Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hello termites!!! 

What we could use more of...

Train tracks... On Tchop. Wonder why is says "coffee"?


Pageviews today

The most viewed and shared today is this...  

American Heart Association: Pets, especially dogs, are good for the heart

Great quick read -

American Heart Association: Pets, especially dogs, are good for the heart - CBS News:

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6 Ways to Naturally Prevent and Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs

6 Ways to Naturally Prevent and Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs:

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mon nouveau meilleur ami..

Nous sommes allés dur ce matin et maintenant j'arrive à dormir à côté de lui. Je vais obtenir ce chat de minou de m'aimer si c'est la dernière chose que je fais!

Cat Uses Sign Language to Ask for Food - YouTube

That is amazing.

Cat Uses Sign Language to Ask for Food - YouTube:

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I see dead people...

when she was a baby.
That cat is never going to grow into those eyes.

Ringo has cancer...

It moved into his brain and he is having seizures so he goes to work with Mommy.  He is the one on the bed.  Positive vibes, prayers, crossed paws for peace and no pain.

Cuddles please

Kelly M. Flanagan: A Daddy's Letter to His Little Girl (About Her Future Husband)

I admit it... I am a complete 100% Daddy's girl at 44 years old still a complete 100% Daddy's girl.

To all of our Daddy's with Daddy's girls...  Not a bad read.

What does it have to do with NOLAPC?  Nothing.  That is the beautify of having a blog!  Oh - and for some reason (it still shocks me)  300ish read it a day.

Kelly M. Flanagan: A Daddy's Letter to His Little Girl (About Her Future Husband):

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Hi Mommy - It is Caturday!

I still want a deer...

Gosh I wish I had a farm!

It is raining - we are going to just sleep!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Such a heavy heart...

Such profound loss...   and more than one loss today.

Makes you cry.
Nothing you can do. 

Hold someone you love and never let them go.  


You want to what?

You did see the weather radar - NO?

Totally saving this cookie for later...

I need some bloomers.

One of us...

Is named Fats.  
It hurts but I own it.

My client is getting married...

How beautiful is the country?
I need a country house. 

Is the sticker above it considered "tongues"

Hartz Flea Treatment Products

Disclaimer - I am not making this claim... I saw this on Facebook as a share and I am simply sharing as well.  I would get Vet feedback before I use but I think that should be done before we use any over the counter products.  

"Just saw this on tumblr. This is a warning against Hartz Flea treatment products. It has caused numerous deaths in cats and dogs, not to mention severe burns (like this one) and seizures. Veterinarians say it is pure poison. If you love your pet DO NOT use Hartz flea treatment products."

If anyone call pull, I will pay...

Rescue friends, if anyone has connections with a lab rescue or can offer some help to find a foster or foster this sweet girl, that would be great!! A friend of mine has found a young PREGNANT lab in the Baton Rouge area. Her sister is watching her for the weekend in Baton Rouge but she can't stay there for long and I don't believe she had a microchip or collar. This sweet friendly dog is about 7 WEEKS PREGNANT!! She is due to have her pups in just a couple of weeks and she needs a safe and comfortable environment to do so. I need to help find her a place so she doesn't end up in a shelter having her puppies. Please share so we can find her a safe place ASAP! Message me personally on here if you would like to know more information or would like to rescue/foster her. Thanks!

Ashley Leggio 

Garden District neighbors/clients - Did you see this?

The satisfaction shown by Captain Bob Bardy, Commander of the 6th Distirct could not be contained when the 51 indictments were announced yesterday naming 15 people in a racketeering conspiracy, 15 killings, numerous armed robberies and other violent acts across the city.  ”I believe that today’s sweeping indictments in the Irish Channel will have a monumental impact on crime throughout the Garden District”, he stated.

This has been a work in progress for Bardy and the multi agency team working on the case.   The Irish Channel was home for this large “umbrella group” of gang members called the “110ers’.   Taking these criminals off the streets is a big step towards a safer city for all of us. We applaud Capt Bardy, the NOPD and DA’s office for their great work.

This cat freaks me out

"I see dead people"


J'ai joué tellement fort ce matin!

Made my morning!

