Friday, October 3, 2014

Our sweet Murphy is here!

I love this little man...

His baby sister -

drew him a picture and put it in his bed for him.


Love you Lakeview residents...

I LOVE it!

Checking out craft services at American Horror Story location...

Walkin' Barb does this...

Good one!

Baby Mia is home...

If you know anyone in the St. Rose area that might be willing to donate blood in her name, please share.  

I am so happy for Parker, Dana and Angela!  

Happy Black and Gold Friday!

On vacation at Belladoggie...

But Daddy and Mommy wanted to make sure I got my walks anyway!

Sending love to Mommy...

I guess I should have gone to the Apple store first...

Perhaps one day my size 4.5 foot will grow...  Meanwhile, I love the phone but it is sort of funny to me.

Raining cats and dawgs!

Good morning! This makes it better!

Word up

Thursday, October 2, 2014

I think they sent Michael Jordan's Iphone

This thing is as long as my foot.

#Makingmyselflookshorter.  #dumbmoveNicole

When Megan is in the pawffice

I am all.

I wonder what Henri will try to eat this week...

The Association just received word that American Horror Story will be back in the neighborhood tomorrow (Friday) to complete a pickup shot that is needed for next week’s episode.  The production will take place in the 2500 block of Prytania between noon and 4pm.    Minimal parking areas will be blocked off  for their 2 vans and 1 truck as well as period style cars to be parked in the shot corridor.  Intermittent traffic interruptions (3-5 minutes at several intervals) will be employed throughout this time in the block between Second and Third streets.

Please take this into consideration in your travels on Friday

Always so happy!

Happy baby!

5th Annual Strike Out Brain Tumors

Cost: $60.00 per person in advance, $65.00 at door; Includes one game of bowling, t-shirt, food & drinks (beer, wine, liquor, soft drinks); live music during the event (MikeyB3) and following the event (band has not be announced yet); a silent auction will also be held during the event

Brain Cancer Research & Support

Registration forms and checks are due by November 14, 2014 if paying in advance.


-Please email and we will forward you a copy of the registration form if you do not receive one in the mail, or download it from our Facebook page.

- Visit our Facebook page Louise Tiblier Fein Memorial Foundation to link to PAY PAL. If paying with Pay Pal please email with the information on registration form.

- Mail registration form and check to: Louise T. Fein Memorial Foundation, 6839 Memphis St., NOLA 70124; Please make checks payable to Louise T. Fein Memorial Foundation.

- If you would like to donate to the silent auction, download the form on the Facebook page or email and we will forward you a copy.

Thanks for sharing RC!  

A Tribute to the Late Dr. Sophia Yin, a Much-Loved Vet and Trainer


All smiles!

St Charles Streetcar Line Named Historic Landmark

I love that I can hear it from my bedroom...

WWL - AM870 | FM105.3 | News | Talk | Sports - St. Charles Streetcar Line Named Historic Landmark

Trying to eat that pastry part....

I hate winter...

Morning y'all!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Murphy... 13!

Your Mommy is totally cool...but not as cool as you are!

We love you! 

If you don't know Gene Goldring - I hope you will pause to get to know her...

Thank you Gene Goldring for letting me scream, yell and 

pitch a fit. 

I know you move mountains and I do appreciate you so very much and we are so lucky to have you here as an advocate for those that have no voice that can be heard. You never cease to amaze me. 

I adore you. 

Thank you.

Please - give me a moment...

How cute is this... love the blanket!

Our hair got messy in the rain...

We don't mind... after Ms. Pamela towels us off...we dry off on the carpet and pillows.

Yahoo - Another Al Roker moment!

Happy end of Hurricane Season y’all!

Epic... this should be fun!

This time of the year... everything scares me.

I am like a three year old.  (In a ton of ways actually!)

If I close my eyes and pretend to be sleeping...

Do we have to walk in the rain?

To quote Erin - "I give up"

He has ants in his pants!

Pamela's favorite time of the year!

Morning y'all!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

This one...

In the pawffice -

Well trained...!!
Not a stuffed animal...
Not vocal...
SOOOOO SO crate trained!

Loves - carrots, sleeping & making Isabelle hide.

We YUB him!

Kickin it...

This bug has moved to the NS... miss already!

Daddy loves me!

BRAVO RECALL - Raw dog, cat food recalled after test turns up salmonella


Bravo recall.  Please share! 

I love the littles...

Keeping it real in the Quarter this AM!

Restin post walk!