Friday, October 10, 2014

My over the top Halloween decorations...

and by that I mean, I put a hat on the Dining Room table.

Heads up neighbors!

We will be filming scenes for a new CBS Series entitled NCIS: New Orleans in your neighborhood on Monday, October 13TH, 2014 approximately between the hours of 7am until 8pm.  The filming will consist of a NCIS police pursuit at minimum controlled speeds of approximately 25mph. We will have officers on hand for Intermittant Traffic Control  (ITC) and safety. There will be extended traffic control on the corners of Magazine and Philip, Camp and Jackson Ave, Camp and First, Camp and 2nd, and Camp and 3rd. The ITC on these corners could be held from 5-10 minutes. Residents on these blocks with off street parking will be permitted through when shooting is not taking place. On the day of filming our crew parking and base camp will be situated in private lots to minimize our impact in the area. All parking of necessary work trucks will abide by city laws and will not block driveways, fire hydrants, or impede streets in an unsafe manner.  We are working closely with the New Orleans Film Commission to help ensure that we adhere to the standards they have put forth. We will have officers on hand as well as security throughout this process for safety. If you have any specific concerns, contact us as soon as possible with any special needs so that we can address your needs and concerns. No Parking Restrictions will be in affect on the following streets:

1400 block of Jackson Ave                         (Both Sides)

½ of 2200 block of Coliseum St            (Bot h Sides)

1100 & 1200 block of 1st St.                        (Both Sides)

½ of 2200 & 2300 block of Camp St            (Both Sides)

½ of 1200 3rd St                                       (Both Sides)

If I don't look at you... You want look at me!

Bye Felicia!



No school tomorrow!


But sweetest dog EVER!

They are bringing a what home?

With 2 legs?

What, what, what?

How sweet is this face?

Hi Mommy!

Good Morning NOLA!

Y'all need a hand?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lady bug...

This one... Not the smartest but he is super funny!

Runs into walls, shuts himself into rooms, etc...

PetSmart Announces Recall of Certain Lots of Simply Nourish Dog Treats


PetSmart Announces Recall of Certain Lots of Simply Nourish Dog Treats

Please don't wake me up...

5 Dos and Don'ts for Mixing Your Pet's Food | petMD

Great info!

5 Dos and Don'ts for Mixing Your Pet's Food | petMD


“Brown paper bag bandit” blamed for two Garden District robberies, police say

Y'all please be safe...

Princess T

Our big boy!

I love this time of the year (minus the fall like weather)

My real life toy...

Rockin her 31st!

Anderson Cooper: Does your dog really love you?

The correspondent talks about his beloved dog, Molly, while reporting for 60 Minutes on the science of dog intelligence

I am one of those old people who watches 60 Minutes.  For those of you have lives, and missed this, it is fantastic!

Losing your pants.

But it is a big renovation.  Are they really lost at this point?  Could it be a symbol the construction company us using to warn the owner?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Not sure what is better... All of my single man friends with Daugthers at Katy Perry or all of my girlfriends with girlfriends with Daugthers at Katy Perry!  Enjoy y'all! 

Pretty pretty flower!


I have to go home tomorrow?

This is a tad to much...

These two... Have it MADE!

Fav cool spot!

This Marine’s Waiting For The Soldier Brother Who Saved His Life. Wait ‘Til You See Who It Is


Shout out to the SPCA - Pet Of The Week

I want him.  


We are back from vacation!

Good sitter...

Mommy sends her to play in City Bark a few times a week...


Thanks RD for sharing! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014