Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Walkin' works!

Hi Mom!

One word... POOL!

After his swim

It worked! Henri loves the pool but Isabelle would rather look for sticks. What a difference a week makes. They are both taking well to "crate time" but are doing well with "settle" outside of the crate. The pool was amazing... We will gets lots of pool time in!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Save the date! Saturday, July 11, 2009

An Adoption Affair, will be held at Longue Vue Gardens' Ice Cream Social, located at 7 Bamboo Rd., from 10:00 am - Noon. Ice Cream Social "Come eat worms and dirt at Longue Vue! Of course, we mean gummy worms and chocolate dirt, as well as flower sprinkles, all on top of delicious ice cream sundaes. Everyone is invited to come cool down at our annual Ice Cream Social."In between eating ice cream provided by The Creole Creamery, kids can play in the dirt, make crafts, explore the maze of fragrant herbs, have their faces painted, play old fashioned lawn games and pet dogs that that will be available for adoption from the Louisiana SPCA."
Cost: $6 for members and $8 for non-members. Advance Tickets may be purchased online at

Chillin in the AC!

Why Mike can't be in charge of the babies!

Monday, June 29, 2009

LASPCA Summer Workshops for Kids...

The Louisiana SPCA Presents:
Summer Workshops for Kids

Scales, Tails, Feathers and Fins: Exotic Pets
Saturday July 18th 9am-12pm
Ages: 8-12
Millipedes, hissing roaches, leopard geckos and tropical birds are just a few of the animals you may come face to face with during this workshop. Discover the many unusual species people keep as pets and get up close and personal with these creatures while learning about their history, domestication and what it takes to care for them properly. Pre-registration is required. $50.00 tuition fee.

Projects for Pets
Saturday August 1st 9am-12pm
Ages: 8-12
In this art workshop you’ll make projects for the animals in your life. Design a dog bandana, construct a kitty toy, bake gourmet treats or make a pet placemat. Bring your creativity and your love for animals to create masterpieces for your four-legged friends, or use your talent to make crafts for the wonderful animals at the Louisiana SPCA. Pre-registration is required. $50.00 tuition fee.

Animal Career Day
Saturday August 8th 9am-12pmAges: 8-12
Do you want to work with animals when you grow up? Learn about cool jobs with animals at animal career day at the Louisiana SPCA! You’ll meet professional animal lovers from a variety of fields. Discover careers you have never thought about before, and learn more about those you have. Are you interested in being a veterinarian? Have you considered being an animal cruelty investigator? How about a groomer, an animal trainer or a wildlife photographer? Figure out which one is right for you! Pre-registration is required. $50.00 tuition fee.

Visit to complete an application
or call (504) 368-5191 ext. 207 for more information

Pretty hair do!

Learning! So, so cute!


Rule #5 - No sofa rule
No longer...
Max (on the end), Isabelle (middle) and Henri

Invest 93 - Thanks Y'all!

All systems go! Thanks for helping us "retest"!

Hi Mommy!

Have a great time!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hi Remy!

GREAT notes! Lilly & Bradley are out walkin!

1 week + 1 day = Not much sleep for mommy!

What a wowzer of a week... I am so in love with these two. Henri is sleeping well, ringing the bell for potty outside and taking "crate time" without much fuss. Isabelle is up early, trying to eat the bell and hates "crate time". As the days go by, Henri is getting so much easier and Isabelle is getting so much harder! Whatyagonna do? I love um!

Hi Mommy!

Don't hurry home!

Baby G...

finally hit the wall!

Invest 93 - YEA!

Posted by: JeffMasters, 12:29 PM GMT on June 28, 2009
Hi, this is Rob Carver, again filling in for Jeff Masters. Invest93L is still present as of the 8am EDT Tropical Weather Outlook, but I'm extremely doubtful that it will reach even tropical depression status. Invest93L's presentation on satellite imagery does not project the image of a strengthening storm. Convection, what there is of it, appears to be anchored over the Yucatan Straits and is not following the low-level circulation center. Also, microwave imagery indicates that the convection is weak, with relatively low rainfall rates. It is worth noting that even if more convection forms after the circulation center moves into the Gulf of Mexico, there isn't much time for the storm to strengthen. By Tuesday evening, both the NAM and GFS 06Z model runs bring a weak front down into the Gulf, raising wind shear to the point that would dissipate Invest93L. So, after considering the above, it's my opinion that Invest93L is not likely to intensify and will dissipate in a day or so.Rob Carver