Saturday, December 7, 2013


Our sweet Nacho...

What are you doing today?!

Selfie control?

Is it me or should some people just try to exercise just a tad bit of it?  

妈咪 - 它是超级冷!

Barb's new baby...

Barb's baby...


Y'all we should all go to Japan in January with Ellis & Derek.  How cute is my little brother?!

Baby it is cold outside!

Humane Society needs help opening state's largest no-kill facility

We can do this!

Humane Society needs help opening state's largest no-kill facility | New Orleans:

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This is a HUGE problem.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Barb is picking up two babies this evening...

She set up the nursery in the hotel.  She is picking up two Boxers - a 6 week old and an 8 week old...  I can't wait to see photos!  

Where are my gloves?

From 80 to 50...

BURRRRR! Frigid Cold Blast just hit.

Holy cold front!  That took like 5 minutes.

Okay - Nap time again...

I hope to see you soon!


This is cray cray


Presh face...

Happy face!

You want to kiss?

Pool time!

Feeling the love today!

I want to thank you and Bradley for the excellent service. This has helped 
P out so much. I feel badly for leaving Payton all day so it has helped me 
feel better too!! I would definitely recommend your services to anyone!

How sweet is this little girl!

Randi Rousseau & Chris Beebe congratulate Grace Roberts on her fundraiser where she raised $1,050.00 through the sale of her hand made dog biscuits & donated the proceeds to PAWS. Way to go Gracie, you really helped the animals!

Our Mom is the #1 consumer of glitter... we have glitter on us!

Noodle bugs... They are happy - trust me!

But I want to go this way...

So I played with the tea set...

I miss her!

Always makes me proud!

Our newest baby...

On the way to Vet this morning.  Her Dr. Daddy just sent this text - "lol.  Last pic of her with a uterus". Sweet baby has no idea what is about to happen...  She is 10 months and 100+#.

Might we suggest you come later in the morning!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Drop the cookie and walk - we have been at it for 60 minutes!


To hot outside...

Pamela's baby under the tree skirt!

Quoting a client -

All of the Uptown road construction is making me lose the will to live.

Huge kitty -

I might need this for my office...

Me -


Sulton ~ Rest in peace

My neighbor lost one of her babies yesterday.  Poor darling... She is so heartbroken.  I hope he is hanging with Remy... somewhere over the rainbow.  

These two define "lazy"

Most popular puppy names of 2013


Most popular puppy names of 2013 | WDSU Home - Family:

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Toasts & Tails and Jingle Bells

This evening!

NO Fleas Market 
42289 Magazine Street 

~10% all all merchandise during event
~Light Hors d'oeurves
~Treats for pooches
~Pet Photos with Santa
~Door Prizes and more!


I will get it!

I had the best WW yesterday!

This is what I look like -

Very impressive Ms. Barb

And brave!

Notice how serious dogs get when the cookies come out!

How beautiful is the baby?

These are are serious morning faces.