Saturday, July 16, 2011


is letting me cuddles... I love that they love to cuddle!

Side note...

220 days until Mardi Gras!


Do I look familiar?

Found last night on State and Perrier... Phone Joey at 504.610.5737.

They arrived!

The little flower is for Isabelle and the tie for Henri
Our dress up outfits....


Play time!

I want to go back in...

We are missing cartoons!

Great... Rant!

No Internet access at HQ again today... Thanks so much Cox Communication! Perhaps y'all should take the word "communication" out of the company name!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Our little baby is growing!

Awww.... they grow up so fast!

Looking for a home...

I received the email below regarding this little girl... Who wants her?!

One of the female Catahoula pups was returned to my sister, there is nothing  wrong with her, it's just that the new owner's do not have the time to house  train a puppy.  Being a non-experience puppy owner, they did not realize the  time and patience it requires to house train a puppy.  Can you please post on  your website a female Catahoula pup needs a good home.  My sister's (Mary)  contact phone number is (985) 960-2521.  Attached are current photos of "Mango".    Thank you so much.  R, Brenda Rody, (601) 590-3182

Quote from Barbara...

"Funny how I measure a successful walk on poopage".

How funny is our life?


It is Friday... Mommy will be home all weekend!
Let the cookie eating commence...
(PS - we can't wait to tear up this bed!)

Hi Mommy!


This makes for a very long day...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Heads up Garden District Clients

Subject: Aggravated Burglary - 2300 blk of Chippewa

Members of the Sixth District Investigations Unit are investigating an aggravated burglary that occured in the 2300 block of Chippewa on 7/13/11 at 9:55am

The victim stated she was outside her residence watering her plants when a unknown subject entered her yard. The subject approached the victim and stated "I need you to sign some papers so you can get your house fixed" The victim told the subject she was not signing anything, at which time he entered the victims house and approached her husband. The subject grabbed her husband and removed his wallet from his pants. The wife attempted to call police, at which time the subject grabbed the phone from her and threw it. The subject then fled the house northbound in a tan colored vehicle. The vehicle appeared to be an unknown mini-van or suv.

The perpetrator is described as being a black male, approx 30 years of age, 5'4" in height, 110lbs, dark complexion, low afro style hair and wearing light colored shirt and pants with a white jacket.

If you have any information regarding the identity of the perpetrator, please contact the Sixth District Investigations Unit at504-658-6115 or crimestoppers at 504-822-1111

Matt Patin / 6th District Investigations

Beat the rain!

How cute are these two... this is a brother and sister team too!

Raining cats and dogs!

Poor Sawyer, Bradley & Barb... UGH!

Moving day...

Pamela sees the best stuff! I like this family... I hope they get the booze in before the box gets to wet... hate to damage booze!


We got wet Mommy... but it is okay!

45 Minute Swim...

My babies (shown in this photos "sharing" AKA - "fighting" over a toy... only had a 45 minute swim before the sky opened up. I (and my one working foot) am totally going to pay for that later!


Walkin' Sawyer is the best part of the day!

Option anxiety

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We got another new baby!!

Welcome baby O!
We are excited to have you...

Animal Group Searching For Answers, Suspect In Dog Abuse Case - New Orleans News Story - WDSU New Orleans

WDSU picked up the Yorkie story!

Animal Group Searching For Answers, Suspect In Dog Abuse Case - New Orleans News Story - WDSU New Orleans

Burned Yorkie left by back door of Zeus' Place (UPDATE)

The Yorkie did good last night and is recovering nicely today. Here's a quick video showing his resilience and good nature. Given enough time, meds and love...

The ONLY way to get a photograph!

How sweet is she?

Pacemaker keeps dog ticking

Go LSU! Article...

Mandeville woman arrested for allegedly tossing kitten from SUV, say police

Humane Society of Louisiana - Fundraiser!

"Wags, Whiskers and Wines"
A summer wine tasting fundraiser for the Humane Society
Thursday ~ 7.14
6pm - 9pm

The Occasional Wife
4306 Magazine Street

Tickets $35.00 per couple, $20. per person
Occasional Wife

Looking for a home...

One of our clients asked us to help spread the word about this darling baby...

A lady I work with needs to find a new home for her one year old, 8 lb male Dachshund named Peanut. I thought I would ask if you knew anyone interested. Ashley

Please let us know if you want more information.

So excited...

and oh so happy!

What do these keys say about a person?

Hump Day!


Sending love to Istanbul...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sweet baby Sprout

One of our babies... Sprout, passed away this morning. We loved little Sprout so much... we loved the way she snuggled into the dirt holes in the yard to stay cool. She was a doll...

Sprout - watch over your Mommy because she is really sad and lonely. Find Remy... he will show you around and I bet will find some dirt holes for you too. Rest little girl... you will be missed.

Look at our new baby...

We love new MID day babies!
Parents that schedule MID day walks for babies Monday - Friday ROCK.

Rub my belly...

Protect Your Pets Wall Plaque

I love these and this site too! Just ordered two (front and back door) for my house.

Burned Yorkie left by back door of Zeus' Place

A SEVERELY burned Yorkie was dumped yesterday (7.11) outside of Zeus' Place. Please watch and share and contact Zues' Place if you recognize the car or driver.



I have seen the photo of the dog and just can't bring myself to posting it... it is horrible!

Please share this link... we need to spread this all over New Orleans...

Dogs can play safely in City Park's Dog Bark: A letter to the editor

Well said! Letter

Monday, July 11, 2011

Transport babies...

