Saturday, April 19, 2014

We should all go!

Yes - we have these too!

Relaxing Saturday!

What P really thinks - OPEN IT! I AM STARVING!

Best photograph ever! 

Morning world!


Never gets old...

Play time!

A skill I need to master -

Isabelle can sleep with her head up, eyes mostly open and actually respond if you ask her or a question. - like - "you want a cookie?"

Friday, April 18, 2014

Kiss kiss!

Mad dog and 22 (not real names!)

If this is a cause you support... this is a great way to help spread the word.

Supporters of the Intact Animal Permit Law Debut Yard Signs
to Encourage and Promote Spay-Neuter; Offer Resources to Those in Need

New Orleans, LA, April 18, 2014—Supporters of the Intact Animal Permit Law (SIAPL) has designed an eye-catching yard sign that promotes spaying and neutering and provides phone numbers for low-cost spay-neuter programs in both Jefferson and Orleans parishes. The group hopes to distribute hundreds of signs over the next month. Anyone wishing to receive a sign or make a donation should visit SIAPL’s website,

“People do not understand that every  puppy or kitten that is born and ends up in a shelter is adding to our euthanasia rate,” said Nita Hemeter, founder of the group. “Even if that animal is adopted quickly, it is taking a place that could be allocated to a stray, or to a pet that the owner must relinquish due to an unavoidable hardship.” Furthermore, noted Hemeter, even when owners find homes for their litters, they take a possible home for a shelter dog or cat off the market.

“Some 92,000 companion animals die in Louisiana shelters every year, and facilities like the LASPCA are completely overburdened,” said Gene Goldring, SIAPL’s director of special projects. “Pet owners need to be responsible and get their animals spayed or neutered as soon as possible.” Goldring noted that both cats and puppies can be spayed or neutered as young as 3-4 months, depending on the breed and health of the animal.

Both Hemeter and Goldring emphasized that “backyard breeders”―those that breed and sell animals in their residences or outdoor sheds without proper permits or licensure, are a big component of the problem, as well. “Honestly, even AKC-registered breeders are adding to the total pool of unwanted animals, but backyard breeder animals are more likely to have progeny that are sick or have poor temperaments,” said Hemeter. “These poor creatures often end up in a shelter at some point.”

Hemeter says her group’s next effort will be to raise awareness of breeders that are operating illegally and avoiding paying taxes and license fees to the city. “These people aren’t just creating a problem for the animals. They are costing the citizens of New Orleans money. Anyone who suspects a neighbor is breeding animals without proper conditions or in secret should not hesitate to report them to the LASPCA.”

About Supporters of the Intact Animal Permit Law
Supporters of the Intact Animal Permit Law is a group of concerned citizens working to encourage adherence to and enforcement of New Orleans’ new Intact Animal Permit ordinance. The group works to reduce pet overpopulation, curtail the destructive activities of breeders and increase public awareness of this ordinance and the negative effect of unregulated breeding in the city of New Orleans. For more information, visit

To request a sign, or for an interview, contact
Nita Hemeter: 504-865-9792

For additional press materials, contact:
Cayoodle Communications
Jennifer Farwell

Good Friday is cray cray Friday ;)!

You can tell the one that would say this -

"I am all about rescue and adoption...  but - really...  we should have taken this one on a test run.

Huge favor lady... Let me sleep in. It is a holiday for some!

Sending love from New Orleans

Sending love to you...

Standing around... hunting!

Love the colors of these houses...

We forgot to post this yesterday but it is so cute!

We needed this vacation honey!

Friday morning cuddles!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Priss & Priss



Getting so big!

Get the cookie lady!

Dressed and ready!


Need my shades...

Much better!

My student of the day goes to this wonderful child -

Cat lovers! 

It’s Easter week, and that means lilies are everywhere……from supermarkets to roadside stands. But if you’re a cat owner, don’t even think about bringing one of these plants home. And don’t make it your Easter gift to anyone who owns cats.

The FDA released a warning about Easter lilies – as well as Tiger, Asiatic, Day, and Japanese Show lilies. The entire plant is poisonous to cats—even nibbling a leaf can cause acute kidney failure. The FDA also says that even if your cat brushes against the lily flower and gets a few grains of pollen on her fur, and then licks it off, the results can be traumatic.

Symptoms of lily poisoning include vomiting and lethargy. If you suspect that your cat has lily poisoning, rush her to the vet for immediate treatment. For more info:

Time out for her...

The only person that is happy about this is Pamela....

Hi Mommy!