Saturday, February 11, 2012


I can't even remember the last time I had a cold... I LOVE Mardi Gras.  Can't miss one thing... Nothing at all.  I woke up this morning with a cold.  So - my cocktail today will be Adult Robitussin and I will be the one with the Snuggies (yes - ies) one worn properly and one worn on my back.  See ya @ St. Charles & 8th Street @ 2!  


What I think of you leaving...

I don't get it

Pamela picked one of her babies from the Vet and made it ride in the carry thing.  I think they should let them ride in the seat with the little kitty cat seat belt!


You just move the chair and watch TV!  
That is  using your head people.

We had to go home...

Rub my belly!

Friday, February 10, 2012

In Memory...

Sweet dreams beautiful little girl.  You gave your Mommy 15 years of love and I know she and the little one are going to miss you so much.  Bradley always called you his adorable little football and love spending the nights with all of girls.  Pamela said you were the least of the garden gnomes but you had your moments too!   You will always be our big ribbon winner - superstar.  Watch over your Mommy, your daughter and little sisters. I hope you find Remy and the two of you stay together.  He will be a good big brother.  We love you and we miss you so much.  Keep an eye on your Mommy... she is hurting for her little girl.  Rest sweet girl... rest.  


You sure it is time to walk?

Dressed and ready in the Quarter!

Last day of vacation!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

'Pit Bulls and Parolees' ends the season in N.O. | New Orleans

'Pit Bulls and Parolees' ends the season in N.O. | New Orleans:

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I have been making trips to the facility for the past few weeks with tons of donations and will continue to do so.  If you have anything you can offer... blankets, food, cleaning products, paper towels, etc... I will come and get it or you can drop it off at Canine Connection.

Every dog deserves a chance...  thank goodness she is here to help educate, rescue and place.  The more the merrier and the greater the success.

Email from Labs4Rescueres

"This gorgeous fellow, Frankie,  has the most severe ear infections my vet has ever seen.  The inside of his ears looks like raw meat.  His owners  brought him to the shelter to be euthanized because they could not afford  to treat his ears. His ears are so infected that they are  bleeding and draining pus and he constantly hits his head again the brick wall in his kennel to try and stop the pain.  I had the shelter take him to my vet. My vet originally did not think he could save his ears and suggested a total ear canal ablation on both ears.  After flushing his ears under a general anesthesia, one ear can definitely be saved.  Frankie is on prednisone, Zenoquin and tramadol but also needs laser treatments  3 times a week to try and decrease the swelling.   After the laser treatments, he will need probably surgery on one ear.  His owners allowed him to get in this terrible condition due to their neglect.  I so want to make sure this fellow has a new life with kind and responsible adopters.  If there is anyone who can help sponsor this poor baby, please call in a donation to Abadie Veterinary Hospital  at  504 737 8910.   Thank you"  

Jenifer Wright can be reached @

Sending love to Mommy...

Text from client

"Like work does not bore me enough... Now the blog is boring me.  Get on it today.  What is wrong with y'all?"

Thanks for the love M!  I think I will file this under testimonial!


Pamela wants one too!

Check it out...

They are measuring tree height to make sure the floats can fit!  

They are gone!

Vacation with Bradley starts... NOW!

Love Holt

It is horrible that they can't keep it cleaner.  
People deserve better.

Her surgery...

made her very sleepy!

I love his socks...

Swing! Hello - Thursday!

12 More days until Mardi Gras!  
Parades rollin!
Nicole happy!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lift us up...

Please take a moment to lift this little one up... to whomever you pray to, send positive healing vibes to.  She is hurting and her Mommy is hurting too.  Those of you who have been through this know how hard it is to let go... please keep the baby and Mommy in your thoughts and send love her way.  Give your little ones a kiss this evening and be so thankful that you still have time to share love between each other.  

It is on baby...

This makes me want to stand on the corner of 8th & St. Charles NOW!


Get up lazy bones! 

When I die - I want to come back as one of our clients pets. 


Underestimate the power of a Bradley walk!

New do!

Now - How hot am I!?!  
I still have some relationship issues but I am working on them.  

3101 Prytania Street is READY!

Hold me...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Look what they just dropped off!  Street block things... not my dog! 

Bradley sent me this text...

"This was last night: gave pup his treat...went and took shower...after drying off, I noticed no beagle in room...searched all around and found this on a pile of warm clothes in Remy's room."
Yes, we still call it Remy's room.  

McDonald’s Pulls Anti-Pit Bull Ad

Smart move.

McDonald’s Pulls Anti-Pit Bull Ad—We’re Lovin’ It! | Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan:

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Keeping his eye on the prize...

His snack is a boiled potato!

Our doodle bugs...

Darling baby boys.

Such a good girl!

My new necklace is helping me be a better girl! 

Moving to California...

We will miss you little one!

Wonder Dog - A Golden Retriever Reaches a Raging Boy

Great read...  I love dogs.

Wonder Dog - A Golden Retriever Reaches a Raging Boy -

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Tink's house guests...


Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby bugs...

Big sister is in the hospital so we got some extra love today...  

This kid cracks me up...

Bradley WEARS her OUT.  Guess she needed a rest...  

Mobile Blogging!

I have been mobile blogging all day today...  It is crazy y'all!  I LOVE IT!

So funny...

I just got this from Marisa... She is on the other side of the city!

I want one!

A chicken... not a sign!

Darling girl...

Rescued off the freeway when someone pushed her out of a car during Katrina evacuation. Her new Mommy had to chase her down the side of 55.  Lucky girl found heaven with this Mommy!

Happy babies!

Our new baby...

Welcome to our puppy family!


Rescued this baby this am!  She has such a huge heart...  

Happy Monday kids!

It is here... (not that... Mardi Gras!)

Sunday, February 5, 2012


PM of sleeping practically falling off of the bed.

Invest 90 : Computer Model Hurricane Forecasts

Dear Mother Nature: In February? Calm down Mommy.

Invest 90 : Computer Model Hurricane Forecasts : Weather Underground:

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This kid is killing me!

Admit it...

You watched it...


Poor baby...

McDonalds Pit Bull Ad

I have no words...

McDonalds Pit Bull Ad is Pure Discrimination... | Gather:

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Hi Mommy!

Not watching TV today...