Saturday, July 5, 2014

Thank you slammer for putting the cap back on...

Keeping it classy on the corner of 8th & Prytania.  This is one of the reasons we are constantly watching the ground when we walk babies.


We received a request for information form from a local Veterinarian today and I am thrilled that we are going to meet her babies and take care of her needs.  That validation is so very humbling… I strive so hard to make everyone feel like we are invested and they are protected because indeed we are and when I hear that a Veterinarian has confidence in us and they share that confidence, I feel overjoyed.  


We missed each other!

We are going to miss these two... We love when Mommy leaves!

All smiles!

Cute but freaks me out a little...

                                                                              This one is "I see dead people"

Sending love from our staycation!


I love you Mommy!

Better than cartoons!

Morning fun!

Beautiful morning!

RIP dog bed... Firework stress!

Do they look happy?

He planted corn...

Pretty corny.  

Friday, July 4, 2014

This 4th...

Last 4th ...

This 4th...

Thankful that my amazing team always steps up when it is bananas!

Thankful that our wonderful clients share their babies with us...

Thankful to my family and friends...

Thankful that it was quiet for me today and I was able to pack some things away that needed to be packed away.

Thankful that I invested in 3101 Prytania.  Thankful that my across Prytania Street neighbor lets me play with the farm animals because I have come to realize I will never ever get to have a farm with animals. Thankful for my 8th Street neighbor, Crazy Bob for keeping me entertained.  Goodgawd he is insane but I like him.

Thankful for the little girl (the Mom to Flower & Diesel) who inspired me to get Henri & Isabelle.

Thankful to have survived brain surgery and the horrible hair cut that Dr. Smith gave me and all that came after!

Thankful to all of those that keep us safe and free...  

Well... Happy Independence Day!

Good eye Erin!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Poor Barb... her baby got sick but is much better now!


Baby D is so so so sleepy!

Speaking of bananas!

When are you moving in?

For the record... we needed this vacation!

Raining bananas y'all!

Mommy - We love you but Pamela rocks... justsayin

Dear Mommy: We love but don't really miss you!

Hi Mommy!

I love you but my vacation is amazing!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Our little girl had a birthday party on Saturday... It got turnt up!

How cute is this?!  I can't turn the last photo but... darn that is darling!  

Hurry... we gotta go TT on things!

Cookie part?!

July 4th!

More pets get lost on the 4th of July than any other day of the year! 

‘Pet Flipping’ Is Now a Thing

"The term sounds absurd, along the lines of “cat juggling,” the fake underground gag used for laughs in the old Steve Martin film The Jerk. But apparently, pet flipping is a real scam — and it’s on the rise..."

So happy, so happy, so happy!

Top Ten Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

Top Ten Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips | petMD

If I give you sad face will you stay?

Our big boy!


Top 5 read and shared Blog posts - June

Tossed out of a car on Magazine

BR family in mourning after finding cat cut in half
No new news on the story or investigation...

Dogs who head press should see a Vet

This baby needs a home
Adopted.  And by that I mean... they kept it!

17 dogs found dead at Gilbert home
Still unfolding...  Makes me SICK.

A Veterinarian Locked Himself In A Hot Car For 30 Minutes. Every Dog Owner Needs To Know What He Discovered.

"Unfortunately, we live in a world where this still needs to be said. Every summer there are new stories about dogs being left alone in a parked car with nothing but a window crack for relief. This veterinarian was tired of the stories, so he set out to prove that a few cracked windows does absolutely nothing to cool you down. Any human that doesn’t want to put up with this kind of heat shouldn’t force their pets to deal with it, either."

Beautiful morning in the Garden District...

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bayou Belle

Rest in peace beautiful girl... 

I just received an email from our little Belle's Mommy and literally lost it.  We started walking her Monday - Friday in April of 2009.  She was a sweet little girl and loved walking Bayou St. John everyday.  To a person, everyone loved her so much and she will be forever loved and missed.  

Our pretty little baby girl...  keep an eye on Mommy and Daddy and check in on us too.  We will miss you.  Find Remy and he will take good care of you sweet baby. Trust not a dry eye here today...  We love you.  

Sending love from New Orleans...

I find the beauty...

Henri & Isabelle... waiting in line for a cookie.

Picked his World Cup viewing spot

Monday, June 30, 2014

China's Elusive Pet Food Regulation

Great read...  

"Long-term, all-too-frequent, and severe safety issues with pet treats and pet food coming from China have led to serious questions about the state of China’s pet food regulations.  The answer to those questions may be fairly simple:  China does not have a significant body of pet food law, regulations, and standards.  What it does have is hard to find and scattered within regulations and standards administered by different agencies, with no one agency taking the lead in resolving problems..."

Happy and kickin it!

Our other new babies!

How sad... but happy!

We all get along!

I will keep the bed warm!