Wednesday, April 15, 2015


You know what we could use around here?  Rain.

OH GREAT!  Rain!

Seriously - relax... (our other Lab)

April showers... Where did that come from?

Are we there yet?

No rainin!

Thank you Mother Nature!

Play day!

Play day!

Animal Rescue: Warmer weather brings flea problems to the forefront

"Fleas are a problem year-round in south Louisiana, with its warm and humid climate, but they are most prominent in the spring and summer..."

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


See you later CCV play group friends...

Xylitol - Sugar substitute kills Fort Collins dog

A few years ago we rushed two little dogs to Crescent City Vet because Dad left two 12 packs of sugar free gum out. It is in so many "sugar free" things.


How to wear out a puppy when it rains...

You can surf on Julia Street

We can just play in here...

Make it stop!

Can we just stay on the sofa?

Cuddles me now...

Noah please pick up the courtesy phone.

Note to self: Order each Team Member one of these...

It was almost over our head!

It is your house... do you!

Rockin good time!

Public Service Announcement

Monday, April 13, 2015

Tulane mascot, Riptide, head reported missing

Slow news day.

We love when Mommy works!

Best ears in the verse!

so says Emilie!

Now cuddles me...

This just in... It is raining

Playing ball by the pool!

So this is happening...

In between the rain drops...

I am pretty sure I just saw this pass on Prytania... I could be wrong!

You don't expect me to get wet do you?

Every photo we take today will look like this -

Oh goody! We need rain!

Max does not want to get up...