Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Priss priss

6.17.2009... We picked them up on Father's Day

"Hey I have been working with both of them outside and in the kennel. Belle is so much fun and just loves to play, but loves to be cuddles and in an attention feen. She jumped into the pool last night (while I was swimming with Ace), and just swam her way out. Amazing... She is going to be a difficult puppy, but is going to turn out to be an excellent dog to train and work with.

Henri is the total opposite, he loves to sleep. He will play for a little whole, but then gets board, and just goes and lays down. He is going to be very laid back, easy dog that just follow you around. 

I think they are both ready for pickup on Friday or Satuday." 

Happy birthday to my babies…

We miss you both so much.


So far so good!