Lucy has left a new comment on your post "Well, well. well....": 

Yay! The bad kitty has returned! Thanks so much for the amazing rescue work y'all! 

Best photo this am...

Packed bar at Burbon & Conti....
It is Friday and 5pm somewhere!
So funny... 

Best text this am...

"... If the weather keeps up...  can Barb go and give S one of "his pills".  They aren't in my underwear drawer I left them on the kitchen counter..."

Barb -

tried to take credit for this but we all know better... How sweet is that?!   Love!

Best call thus far...

".... put thundershirt on..., gave medication..., soaking wet... and don't even get me started about my bus stop being (F bombed ) up because of Planet of the Apes".

Only in NOLA!

Thank goodness someone made me laugh.

Tie um down!

Really? Perhaps people should think about that.

Amazing so far...

Isabelle is in the closet, Henri's head is under the bed, Max is in my bed... Under the covers. Poor Bradley and Pamela have already started. I have no power, it is raining in my kitchen. My computer is not working/no Internet. We have 18 emails and I only have 1 Diet Coke. Oh and I forgot to schedule a walker  for my babies and I am on the wait list.

Oh and heartbroken. Other than that - we should all make it a great day.

Jay @ WDSU sent a tweet - stay home. Really? Who gets to do that?

Best part... Another lost trampoline photo. People - tie those things down!

Be safe y'all!

For real?

We just had to go do that?

It is raining cats and cats Ms. Pamela!


Thursday, May 9, 2013


I am nekkkkkkid

Get it! It is in the tree!

So pretty outside today!

My big/little brother is sick...

cross paws for him please.

From LASPCA - Updated legislation regarding animal ordinances in Orleans:

Good afternoon,

The New Orleans City Council recently passed updated legislation regarding animal ordinances in Orleans Parish. The updated laws went into effect on March 22, 2013 and include pertinent information for any pet owner in Orleans Parish. The ordinances are currently being enforced by the Animal Control division of the Louisiana SPCA.

Highlighted below are some of the new ordinances that may directly affect you as a pet owner or resident of Orleans Parish.

The updates to Chapter 18 Animal Ordinances include:

Updated fees for Intact Dog Permit
Annual license requirements for pets
New definition to know: Community Cats
Revised rabies vaccination requirement
Expanded laws regarding animals in vehicles
Stray hold period for animals brought to the shelter is reduced from 5 to 3 days
Expanded definition of illegal owning of exotic animals which includes roosters
Unlawful tethering (chaining) of dogs prohibited unless done in a humane and specified manner
Requirement that privately owned indoor/outdoor cats must be microchipped or ear-tipped
Protection of pets required during extreme weather advisories which include heat, freezing, tornado, tropical storm or hurricanes
To view and/or print the full list of ordinances regarding animals in Orleans Parish or to see Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the revised legislation, please visit

A hard copy of the ordinances can be requested by writing to Louisiana SPCA, 1700 Mardi Gras Boulevard, New Orleans, LA 70114. Please send $2.00 for printing and postage.

For more information, please call 504-368-5191 or email

Woofs and Wags,

Ana Zorrilla

Planet of the Apes set... So amazing!

So - I asked all Team to send photos...

These are the first three...  They do make me laugh!

3 of 3

We are stopping for this?

2 of 3

1 of 3

So me... Never thought of that.

Plan A - make a plan.  

Caution Dog Owners

We touched base with the 6th District Public Affairs Officer and to his knowledge this has not been an issue that he has heard of here but I think it is worth the heads up... The flyer I received (I can't post it on the blog) reads in part:


Keep an eye open for small stickers on gates and doors.  Dog Fighters are making the number of dogs in the yard and are stealing them for bait dogs for fighting

Red Sticker/Big Dog
Yellow Sticker/Medium Dog
Pink Sticker/Small Dog

Again, nothing to his knowledge has has been reported here but I would rather inform in case.

Thanks to DD for sharing!  

They are getting married but I wanted to stay home...

Our new little bug, bug...

Polk County couple dog breeders surrender 47 neglected dachshunds

At least they "surrendered" them... I would like to "surrender" a stick in some eye balls.  Is that wrong?

Polk County couple dog breeders surrender 47 neglected dachshunds - National Pet Rescue |

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Je dois suivre un régime!