  He finds it funny...  Gonna be a long month.  

Dr. Visit done Mommy...

on my way home! 

Much better!

My ears hurt and were kind of funky but all better now!

Look what Pamela did to her poor kitty cat!

Treat time!

For some reason...

This makes me happy... It is so old!
I never let Henri TT on it.

How cute are these two?

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Good PM y'all!

Watch dog...

méfiez-vous du chien


Are you a drinker?

I love this wine!  

Dog Lovers Wine Club Home:

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Working on my good attitude!

Life at the hoarder house was not easy...  
Now - I am in a MANSION! 

Hi Mom!

I have really missed these ears!

This evening...

With...  Ellis Marsalis...

and - my little brother Derek (along with some other amazing musicians)

It is a great way to kick off the holiday season...  The venue and sound are amazing.  It is at 6pm.  If you go, text or email.  I would love to see you there!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

School wears the baby out!

Hi Mom!

Good one!

Love these two...

Love these ears!

Leave your office! (But please do not cxl)

It is beautiful outside...  

We call this a walk...

But - Barb makes us move on!

My sweet Henri

If only Isabelle...  

Thank you Mother Nature!

USDA fines Ringling Bros. Circus over treatment of animals -

I hope Department of Ag stays on top of all of these organizations.

USDA fines Ringling Bros. Circus over treatment of animals -

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We really need you this pm...

Little sister is in the hospital this pm...  so please send positive vibes, prayers, cross paws for us, etc...  We need the little one to bounce back to her silly self ASAP!

Both sets of ears...

Get me every time!


Do you know how cold it is out?  

We did nothing with this trash bag!

Cold walks are GREAT!

Thanks Mommy for letting us have Bradley...  

You have to be REAL good....

to get all 4 of us!

A Pamela walkin' works!

Help Your Favorite Cause automatically every time you shop.

I wish I would have posted this yesterday but you can do it all year. This was sent to me from Humane Society of Louisiana...

Another great way to give back!

All you have to do is take a minute of your time to register at www.iGive.combefore you shop. After you register, it will take just a a click of your mouse for your purchases to help fund our programs.

Hundreds of participating retailers will give a percentage of your purchases to HSL through For example, 1-800-FLOWERS will give 7.2%; 1-800-PET MEDS, 4.8%; Barnes and Nobles, 2.4%; Disney Store, 1.2%; Gift, 7.2%; Best Buy, 1.2% and both Amazon and The Apple Store give .8%. You'll even be able to track the impact your purchases are making.

You can imagine how these percentages could add up! Please take a few minutes to register at iGive. Then just remember to visit iGive and click over to your favorite retailer before you shop. It's that simple!!

And remember.... you can earn funds for animals through your online shopping ALL YEAR LONG. You can visit iGive before booking hotel rooms and airline tickets, buying birthday or wedding gifts, sending flowers, or just making routine purchases.

Help Your Favorite Cause automatically every time you shop.:

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Where America's strangest people reside

We are #1again! Yahoo NOLA!

Where America’s strangest people reside

Heads up Bywater Area

BYWATER RESIDENTS: 15 year old shih tzu, "Pookie" is missing in the Bywater. He is completely blind in one eye and mostly blind in the other. He is missing most of his teeth and is also a little hard of hearing. He must have gotten out when we took out the garbage, which would have been during Monday night's game. He is a shy dog but wouldn't pose much of a threat due to his advanced age. He is mostly off white with some gray and beige. If you see him, please contact either 850-206-2260 or 850-748-4123. Thanks! PLEASE REPOST. We are waiting for a picture to share!

This weather rocks for baby B!

One of those days...

Good morning from Tink's house!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Watching the game?

On the way to the Dome...

I would totally charge more!

What a great holiday gift and a great way to give back...

Paws on Parade Ornaments

Mardi Gras Bead Dog® ornaments will be THE 2011 Holiday Season must have item. These cute ornaments are modeled after the Mardi Gras Bead Dog® sculpture that will be seen throughout the city from January – June during the first ever LA/SPCA public art project: Paws on Parade. You can enjoy these miniature models in your holiday decor before the life size versions hit the streets. The ornaments are $10 each and bundle pricing is available. Ornaments are available in four color combinations: Blue and Green, Red and Green, Black and Gold, and Purple and Yellow. Order Now.

The Louisiana SPCA - Quick Links - Shop LA/SPCA Products

Shop and give money at the same time!

The Louisiana SPCA - Quick Links - Shop LA/SPCA Products:

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Hated my Vet appointment...

Loved my ride home!