Saturday, January 8, 2011


Bryson was finally taken off of his sedation and paralytic medications. His Mom & Dad got to see those pretty baby blue eyes for the first time in weeks. He is still recovering from the head trauma, so he's not real responsive all the time. They are seeing improvements each time he's awake.

Keeping our fingers crossed and sending prayers and positive thoughts...

Need another baby?

Adoption event today @ City Bark! 11am - 2pm.

Happy Birthday Cooper

AKA - Cooper the Pooper!

From Facebook

Is ever so thankful that this devastating fire a block from my home was brought under control by the courageous NOFD and for great friends and an awesome pet sitter that were there and on the phone with me reassuring me my babies were safe.
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    • I thought this was probably in your backyard. So glad all is well.
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    • Oh, this is terrible! Thank God Misty and Stormy are fine!
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Friday, January 7, 2011

Our other 3 dinner guests...

@ La Maison Remy/HQ! It is crazy (but fun) here this evening...

He would not look @ me!

We can't end the week...

without updated puppy photographs.
They grow so fast...

Our Dinner guests...

Baby O & G...
No spring chickens but so happy and healthy!

Never ends...

Katie's little house guest...

They match!

This was posted on Facebook...

thanks Pamela! (love me some New Orleans Pet Care)
oooh, new toy from my best friend Pamela! Buckwheat, Catnip and Feathers!
my kitten Zydeco

We love Zydeco and Mommy too!

Look y'all...

Mardi Gras time!

Bark Bits

HAPPY NEW YEAR: Happy New Year to all NOLA City Barkers! As we enter our second calendar year of operation, please remember that all permits will expire on January 31, and the entry cards of permits that have not been renewed will be deactivated. The permit fee is the same as last year, $35 for up to 3 dogs from your household...what a bargain!

It's easy to RENEW. Just print out the registration form from our website, complete it, making sure all information is legible and up to date and mail it with your check(payable to City Park/dog park) or credit card information to 1 Palm Dr., NOLA 70124. Your card will remain activated.

And speaking of that address, we have finally moved to the new building on Palm Drive, behind the practice track, close to the railroad tracks off Marconi Dr. So don't look for the dog park office in the trailer by Storyland because "it ain't dere no more!"


FOOD* Please remember that no food, either human or canine, is allowed inside the dog park. Some people have been using training treats with their pets on the agility equipment. With so many dogs around, any food may become an issue that triggers an aggressive incident. Also, and just as important, many dogs have food allergies and sensitivities. Food that is just a welcome treat to your dog could trigger a severe allergic reaction in another dog. Be considerate of the health of other peoples' pets. Within the dog park, use only praise as a reward to your dog for a job well done.

LEASHES* Dogs must be on-leash when entering or leaving the dog park. Leashes should be removed only within the howdy gates. Off-leash dogs outside the park can become a problem as they approach on-leash dogs. Your off-leash dog is also at risk of injury with all the cars coming and going from the area. It is a city ordinance that dogs must be on-leash, except within the fence of NOLA City Bark, the only official off-leash area in Orleans Parish.

MAINTENANCE* The dog park is closed for maintenance every Tuesday until 1PM. Your entry card will not work on Tuesday until 1PM, and even if the gate is open with maintenance workers coming and going, you should not enter the dog park. Tuesday mornings are used for grounds maintenance, insecticide application, repairs, and general cleaning. Gates are not secured then, therefore your dog is not in a completely fenced area; also chemicals or equipment might be in use that is hazardous to your pet. The maintenance crews need to be able to get their jobs done without interruption from dogs and visitors. Please visit after 1PM on Tuesday.

COMPASSIONATE CANINE: Narah Cano wrote in to tell us about a big hearted black lab that was more compassionate than competitive. He was in the large dog area and became interested in playing with a tiny tsi'zhu across the fence in the small dog area. They were enjoying playing together alongside the fence, and the lab began running. As the smaller dog tried to "race" to catch up, the lab slowed down and let her win. We can all learn so much about how we should live from our dogs!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

We just added our first baby to our baby pile...

12th Night

Awww our 2011 baby is hanging out with our 2010 babies!

61 days until Mardi Gras Day

I am with Mitch..."When you hear that, if you are from here....your soul starts to stir, and you start to wonder how it is that you live in a place where celebrating the joy of life never, ever, ever stops" .....Mitch Landrieu.

Good at school today...

@ home now Mommy!

Jazz & Gris-Gris @ Boom Boom Room

Heading to New York next week? This fantastic event to benefit PRC New Orleans next Thursday in New York City features Dr. John, Kermit Ruffins and my brother, Derek.

On a mission...

How sweet is that?!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I had the opportunity to visit my little cousin Bryson today. In honor of 12th Night tomorrow I decided to use his Carnival photo from last year... his classmates elected him "King of Carnival 2010". I love this photograph.

Because so many of you have asked about his recovery and progress...

Bryson has 2 fractures to the left femur, fractured rib, and 2 fractures to the pelvis. He also received head trauma, both lungs partially collapsed, a few other internal injuries and road rash. He is still in a medically induced coma but they were able to operate on his legs (femur) today.

Tomorrow they will wake him... for the first time. His Mom, Dad, big brother and our family could still use all of the prayers and positive thoughts we can muster.

Thanks Team New Orleans Pet Care for your support today.

Oh my gosh...

I can't get enough...

Nope. We do not like the rain...but we LOVE the towel drying part!

Hi Mommy!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ever Wish You Could Clone Your Dog?

Really? We need to clone dogs?

But Dog, Inc. isn't just a book about pets. Nor is it just a book about science. Rather it's a fascinating look at how our emotional needs are bending the reaches of science and technology, as well as a study of this uncharted territory. With our pet obsession climbing to new heights and our scientific abilities even more so, this combination raises a serious concern: Are we crossing the boundary of controlling science in the name of science, in the name of love, in the name of merchandising—or a blend of all three?

Please turn your back...

I promise I will not go into the garden!

Pamela & Mike...

Rescued this beautiful little girl in City Bark. They are so kind... they took her to the Vet to get spayed and she is going to be available for adoption. Do you need a kitty?

Our new baby...

Oh my goodness... How cute is our new baby J?! I love when we get new babies...

Poor Dil

Hiding from his house guests...