Friday, January 21, 2011

What you think of my new coat?

Little snug?!
(Does this make my butt look big?)

I look great...

Squirrel Appreciation Day Is January 21

It's January 21 again, and that means it's Squirrel Appreciation Day!

There is no shortage of interesting tales about this adorable and spunky critter, whether the story of thesquirrel who fought off crows to defend his fallen friend, or the cat that raised a baby squirrel and taught it to purr.

This mid-winter day is the perfect time to give thanks for the furry little friends we might otherwise take for granted. And while they may be seen as pests or a nuisance on other occasions, use Squirrel Appreciation Day to show some love for them in all of their animal beauty, and throw a couple of nuts their way while you're at it!

According to the NWF, Squirrel Appreciation Day was created by Christy Hargrove, a wildlife rehabilitator from North Carolina, in 2001.

Check out some incredible photos of this diverse and amazing species below, and CLICK HERE for more tips on how you can celebrate Squirrel

Hi Mommy!

Pamela loves our new hair dids!

Loves this toy...

Would rather stay outside...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bradley went to get SEXY MAX!

  • I can't wait until the little sh** gets home...
  • I miss his obnoxious bark!
  • I miss the way he growls at the babies when they get close to him...
  • I miss the way he ignores me until he hears the can opener and green beans...

Don't tell...

I go back to bed when they leave!

We would charge more for this MID!

Update... The last one!

In the last week, Bryson has improved so much that they allowed him to go home to Lake Charles and start his Occupational and Speech Therapy. Everyone is just amazed with his progress! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. He is amazing!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Isabelle is...

going to be really agitated when she wakes up and realizes that Herni touching her!

I love this neighborhood!

We have the best job ever and I had the best morning! I got to go play with babies today and that always makes me so happy. Now - to work!

What you lookin' @ lady?

Give me the cookie!

I love this!

Bayou babies!

Will play for cookies...

YouTube Video

Tikka is home! Note on Facebook...

I am honored to be the one to share this with everyone she was my rescue baby.....Tikka has been found! Kelly just called me and after we both stopped crying happy tears, she told me that the location/house where Tikka got out 12 days ago was abuzz this morning with the other dogs in the house going nuts. Ashley, t...he woman who was keeping Tikka for an overnight back on January 8, opened the door and there was our Tikka. I don’t have all the details, we think she might have a broken paw and she has eaten 4 bowls of food so far, we don’t know where she was, we may never know, but, we know that she is now safe. Kelly will be picking her up in a little while and ARNO will be taking care to make sure she is taken care of and of course, as Kelly has stated, Tikka has a permanent and loving home and will never go through this again! Thank you all for your prayers and your help, it has made all the difference in the world!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bring your rubber boots Sawyer & Barb!

Linked In

You may have received an email from me from "Linked in" today... I have no idea how that happened as I do not have a Linked in "account". I am researching... Sorry for an inconvenience.


Only 48 more days until Mardi Gras

Walkin' Pamela!

Baby S

looks like she sees dead people!
Or - she did not like the music Pamela was listening to...
Either way - these two are so cute.

Leave it to Pamela to spot this one...

She is already counting the days until 10.31.11

School day!

Look at these babies

They got hair dids...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I am really nice and just need a home!

Can you help me? I really, really, really need a home... I am 3 years old, Great Dane/Boxer... I can't have puppies (spayed), I am sweet and playful but homeless. I would love to stay in NOLA! Can you help me?

Pretty baby...

Walkin' Sawyer!

Mardi Gras Guide 2011

Check out our client on page 84
That is such a beautiful photograph... she is so beautiful!


After three weeks without speaking...
Bryson said Mom, Dad and Bayden (his brother)

Next stop - Children's Hospital in NOLA

Katie & Sawyer's little house guest...

Helping Katie!