Friday, February 20, 2009

Lost... but found!

A sweet lady found this baby walking down Prytania....
We spent some time together...
Now her sister found her...
I wanted to play longer

Quick Question...

Does this pose make my butt look big?

I love y'all!

This is the greatest thing ever! Last night two of our clients rode in Muses... and look what they did for us! Is that not the most beautiful thing? It has dogs, cats and bones on it! They had to think about it and make it... that is the nicest thing! They are very busy people! I love y'all... thank you so much... it made my Carnival Season! We hope to see you for some parades again this year! (I just noticed Remy's photograph in the background... that made me smile!)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sweet baby Newey...

We lost another sweet baby this week. Jessica (who would never let anyone else take care of this family!) grew so close to this little girl.. She said... "she was one of the sweetest little girls I have ever met. Newey loved to be loved and I swear she started purring the minute I walked in the door!" Newey - We will miss you very much... Jessica is sad like your mommy. Go and find Remy and make him share cookies with you! Much love little girl... much love!

Regarding - Two lab babies need a home (posted 2/11)

I got an email from a blog reader named James this morning... THANKS JAMES! "The 2 labs got homes already in Southern California. The original email address has been flooded. The alternate email is wrong. This email got legs of its own now and has morphed into an email hoax. Here is the original story:"

Out of control... I must have received two/three email forwards for the past week about this story. So frustrating when all people want to do is help! I am thrilled that they have had a home for almost a month!

Krewe of Hamilton

Don't throw me something Mister
Throw it at our mom...
We are staying inside!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Doodle Bugs!

Awww... on the way home from the well baby appointment! So cute...

Makes my day!

When we moved to New Orleans the first thing we wanted to do was find someone who we trusted to watch Mason and Sadie when we go out of town. We are so fortunate to have found Nicole and her team at New Orleans Pet care to take care of our girls. We really appreciate them letting us know throughout our trips how they are doing and we enjoy reading the notes they leave letting us know how each visit went. We would highly recommend them to anyone.

Good Morning world!

Look at those smiles!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Save the date...Dog Day Afternoon

We are so excited about 2009 Dog Day Afternoon! We will be hosting a private party again this year for your clients. So please, save the date and we will post details as it gets closer!

March 29, 2009
Roosevelt Mall in City Park
Day-of registration opens at 10:30 am
Fun Walk/Run starts at 11:30 pm
Contests at 2:00 pm

Our mommy is going to come home soon...

Jessica is not "hoppy" about it at all!

Messenger Max

This is how we have to roll from time to time...
P.S. - It worked!

Save the date! ~ Krewe of Arfus

Krewe of Arfus Dog Parade
Sunday, March 8th, 2009
Zephyr Field

In case you missed it! Barkus 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

King Sexy* Max of 8th & Prytania

Today is Barkus!!
*Please be advised... his name is not Sexy Max! I just call him Sexy because sometimes he "feels the love" in that "man dog way".

A cautionary tale...


So a client was walking her baby in the park (with her baby daddy!) and Rollo picked up one of these and ate it before they could pull his head up. Long story short, it got caught in his trachea... almost in the lungs... and he had to have a Bronchoscopy to remove it. They were very close to loosing him. Thankfully, he is at home recovering. Just one... not a mouth full. It is a reminder to all of us that it can happen in a split second...

Quote from Sawyer!

"She let me pet her! then she took out a chunk of my hand....i consider it major progress!" Aww... her loves us! Took a few years but... I think she just might.

First things first

How cute is this little monkey?
Who needs Carnival parades when you get this little man...