Guam to Hawaii... Hawaii to Houston... Houston to NOLA

Send positive vibes and thoughts of great flying weather for our transport babies today... final leg!
  • IAH Kennel Phoned to check on the babies... CHECK!
  • Flight status... on time - thus far... CHECK!
Dear Mother Nature: Please stop raining so our babies have a good flight in and are on time. They have had a heck of a few days. Thanks in advance!

  • Phoned to confirm delivery point New Orleans... CHECK! Ready and waiting...
  • Pulled from IAH on site kennel... heading toward airplane! CHECK!
  • 2:36 departure... they are in the air y'all! CHECK!

Bradley checking flight time!

  • Transport team heads toward airport... CHECK! Just arrived!
  • Flight arrival... ON TIME! CHECK!

  • Puppy walked... Kitty cat cuddled... CHECK!

  • Transport done... CHECK! (This family is an amazing military family who is transferring back to the US!)
I am going to miss these guys and I just met them. We wish y'all safe travel from here and thank you for letting us take care of your transport. Please let us know if you need anything else and WELCOME TO NEW ORLEANS!

Humane Society: Kittens thrown from cars over weekend

This is just HORRIBLE! What is wrong with people?

Humane Society: Kittens thrown from cars over weekend

Good reminders...heads up!

Beware of salmonella risk with pet foods, treats
Saturday, July 09, 2011

Do you feed your cats and dogs in the kitchen? Do you wash their food bowls and water bowls in the kitchen sink?

I do both of those things, and now a report in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association warns I'm putting my family and the family dog at risk for salmonella infection.

Many reports of salmonella outbreaks tied to pet foods and treats have been reported in recent years. Is the pesky bacteria increasingly prevalent or is everyone becoming more vigilant?

"That's a hard question to answer. We do have better reporting mechanisms," said Christine Hoang, a veterinarian who also has a master's degree in public health. She's the assistant director for scientific activities at AVMA, and educating the public is part of her job.

No one should panic about any of this, she said, because "no one is at huge risk" although "salmonella is everywhere." The good news is there are many tips to prevent the spread of salmonella.

Pet water bowls, food bowls and the scoops used to fill them should be washed "routinely with hot soapy water in a sink other than in the kitchen or bathroom," says the report written by Kate S. KuKanich, a veterinarian at Kansas State University.

I've never washed dog bowls with family dishes. That just seemed wrong, though I was thinking about dog slobber, not salmonella. I use paper towels to wash and dry dog bowls, rather than the family dish cloth and towel.

Then I spray bleach in our old white kitchen sink because its pitted porcelain surface stains easily.

Ms. Hoang said bleach can kill the salmonella bacteria. That's good, because I don't see myself making a lot of extra trips up and down the basement steps to wash dog bowls in the laundry tub.

Here's more tips from the JAVMA article:

• Wash hands with soap and water before and after handling pet food and treats.

• Discourage young children, the elderly and the immunosuppressed from handling pet food and treats.

• Pig ears, which have turned up in a number of recalls, should be purchased in sealed packages rather than from open bulk bins.

• Avoid raw food diets for pets.

• Make sure the packaging of all pet food products are in good condition when you buy them. Return to the store products that appear tainted, discolored or have a bad odor.

• Follow label instructions for food storage. Dry foods and treats should be stored in a cool, dry place.

• Many people transfer food from bags and boxes to "better" storage containers. That's fine, but hang on to the original packaging, especially the date and product codes, so that if there's a product recall for salmonella, you'll know whether your pet's food was affected.

If your infection control safeguards have failed, Salmonella symptoms can range from mild to severe in people and in animals. Look for gastrointestinal symptoms, Ms. Hoang said.

In animals it's usually diarrhea. In people its can be diarrhea and vomiting. Bloody diarrhea is never a good sign, and should prompt a call to the doctor or vet.

Read more:

What you lookin' @ lady?

You don't get paid to just look... let's roll sista!

I may be a little...

fat but I am happy!

I am a good boy...

Good at eating... good at chasing cats, good at bothering my house mates, etc.

Monday morning "bla" face

Facebook post...

Our transport Mommy made my day... This may sound silly but from the moment we commit to taking on the responsibility of your pets we do consider them ours. We want/expect only the best too. It is so rewarding to get feedback!

Thanks AR!

AR - So, after the phone call at 2 am this morning from my mom telling me that the animals had missed their flight in Houston to New Orleans (knowing they had a 5 hour layover)...I call Continental to find out they can't be cleared through Customs on a Sunday. Hello....shouldn't they have known that?
16 hours ago · ·

    • AR - Thank God that I have New Orleans Pet Care that absolutley took care of everything on the other end! Nicole Douget, you are amazing! If anyone needs care for their pets in New Orleans, this is the lady to call!!!! :-) Thank you so, so, so much!!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Animal Helper night at Brooklyn Pizzeria

Eat pizza and help Animal Helper!
Monday, July 11 · 5:00pm - 10:00pm

Brooklyn Pizzeria
4301 Veterans Blvd
Metairie, LA

Created By

More Info
On July 11th Animal Helper will get 5% of ALL sales from 5-10 pm. This includes dine in, take out, & even alcohol.
Please join us!​/

My poor transport babies...

Left Guam on a 8 hour flight to Honolulu Hawaii. They did one overnight in the kennel and headed out on a 7 hour and 48 minute trip to Houston.... Now they are stuck in Houston and have to overnight again before heading to NOLA. They are going to be very travel tired babies when they get here tomorrow. Delayed by an entire day... Sadness.


Blogger is not working... I can't post photographs!


I love NOLA!