Saturday, May 26, 2012

Darling.... They just want to yell at things!

Our guest...

G Man - workin' every room in the house! 

I did not eat Jessica!

Caturday - Holiday Weekend too!

That is my pretty smile...

Hi Daddy!


Jessica saved another one today...

It takes a village!

I am in my way home! I love a holiday weekend y'all!

Friday, May 25, 2012

We got another new MID baby!

How cute is she?


This tells me so much... everyone is already off celebrating this LONG holiday weekend!  Enjoy it y'all.  We are so bananas and we LOVE IT! 

See y'all in August!

Bradley is my main man!

Pamela got a love note!


And... I checked my left low beam.  
Long story.

Mommy is on her way home...

Boo - no more Pamela!

Slow down Mother Nature...

Invest 94 and Hurricane Bud... all before June 1st. 

Isabelle wants another apple

Isabelle trying to figure out how to open the door again... She has already gotten in trouble once today for doing it.

Good morning y'all!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I hate when our clients move...

One of our wonderful clients is moving and it is just breaking our hearts!  She sent this email and it just made my day.  We love y'all.  Thanks so very much... you have no idea how much this means to us.  
"It was a miracle to find Nicole and her team when I first moved to New Orleans!! Ben and Jerry were just kittens and I hated leaving them for work trips. But when I found Nola Pet Care, I was able to receive photos everyday along with a beautifully written note every time I came home. They even received Christmas treats over the holidays! It was wonderful to know that I could count on them even in short notice. Nola Pet Care is one of a kind and I would recommend them to anyone who wants peace of mind about their furry friends when they have to go out of town!"

Hi Mommy!

Things are just perfect...  I loved the treat part of the visit.  

We love these two so much...

Pamela's little ones.  

Jessica just announced...

that she needs and wants a duck!  
I love BSJ.

I love the do!


I need all of your prayers, good vibes, positive thoughts, etc... I am dealing with skin cancer - again.  

Mommy is home!

She looks scared...

Do not let her fool ya! 

Love this one!

Pack of wild dogs are back near City Park Area

I got three emails about this last PM!

"Hey folks, I apologize for an additional email tonight, but I just encountered a pack of 4 wild dogs while walking our dog:  white pitbull, brown chow, black large mix and brown large mix.  They are hanging around South Park at Marconi.  When Steve try to shoo them off the pitbull came directly for him.  They are heading down Navarre on the neutral ground now (this has all happened in the past 5 minutes).
Please be careful while walking your animals or if you have any animals that stay outside.
Also, if someone is feeding these dogs on the neutral ground, please don't. There are two piles of dog food on the neutral ground of Central Park @ Marconi.  We all hate to see stray animals, but when they are traveling in a pack it can become very dangerous for the area, residents, children and animals.
Thank you."

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I may sleep on the floor!

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Such a grown up little boy!

This made my evening...

"We're home, safe and sound.  I can't tell you how great it is to get away and know that the boys are well cared for.  Please thank Pamela for us.  Her notes are so sweet, perceptive and caring.  I hope you and Pamela have time to get away sometimes -- when we're away, it especially occurs to me how very hard your job is and how important it is to periodically escape day-to-day pressure."

We really do feel like our clients are our family and we just are so thankful when we get notes like this.  Pamela is a work horse!  I really don't perceive it as pressure - I perceive it as such an honor to be welcomed into our client homes and trusted with the most precious things in life! 
Thanks KM!  You made my evening!

In Erin's arms...

So sweet!

Best part of her day.... LOVES her walkin!

Our little bug bugs!

I want to go home...

or - you can just pick me up.

Baby S & D...

waiting for Jessica! 

I love this old face... so sweet!

Old Age or Dog Flu? | i Love Dogs

Good read!

Old Age or Dog Flu? | i Love Dogs:

'via Blog this'

These babies are just so cute!

Drop the cookie Ms. Jessica

Lazy start to the day...