Friday, June 24, 2016

We like when the big kid is at school

We are happy to just stay home!

I love this hell hound!


We got to see Remy this week!

Him hates it too...

Him hates his cone...

Lots of car time this afternoon

Murphy, Henri and Isabelle with her head on Henri.

Gawd love Nola!


Hi Mommy!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Beautiful Grim

Our sweet Pamela lost her little Grim last night... he did in her arms. She posted this sweet tribute to him...

Momma's boy through & through. I crawled through construction site rubble to feed you every night for the two weeks it took for us to catch you. A kitten we discovered eating French fries under a car in the middle of downtown New Orleans. Mike named you Grim because of your rough start in life. Thirteen years we loved you and we did all we could to save you one last time. Rest in peace my sweet black cat.

Sending loves...