Saturday, February 21, 2015

One of our newest babies is so small...

she just plays in the toy box!

So excited to start introducing Emilie to our babies...


OH NO!  Sadness...

Month end accounting distractions... music. RANT -

I wish someone would take him to church and make it end.  Enough already.

One of us is far more serious...

Some Caturday love!

Thank you Polar Vortex

New van transports pets to adoptable homes

Fantastic news for all of our local pets in need of homes!

The bead tree is looking tired!

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

You sit on the floor Bradley!

Mr. Bradley woke me up Mommy!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Love this kid...


27 Cats Who Will Sit However They Damn Well Please

So funny!

Class Action Lawsuit filed against Beneful Dog Food

For those that might use this food...    Truth about Pet Food has some interesting information.  

Presh baby... Not at all spoiled!

Cozy socks...

One has a touch of ADD

St. Charles sheriff: Man arrested after dog thrown against wall, stomped on

I hate that he is already back out on the streets.

So sweet...

Favorite spot!

Camp Tink!

Dogs in stolen van found safe: 'A dog was looking out the window to say, 'Help me''

Such great news!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Two blocks of Magazine in Garden District, Irish Channel to close for street excavation

Heads up Neighbors and Team NOLAPC!

Freckles is missing...

Bead trees a sign of Mardi Gras past

My favorite type of tree!

Growing, growing, growing!

We have added one person to Team New Orleans Pet Care and we are looking for one more.  If you know of someone who would be a great fit, please have them email me.

This animal needs to be caught


On Monday, February 16, 2015, the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office received a call in reference to an animal cruelty complaint. Officers then learned that Rashard Poche (AKA – Rocky) allegedly threw a dog against a wall then stomped on the dog while at a Killona residence.

The dog was transported to Riverlands Animal Hospital in LaPlace. The dog, who was being treated for severe head trauma, neck injury, and state of shock, had to be put down yesterday due to injuries sustained during this incident.

A warrant has been issued for Rashard C. Poche for Cruelty to Animals. The Sheriff’s Office is actively searching for Poche. Anyone having any information on Poche’s whereabouts is asked to contact the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office at 985-783-6807.


Poor sweet Jojo

This is Jo. He is 9 years old. He weighs 6lbs. Jojo was brought to Riverlands Animal
Hospital by his owner yesterday morning after she received a call at work stating her dog
 "wasn't right." When she arrived home her neice said her boyfriend had been hitting her and he stopped and grabbed Jojo and threw him against the wall. When Jojo fell to the floor the boyfriend proceeded to kick him in the head twice. Jojo is somewhat responsive. As of yesterday morning his bill was $700.00 and it is estimated to exceed $2,500.00. Jojo had a seizure last night and was very vocal, but as of this morning he has calmed down and is resting. He is Recumbent which is why his head is twisted as you see in the photos. He cannot control that. He has swelling in the face, eye, and head but no cranial fractures thankfully. Jojo has a chance but must remain in the hospital receiving care that his owner cannot afford. She was devastated and hysterical upon arrival at the vet clinic and it took some time for the staff to calm her down. She loves her dog and I'm hoping to be able to raise some funds to help with his vet care so that he may live and have many additional years with a mom who loves him very much. The Vet Clinic is 985-652-6369 and the account is Jojo Lockett, you can donate to the account directly. Please forward this email to anyone you think may contribute to his care. If every person this email reaches would donate $1.00 it would add up quickly. If you have any questions please contact Racheal with Animal House Rescue @ 504-615-2330.

I needed this vacation!

Yard time!

Cute sweater!

So cold out!

Love this face!

Oh my gosh blogger war!  

Kiss my nose!


Chicago Doggy Day Care Van Stolen at Gunpoint


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Don't do it...



The U.S. Is One Step Closer To Allowing Pets On All Major Transit

Great news!


Barb can't let it geaux!

He spent the pm with the babies!

Isabelle can't deal...

Mardi Gras killed her!

Hi Mommy!

Dogs in pickup trucks? Lines drawn over Jefferson Parish proposal to make it illegal

Poor pets...  That this is still a discussion is amazing.

Ash Wednesday...

We are all.

My body hurts.

For lent I am giving up lent.

St. Patrick's Day parade is 3.17

Back to the real world!

Monday, February 16, 2015