Saturday, December 14, 2013

Rest in peace George... C'est tout

Before his Blue Dog days, I filled my home with his Acadian prints.  My Dad will tell you story after story about being punished for speaking French in school and I loved the way George depicted those days in South Louisiana.  I will walk my hall and into my bedroom and blow a kiss to all nine of them this evening.  An amazing man... with an amazing story...  who fought a hard fight and won today.  Rest in peace George.  That your Blue Dog inspired and moved you into another phase of fame is amazing.  Dogs and people are amazing like that.  

1944 - 2013

George Rodrigue. The famous creator of the Blue Dog paintings has lost his battle with cancer.

My favorite one in my bedroom...  

Cats and Their Irresistible Purring


Please help find this poor darling.  

Where have you been Ms. Pamela?


If I have seen this once...  It makes me laugh every single time I watch it again!


How darling is this...

The baby is playing with our baby!  define "nice".  I love it!

Rock on!


Friday, December 13, 2013

I love my sweet baby boy...

That would be Isabelle...

Wait for it...

My hair is did!

You know us!

Our sweet baby and her ears are back!

Hi Mommy!

Barb's big and little...

So happy to see Bradley!

How cute is this...

Look y'all - This tree is having winter!

I may be blind...

But I can smell treats and my BFF Bradley!
Happy Birthday Bradley!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mommy - Really...

This is a mess and we are all just upset and confused.  We need to talk...  We are pretty sure it was not us.

Rockin my Rob Ryan

Megan update...

Thankfully - she is awake and all is well.  She gets to leave the hospital today and be home to cuddle her little babies! 

Thinking about you Megan... we love you!

I will bark at you until you give me the cookie lady -


Megan had to take the day off to address a medial issue and we are all thinking about her...  Blessings Megan we love you.

This is baby R playing with his new toy! 

Stand off... If I am betting = kitty wins!

Listen people...

You got cookies from my Mommy for the holiday.  I expect something in exchange.  justsayin.

random... I know -

I heard a story about an adult putting a young lady on the spot by asking personal questions that have nothing to do with what she does for the young lady and are frankly - no business of hers.  You hear so much (and frankly sometimes see) how children are disrespectful to adults.  Although I have never parented I would think it would but be a huge challenge to teach respect even when the child knows they are being disrespected yet still they remain respectful.  I have to hand it to Mom and Dad in this situation... they raised a young lady who knows how to stand up for herself and keep respect top of mind.  I have never met her but I feel so proud to know her.  I hope that she realizes that pushing back will make her life a little less uncomfortable but will make those "behind" her... not have to experience the immaturity of this "adult".  I think when a young person/child pushes back they think it is only for them but I don't think they realize the number of those that they will save from the wrath of the adult.  She took care of herself... and equally as important - she will take care of those who this "adult" could potentially put in the same position. Perhaps those little ones are not as confident to respectfully push back.  Nothing like a strong young lady who takes matters into her own hand - respectfully.  

Viva her Mom & Dad... Viva her courage! 

I digress...  

I have transitioned...

Good news - I no longer look like a chia pet
Bat news - I look like this now...

Is leaving my house totally necessary?

Having offices at home - ROCK.  However my commute this AM was slowed down by Isabelle laying in the middle of a stair.

I am sure I would stay home sick...

Forgot to post this last PM... Our cute darling little baby boy!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Look up lazy - these photos may be next to it!

These two crack me up!

Getting better...

Love when we have them!

Could do this all day...

I am new here!

Welcome to our family!

We have the best Mommy!

Happy Wiener Wednesday!

Can we just walk around the house... It is HUGE!

You gotta really check it out first...

I am going to school

I like school...

Not what you want to wake up to...