Friday, December 5, 2014

Yes - we are watching it! How my life has changed!

Dog rescued after being abandoned has been euthanized

No winners in this...  Some will argue she was not at peace and some will argue that they could have helped her find peace. Now that is is all over for the baby - Rest in peace little one.

About to get our snuggle on...

Just a warning y'all...I am out of Diet Coke -

Took me 15ish minutes to figure out how to turn it on and make it.  I have had two cups and - I AM COMING IN HOT THIS AFTERNOON Y'ALL!  I am pretty sure I just twitched or had a small seizure... not sure which!

Our poor baby... Breaks my heart!

My hair...

The little neighbor girl was on her way to McGee this morning and I waved and she said "Mom - She has Peter Pan hair".  Her Mom died a thousand deaths and turned red.  I thought it was a huge compliment.

Dr. Daddy is on his game this month!

I love the fine people of Lakeview!

Friday blogger war...  nice

Morning yall!

I am so presh...

Pamela & Mike saved my life and I am thankful.

The important thing to know here is... as you look into my beautiful eyes know that as darling as I am, I am equally as naughty BUT I get away with it.

Player of my Parents and the other kids around here
Superlatives - Voted most beautiful & Voted most likely to rule and get away with it because of my beauty.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Walkin in a winter wonder land!

Y'all - We may get to have this kitty...

Please Mommy Client... please get her.  Does it get cuter?  NO.  

Don't hate me because I am beautiful!

The wind in my face... LOVE!

Police Action

My fear... my team and our babies getting hurt.  

Erin leaves for a walk in a beautiful Uptown neighborhood and returns to a street on lock down. ALLEGEDLY stolen vehicle..  The guy made the mistake of running and turning down a dead end street.  It was chaotic and they were not allowed to cross the Police line.  A wonderful Police Offer let them in and after some time, let her leave the scene. 

He is caring...

Fingers and Paws crossed - she moved and we are hoping she moves back soon.I

So smart!
I love that her Mom regularly texts us!

We love when we get this little bug bug!

He does this all day...

Just looks at it like it is going to fly open.
Three weeks until Christmas!

I have a feeling I will be starting my shopping at CVS on 12.24!

Keepin watch over the French Quarter!

Hi Mommy!

Camera shy this morning...

When you spend all morning tracking down the owner of a locked Iphone.

This may get me into heaven but I am doubtful.

If You Think You Know Everything About Your Cat, Check Out These 22 Facts


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

'Frozen'-Obsessed Puppy Wakes Up From Nap To Sing 'Let It Go'

This little one is so darling and reminds me of another little baby named Bella.

That was a good cookie!

What you doin down here?

I can't get enough of this face!

Cookie face!

It is not easy but it is fun!

Time out!

Do we have to go back in?

More than 100 malnourished, wounded and dead horses found

Oh my gosh!  Unreal.

More than 100 malnourished, wounded and dead horses found - FOX 8 WVUE New Orleans News, Weather, Sports

Happy Birthday to Barb's baby Tink!

Swear words...

Sadly, I tend to use them.  I hope that my adoption post did not offend anyone.  The F bomb was dropped a few times.

I love these ears!


I am with you sister...

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Put a fork in him... He is done!

19 Things People Who Were Adopted Are Tired Of Hearing - If had a $1.

My personal favorite is "do your parents have any real kids?"

If you could avoid these!

Play group time... 1st day of Kindergarten!

Bradley explained that I am going to play group at CCV.  That unlike playing at HQ, more kids = more opportunity to get in trouble.  I am not sure how this is going to go but I am all in.  Bradley told me to be a good boy and I am considering it.  I will keep you posted on my report card.  (Look at my face... Do I look like I am a trouble maker?)

When my Mommy hurts.... I hurt.

xo Mommy...

We have your back...

This little girl is amazing...

Her Dad and Mom have been clients of ours for so long that we have had two pass away before her.  She came from this amazing program...  Look at her trying to give a kiss to this butterfly.  I have had the pleasure of communicating with  Mr. Bill in the last few weeks and I admire him so much...

This darling little girl is so well trained, so sweet, loving and disciplined.  I respect what this program is offering to inmates and respect what the inmates are offering to the dogs in the program.  I can't imagine that she is just one example of babies that would have potentially been killed vs being saved by Mr. Bill.

Mr. Bill... you are an angel.

I have such respect for this family...

I have always had respect for J&R and appreciated that J was one of my post K clients when I was literally giving my staff schedule to them on post-it-notes.  This darling was injured in the line of duty and without getting into details, B was not put down but they spent thousands of dollars to get B better and Barb, Megan and from time to time, Bradley took care of B, and brothers and sisters while learning how to take care of a K-9 Dog.  It was not easy and honestly, I was a bit tentative about taking care of... but there were not.  B is back in action and so smart, loyal, obedient and I have so much respect for the job that B does.   Moreover - J&R - Y'all are amazing!

Remy... I can't help it.

She does this every day that she checks in...

This has made my day!

"I think my first experience w y'all's work was absolutely perfect.

I expected the feeding, potty, and play.  But I assumed you wouldn't do it exactly as I do.  I expected you'd get them fed but not exactly "the right way".  And that you'd figure out how to get Teddy out of his crate and back in it - but I assumed you'd do it a little bit "wrong".  And I just thought I'd explain a little more and clarify further, etc etc. until we finally figured it all out.  

But not only did you do EXACTLY what I wanted EXACTLY like I wanted it done -you ALSO:"

Our little secret!  

"I'm beyond pleased and so happy I have you as a resource.  Thank you so much.  It takes a village to make sure these pups get what they need sometimes.  :)

Best, J

This is the face of serious holiday spirit...