Friday, September 11, 2015

Poor baby S...

Surgery hurts. Bless our sweet baby girl.

Say prayers for my heart...

The things you see in the Garden District...

The owner of this house is perfectly bananas. I asked why and she had no idea how or why. You gotta love that!

Little puppy walks in the rainy weather...

The struggle is real!


I love the fine folks at Stein's.

Seriously with this rain...

Enough already

So happy!

Vacances reposantes ...

Good mornin Mom & Dad!

Epic start!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Y'all - only 152 more days until Mardi Gras Day!

Love this!

Some are just a bit more sensative...



Did you hear about the tree on Washington?


Givin y'all Al Roker moments


But I want to play with it!

Dry me off pwz

Here it comes y'all!

How Drew Brees helped me and a friend get through war and heartache

Nothing to do with us but... bet it makes you cry.

Relationship goals

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Get it Henri

This gloomy, fixin to be dark , fall... almost winter weather is making me feel like buying school supplies. 

I don't want it but I don't want anyone else to eat it either...

Three wet labs...

Lady, Henri & IsHELL Isabelle!

Raining cats and dawgs y'all!

Can we cuddles first?

He is back!


You are spendin the night with us?

9.9.15 - First day of baby play time @ CCV

My heart hurts...



Why must we film on the corner of St. Charles and Palmer on a school day? 

Why why why? 

I feel better now.


If I were on TV today... this would be the music behind me -

I am running so hard (often in circles) that I look like a squirrel trying to cross Prytania.

Ohhh Grace... Please leave us alone.