Friday, August 8, 2014

Here we geaux y'all!

I love that Fox has a pre game show...  Seriously - it has been on for awhile.  What is wrong with us?  The Bulldog was packed at 5ish...  I love us!  

This one... zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Is that comfortable?  

It is -

Dartmouth mall hires ‘Pet Patrol’ to keep animals safe | CTV Atlantic News


Dartmouth mall hires ‘Pet Patrol’ to keep animals safe | CTV Atlantic News
5'1" is the new black, said no one ever. Anyone available to come grab something I can't even reach standing on a chair?

Pulling to come over here...

Time out for this... If You’ve Never Been To New Orleans...

This made me hungry.

I respect this...

I hope someone that needs them finds them.


Here we geaux y'all!  

See you in a little bit!

Hot out here people!

Our vacation is over?

Kiss kiss Mommy!

Morning Mommy!

Football Friday!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

I love this schedule!

Happy 10th Birthday to us!

So happy but so so hot out here!



Play time!

I want to get that squirrel!

I just spent an hour of my life lost in Metairie.  I was using GPS and still got lost.  

If you lost your weave or need a little weave - Pamela knows where it is!

What are you just walking down the street and a part of your weave falls out?

This card makes me laugh...

Henri EVERY morning! Something is wrong with this dog...

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

So happy!

We have a baby brother! 

Sending love to Mommy, Daddy & our baby brother. 

Wait please - I am relaxing!


Our newest babies... So darling!

See you tomorrow!

Our Vet Mommy has a LONG day today!

Hello world!

This is my smile!

Princess Grace!

Best ears go to...

They are bringing a what home?

These three are about to get the best gift ever!  Will it be a girl or a bay? It is still a surprise for everyone.  

We love to be part of these moments in life! 

It is me again!

It is us - It must be Wednesday

NCIS filming - not investigating missing Craft Services (It was on the other side of the street)