Friday, May 16, 2014

We have had the pleasure of spending her entire life with her...

We were so thrilled post Katrina... when I literally gave my staff respective schedules on small post-it-notes... that we got this darling baby.

She had us at hello!  We have not missed a walk post Katrina and will never.  Thank you L family! You helped us see the storm clouds move.

No really - I am happy!

You see this foam?

This -

Yea - I am the boss of this foam ball! 

Our sweet client... Helping save lives!

Has his own t-shirt!


Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue has a huge spot in our hearts for all the dogs that come through our rescue, but it is the puppy mill rescues that hold the biggest piece for most of our fosters as their journeys are (as a whole) the most difficult and heart wrenching....and there is nothing like celebrating the end of that journey when they have been rehabilitated and healed and find their forever homes. I've wanted to do a t-shirt to honor and celebrate not just those dogs, but the people who held their paws through the journey. We have so many alum in our program that are puppy mill survivors, but Dewey kind of naturally took on the role as the Puppy Mill Survivor Poster Dog as hundreds of people across the country came together to raise the money for his life saving heart surgery. His adoptive mom, Del, has since been one of our number one fans, supporters, and cheerleaders and utilizes Dewey's story in educating the general population about puppy mills. So, it seemed only natural that Dewey be "The Dog" for our t-shirt. Big thanks to adoptive mom Allison Dye for creating the art work (original photograph by Nicole Scholz) and as always, thank you to Big Frog Custom T's for their hard work in making our t-shirt fundraising such a success all year long. You can order the shirts online in a basic box tee or you can call Big Frog at 615-807-2698 and have it printed on a huge variety of special tees, sweatshirts, bags, name it!!!! Our t-shirts really are our biggest constant every t-shirt sold helps save another life!!!!

Paint my # Tupac!


See you in a few hours...

Those beautiful eyes...




Thursday, May 15, 2014


Pregnant rabbits suffer broken legs after being tossed from car in Lafreniere Park

Who does this?

We have been sick...

On a mission honey!

Sister will not stay!

Henri went back to bed...

Under the covers.  Not a fan of winter.

Happy Happy Happy!

3 injured in Waggaman dog attack


3 injured in Waggaman dog attack | New Orleans - WDSU Home

Bravo! Dog and Cat Food Recall

Bravo! Dog and Cat Food Recall

Welcome back winter...

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


My spot is better than you spot!

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Cat defends, rescues young boy after attacked by dog in Bakersfield, California


I listen so hard my ear folds!

Mayor - Small yard - City Bark

I love this face...

Rome taking Remy to school...


It rained on us...

Good morning!


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Senate votes to keep Tony the Tiger at truck stop

Poor thing...

Senate votes to keep Tony the Tiger at truck stop: In its second attempt, the bill narrowly passes the Senate and heads to the House.

Photos taken of dogs leaving the shelter and in the car after being rescued...

Well done Chicago Animal Control!  

Hot, hot!

Megan had a special date with a special girl today...


Ohhhh blogger...  why must we fight?

Slow down? Why?

This face cracks me up!

Hi Mommy!