Friday, June 25, 2010


Why do they do this when I am not home? Thank you babies for being good for Mommy. Thank goodness I have a great pet sitter!

My 99 year old Grandfather passed away and Mike and I are in Lake Charles. Jessica, Sawyer, Pamela and Bradley are taking care of everything... including my doodle bugs!

Thanks Y'all

We have been working on this for weeks and have had amazing support from our clients and friends. We set out to have a one week drive and that quickly changed. We are still making weekly trips to resupply. We will stay involved as long as they will allow us to!

Thanks y'all!

Babysitting is hard!

Gigi is watching Henri & Isabelle! Poor thing...

Drop it! Drop it

Catnip is groovy!

I can live with this!

Come on Mother Nature!

Paying attention...

to the bird she is wants to eat!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Someone is special!

Yo Sawyer - turn the camera the other way!

What? I am resting...


The shenanigans that go on it this house when Mom and Dad are gone are HYSTERICAL! Who looks guilty?

Heads up! Explanation

No, I am not an alarmist... a realist! The MOMENT something develops or starts to develop we start our Hurricane "watch". Understand, we have clients traveling all over the world and clients that are gone for long periods of time... so, that is why I am vigilant about watching. Call me crazy but this is not our first rodeo!

By the way... my babies got new collars yesterday! 'Tis the season... UGH!

Heads up!

The Hurricane Hunters are on call to investigate 93L Thursday afternoon. Today's flight was canceled, due to 93L's lack of development.

A likely landfall location is highly uncertain this point, and the storm could hit virtually anywhere along the Gulf of Mexico coast from South Texas to the Florida Panhandle given the current uncertainty in its development, and the strength of next Monday's trough that may steer 93L northwards.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hey - Where did my dinner go?

Look who I am playing with!

I totally missed it!

Yesterday marked YEAR 1 with Henri and Isabelle...

It has been a great year but lots of work. I am often asked if I would recommend litter mates and my answer is always a question... "How much help do you have?". They have been a ball but OH MY GOODNESS... a hand full! Tell me year 2 gets easier... thus far, it has not!

Henri and Isabelle are the ones in blue. So tiny!