Friday, January 30, 2015

Look at this smile!


Barb found this... Stop it Merrick

This sweet baby...

I love this tail...

Rockin it!

Barb got goodies!

I am going stay with you?

New one!

We got more cookies?

Derek problems


When you were super busy and they decide today is the perfect day to work on St. Charles Avenue

And you're the second car holding in what is now almost 8 minutes of said holding. Nicole has road rage.

Waking in the quarter

Getting the babies ready for Carnival!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

This May Look Like A Normal House, But It’s The Ultimate Cat Playland

I would love to live here!  I love these guys.


Humane Society of Louisiana warns pet owners in Mid-City to be cautious


Perfect winter day!

Baby goat beheaded in Algiers park; LASPCA offering $1,000 reward for information

Makes me see RED.

See you next week sweet baby...


They are already waiting for a snack...

My hurricane evacuation home!


Helping in the Quarter this am!

This is my kind of winter day!

The view from my front door...


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I love when she sleeps on my lap...


Watching the world go by...

Stop it... totally 100% darlin!

How cute is this?

We got a new baby!

This face!


My little who dat!

This is my happy face!

Mornin world!

What a beautiful day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Thank goodness... The dum dums got great council

Good move GoDaddy .  Perhaps you can't fix stupid but at least you listened.  I would suggest putting all of the marketing executives in the back of a truck and bouncing them out, let them find a way back to your organization and when they do - fire them.  That would be the best commercial to fix this dumb campaign.  I hope you donate your Super Bowl spot fee an organization that helps with education ... you can also donate 1/2 and 1/2... one to pet education and the other to marketing challenged organizations who have more money than sense.

Erin's baby Murphy...

I wish Erin would just let me keep him forever and she could visit him.  She is here twice a day anyway! Murphy is the most loving, calm and patient dog EVER.  I am so blessed that I get to keep him when she is taking care of our babies.  

Today - 

10 years or so ago...

She saved him.  I adore them both!  

Not only did we go for a walk...

We went for a ride!

I had so much fun with these two!

Took a wrong turn...

Ears! (This is a different baby)

GoDaddy - Have y'all lost your mind?

Is it just me or are they stupid?  In my opinion, this is horrible.  If they do not pull this before the game I will be even more disappointed.

My little baby Remy...

This is one of the only photographs of baby Remy that survived Katrina.  Derek will kill me if he sees this. 

Thinking a lot about my sweet Remy today...  My baby, my muse, my first love.  

April 28, 1995 - January 27, 2008

Playing with my toy!

Out and about!  Heading to AT&T.  

Please email if you need us or phone if you have a 911!


Monday, January 26, 2015

What a day!

Update @ 7:49 - If you sent a text at all today and I did not reply, please email just in case it does not reappear when they turn on my next broken phone!  

I always want to make sure we are an open book…  I spent the morning with one of my Team Members at an Emergency Clinic.  We were able to see a Doctor, get medication and get that person tucked into bed to take rest.  We started off a bit shaky but were able to get on track.  We got a bit lucky with a few cancellations!  (I would NEVER say that on another day)

I got back home after helping with babies and dropped my cell phone and I cracked the screen.  Second Iphone I have managed to destroy!

If you have sent a text today, I would ask that you email just in case they are not restored when I get the new phone in the morning. 

I will be out helping again tomorrow!  That is the only good part about all of this. Thanks for understanding that we were a bit behind but not by much… 

Thus the reason we always say for every Plan A… we have a B and a C!  Thanks TEAM NOLAPC for pulling together and getting it done!  Still in progress ;)

Emergency...  causes blog (blog only, not client) time out!

Sort of hit the wall!