Friday, November 21, 2014

I really do not get it...

It is not a double.

I am so rolling out of this joint!

Friday smile!

My ouch...

Pothole of the day....

Yea!  Y'all won.  DVR set to WGNO just to see y'all!

These remind us...

These 3! 

Found the sun spot!


Just FYI CCV clients!

Morning at spend the night vacation!

has a lizard hat on?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

City: Napoleon construction to bring Carnival changes, but won't - HOT MESS

City: Napoleon construction to bring Carnival changes, but won't - FOX 8 WVUE New Orleans News, Weather, Sports

Thank goodness

My parents FINALLY decided that I need a visit daily.  By need I mean, they want someone to wake me up from my relaxing sleep and take me outside.  Look at me... do you really think this was my grand plan?

It is fall y'all!


Our little S...

Those long time followers may know this story... for our new followers -

During Hurricane Katrina evacuations, my client left with her birds and her elderly dog to find safety on higher ground.  In route to Monroe, Louisiana via Jackson, Mississippi, they saw a car open  the door and toss this darling baby out.  Once she hit the ground she started running and my amazing client pulled over and worked for a very long time to gain her trust and she was able  to catch her.  They have been together from that day forward.  

This darling little girl died and went to heaven that day...  (yes - she is still with us!) You can't imagine the life she has had with her Mommy. We have been equally as blessed to have been given the opportunity to take care of them.  

This face... presh

We prefer the warm weather too!


My cornucopia is full of bananas!

Thursday the 20th  ~ Thanksgiving Thursday = Bananas. 

We got this… it takes time but we got it and we are THANKFUL.

With that… I know we are behind!  Running as fast as we can!

Thankful that y'all have patience...
Thankful for your loyalty...
Thankful... simply thankful.  


Most likely to give side eye when it is time to go inside...

Summer is on the way!

Sorry Buffalo!

The only one who had a great time!

I love him!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Our Lady bug...

Kicking in the sunshine!

Smart Helmet: Drew Brees | #AllForFootball | Pepsi


Superlative -

"Most likely to rule the household"... where we are going, how long we are going and what I am eating when we come back. Is this a face that you should question?  Yea - No.


My favorite kind of karma is instant!  
Take that puppy mill in Mississippi! 

One of has pink toes and bows!

Off to school!

This is how cold it is in my mind.

Looking forward to summer on Friday.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I don't think he gave me dinner...

I am to full to remember and need more! 

Our other new baby!

Our newest baby!

He loves this weather!

I am here for school!

Jane Lynch and Hilary Swank to Co-Host First-Ever Rescue Dog Telethon


Jane Lynch and Hilary Swank to Co-Host First-Ever Rescue Dog Telethon

Rockin' her winter wear!

So hard...

Thanks Mommy for sharing the babies with us.  We will miss y'all!

Watching Bradley...

No really Max... relax!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sweet Henry...

2007 - 2014

"Shocked" is such an understatement.  Our heart breaks for you and your Mom and Sisters.  It is one thing when we can all prepare ourselves but another when it comes so suddenly.  Watch over those that love you as they have watched over you. I always try to visualize that "somewhere over the rainbow" is Remy welcoming you and ya'll all taking care of each other and playing.  Rest darling Henry... and let your Mom and Sister feel you in their arms and hear your voice when they need to.  

I hate this coat...

39th Annual Holiday Home Tour

39th Annual Holiday Home Tour

The mission of the Preservation Resource Center: To promote the preservation, restoration, and revitalization of New Orleans’ historic architecture and neighborhoods.

We at the PRC believe that preserving a city’s architecture is tantamount to preserving its soul. New Orleans would not be the city we love today without the past successes of the PRC, and it is critical that we maintain our staunch defense of the city’s rich architectural legacy. In post-Katrina New Orleans, it is particularly crucial that we rebuild in a way that is sensitive to our past, or we risk losing everything that makes our city unique.

December 13th & 14th

I am so blessed to live in the Garden District and love supporting Preservation Resource Center.  Last year I was able to help by being one of the sponsors of the tour.  Our neighbors take great pride and go all out to showcase their homes. 

Headquarters – Trinity Episcopal Church ~ Bishop Polk Hall
Fantastic local artists participate in showcasing and helping support “buy local” and support PRC! 

Tour homes…  
(This is such a great read about Ms. Uddo)

Mr. & Mrs. Cedric Martin @ 1410 Second Street

Dr. Thomas Lyons @ 1429 Seventh Street

Richard C. Colton, Jr. @ 1406 Seventh Street

Mrs. Arthur Fort @ 1328 Harmony Street

Mr & Mrs. Jon Charpentier @ 2626 St Charles Avenue

Richard Bushsbaum & Bethaney Vincent @ 1539 Fourth Street.

I sure hope to see y'all out and about on the 13th and 14th.