Saturday, February 22, 2014

My little L helped me with the laundry...

Very orderly... That will last about 5 minutes!


Dear Man TTing on my garage:

I regret that my phone was in another room.  

I thought it was funny that when I yelled out of my window, you turned and you TTed on your shoes. 

Do me a huge my friend... It is 12PM - can you please go to McDonalds and only TT here when it is dark?  

Thanks in advance:
Homeowner - Niiii - cola!  

Our job... Bradley sitter!

And - it was just 9am ish...

A thus it starts...

I eat shoes.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Jonathan McCoy- A name we will hear again...


What happened to your shoes?

Hi Mommy!

We love Pamela too...

Apoquel®: (oclacitinib tablet) Fast-Acting And Safe Itch Relief So Your Dog And You Can Return To Normal

Interesting... I will be asking about it!

Bet $100. bucks...

I was not the only one up with dogs on top of them at 2am... I wish Mother Nature would choose another time to bring on the  thunder, lightning and rain! 

Here we gaux y'all... Uptown Parade's start today...

Oshun @ 6:00PM
Cleopatra @ 6:30PM

I can't play outside for very long but if you are @ 8th & Prytania...  text me! 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I love when people see things like this and tag me....

My reputation speaks for itself!

CCV - Mardi Gras info...

They have arrived and are start getting ready for Carnival!

Dear Mother Nature: Mad respect -

We hate when Ms. Pamela leaves us...

One of these dogs reminds me of Elizabeth...

The top reasons that make working in the Quarter AMAZE!

  1. Rationalizing with drunk people in the morning.  
  2. Laughing with drunk people in the morning.
  3. Agreeing to selfies with drunk people in the morning.
  4. Getting yelled at  by trash patrol.  
And - #5 - Getting your car towed when you are parked in a "legitimate parking spot, your "boss lady" having to send Mike and the babies to get you with wads of cash so you can pay off whomever is holding your car until your fork it over!, Your boss lady (who is teaching a class online) knowing if she sends - Barb, Bradley, Erin or Barb - you will NEVER get your car back. Thanking whomever not limited to SUPERMAN in the sky that Mike protects and will never ever leave any one of my Team alone but knowing full well he would leave me - ;)!  
So with that - We are still on time.  Thank you Megan... thank you Mike!  

I may be on candid camera today!  


15,601 posts!

Nicole - slow your roll ;)

Life Saved!

Pre Katrina/Federal Flood, one of our amazing clients had a beautiful baby that was so loved and that she shared with us.  Sadly, post K/FF, our insurance changed and we were unable to take care of babies in that area and even more sad baby D passed away..  Not to worry - Angela @ Puppy Love took care of him until his last breath.  It has taken years but Mommy got a new baby and so did Puppy Love.  So happy for all involved.  


If you come for the "sip and see", please - bring us a gift.  We are feeling especially left out hungry.  We have been eating for three.  
Wow - way to start a morning!  

... chuck, sick babies...a super uncalled for email from a prospective client whom we were doing everything we could to make things work for her. 

Now - onward and upward...  

I love y'all!  Thankfully - I get more validation than attitude!  

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thanks to RCM + 1... our student of the day goes to this amazing child....

I may be little but I am FAST!

My owner died...

Can anyone give me a home?

Rex recently lost a love one who has cared for him for many years.  He is about 7-8 years old, very active, friendly, and great around kids and adults.  Very loving dog, well-behaved and would like to find him a permanent home with someone who would love a companion and friend.  Rex needs a home immediately.  Please call Charles at (504) 258-4046 or Cathy at (504) 355-7755.

School day!

School makes me so sleepy!


Are you playing me today?

I am still a baby...

Fixin to be 1! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

In honor of my email today ...

My student of the day goes to this one! 

Please Bradley... please come hold me!


MINE... You sit somewhere else!

My eyes are closed -

sort of... because my Parents make us pray before we eat however this time I am thanking the Lord that the little puppy is a puppy school...

Our sweet puppy girl is growing!

My goodness - these make my day...

We love them and would have it no other way...

Chill - I goth this...

It is at this time... I get peace from my little baby brother!

Off to school....

One moment please - I am playing...

Look into my eyes... give me more cookies...

I can get to China - give me time...

One of us is trusted more...

My favorite email from yesterday...

"Dear Nicole:

Lately your blog has been boring me.  I click on it every time I am on a conference call or just board.  I know you have had issues with Blogger lately but that should not be my problem. Fix it so when I need to zone out, it is available.  

Things I like most - 
  1. Our animal photos
  2. Your stupid "what I saw while walking dogs" - especially the clothing and hair weaves. 
  3. Your neighborhood "what I saw while walking dogs". 
  4. Your articles are interesting 80% of the time but I love you.
  5. When you rant you really crack me up. 
  6. I like reading about your brother.
  7. Your students of the month, week, whenever always make me laugh.
Anyway, thanks for your time.  I need you to entertain me when I need entertainment.  

Lastly, I got into an elevator a few weeks ago and said - I bet you are all wondering why I called you here this morning.  Only one of a few people laughed.  I bet you would have laughed!  

x x"  

Dear XX: 

Thanks so much for your feedback.  I will try to be better.  Don't hold back - let me know if you need more entertainment and we will get on it as soon as possible. 

See us?

Let us just say we are pretty famous dawgs in this city.  Well - we are not really famous but our family is.  Anyone care?  We did not think so.

Pickles, the Gigantic Rescue Cat, Finds a Home at Last

Please read this story...

Pickles, the Gigantic Rescue Cat, Finds a Home at Last

Erin's morning was trashed yesterday when...

this happened. - 
She spilled every drop!

I got to see Barb's little monkey yesterday!

Dog Day Afternoon!


Sunday ~ March 23rd!

@ City Park's Big Lake Lawn

See you there!