Thursday, July 21, 2011

My belly hurts...

Dreaming of Mardi Gras...

Only 215 more days y'all!

Need a drink?

Pet Night at the Roosevelt Hotel Bar @116 University Place to benefit LASPCA tonight.

6PM - 8PM

Bring your best 4 legged buddy and enjoy the libations and music on the patio.

Friendly, leashed, pets welcome

Holla at the girls!!

Look our new baby!

Another one... We love new babies.

Road trip!

Got my walkin' on before heading to VA

That was hard work!

In staying with the theme...

Hi Mommy!

Mornin' Daddy

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy Birthday

to my little brother!

Welcome Home Mommy

Now, leave again so I can see Pamela again!

ABC - "101 Ways to Leave a Game Show"

Last night ABC aired a show called "101 Ways to Leave a Game Show". They did a stunt using Pitbulls. They wrapped contestants in meat and they were chased down by Pitbulls. I personally think that is very responsible. If you agree... contact ABC

If you want to watch the episode...

My signs came in!

This is the back gate... included all of the screws and was very easy to hang!

Taking a nap!

Sexy Max has TRICKS baby!

I want to take this little frog home...

Hump Day!

Off to school...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


It is a park for GAWD sake!

Playing hard to get...

Heads up Garden District Clients

LOST: King Charles Cavalier in Garden District: 3 year old Blenheim Cavalier, named Butch (also responds to Butchy) got out last night from First & Coliseum in the Garden District. He has a white coat with red/brown coloring, has tags and is microchipped. REWARD OFFERED. Please call 832-860-5572 with any info.

Tink helping Mommy with the sweeping!


Being a good girl...

Keeping her eyes on the prize (cookies!)
PS - Hi Jessica!

Dear Mother Nature: MUCH BETTER!

Good morning New Orleans!

Good one Sawyer!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Look at our new babies!

First day walkin' Bradley! No rain, nice long walkin' and a kiss on our nose before tuck in.

Welcome to our family!

Pamela wore me out!

I don't mind the rain...

G'man has a baby sister...

Look at his favorite new toy!

Shop For A Cause @ Macy's (email to yourself and print)

Yes indeed!

It is always so funny to get telephone calls about us "still working" (when it rains). Of course - we always work!

RUFF start to a Monday!