Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A big day for another reason!

Hint - 847... Actually - 848 now!

Dog Day Afternoon - FYI

We rode out to the park today... two things!
1. Best not wear your church shoes... it is muddy!
2. No bathrooms... portable only. I miss Audubon Park already!

We are very excited to see everyone. Don't forget to bring my telephone number.

Dog Day Afternoon!

Cookies & Cocktails @ 11:00AM

We are looking forward to our annual Dog Day Afternoon Cocktails & Cookies (Private) Party! We will be set up just outside the perimeter of the main activities area. Please look for yellow and pink balloons and for some reason (thank you Jessica - Resident Goof)... a Sponge Bob Square Pants balloon. If you can't find us, phone or text - 504.289.6355 and we will find each other!

March 29, 2009
NEW LOCATION!Roosevelt Mall in City Park
Day-of registration opens at 10:30

Still need to R.S.V.P? Please email!

Puppy Party!

We LOVED our puppy sleep over last night!
Someone would not look at the camera...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Dog Day... ! Will post detail in the morning!

Yes you're rub my belly!

This Saturday!

Easter Bunny Photos @ Petcetera on 3205 Magazine Street
11am - 4pm

Ready to go get his daddy!

Max & I picked up a very tired Bradley last night.
Max got in the car and waited patiently while I set alarm!
I had to photograph the moment... so funny to me!

Save the date! Join the party this Saturday!

Join the party this Saturday with Little Man, Tik, J.D., and their Mom, Shoshana!These lucky New Orleans dogs miraculously made it home to their Mom last week, after being abducted in her stolen vehicle! The story of their ordeal and the subsequent 'happy ending' was widely publicized in the local news media. Come celebrate with them and other dog lovers in the French Quarter this weekend and support the Humane Society of Louisiana! WHEN: Saturday, March 28th, 11am to 3 pm WHERE: Cabrini Park in the French Quarter at Barracks & Dauphine (a favorite play spot of the dogs!) WHAT: Reunion Party Fundraiser for the Humane Society of Louisiana & Cabrini Park . Refreshments - Door Prizes - Canine Kissing Booth and more!! Kermit Rhea, who found the dogs roaming the street, will also be on hand to receive his reward check for facilitating their safe return. Proceeds to benefit the Humane Society of Louisiana and Cabrini Park. Event sponsored by HSL and the Muttshack Foundation.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Save the date! April 2nd - Toasts & Bunny Tails

“Toasts & Bunny Tails” Wine Tasting will be held at Canine Culture, located at 8110 Hampson St.,from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM. Admission is a $5.00 donation for the wine tasting with light hors d’oeuvres, treats for the pooches and music.Best bunny ears or tail costume contest, too!! Friendly, leashed, pets are welcome! For more info call 373-5141.

Pretty smile

Good morning world!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This is the only photograph I could manage in 20 minutes!
CRAZY birds.... but I love um!

Baywater Bark Market Results

I received this email earlier today and wanted to share these great results with everyone. What a great effort to support the LA SPCA Heartworm Fund. Every dollar counts!

"What a great day! The weather was PERFECT and we had great crowds all day! Since we charged a voluntary admission fee this time, we were able to get a pretty accurate count of around 700 people (and probably about 400 dogs)! And 32 dogs got a bath…!

This Bark Market raised $3,726 for the LA-SPCA heartworm fund! Two dogs were adopted and one went into a foster home. There were fewer adoptions than October, but we raised a lot more money! Thanks to all who volunteered, participated, donated and especially to those who washed the dogs!

The next Bark Market is October 17, and we are beginning early to try and nail down some larger sponsors to pay for more advertising, as well as to nail down the microchips and a vet - who we may have to just hire for the day to do the chipping - since the free microchipping fell through time at the last moment.

We’ll be in touch again this summer for the October event, and if you know anyone else who would like to participate or donate, please have them contact us.

Thanks again to all,



I received this note from one of our clients and it made my day... she is letting me share! Thank you... we have really enjoyed getting to know the babies!

"I want to let you know that Pamela is GREAT! My cats love her. In fact, she is the only pet sitter Isabelle has ever allowed to see her, let alone pet her. I am truly impressed. "

Sending love...

to Nassau Beach resort!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pamela lets me do it!

Herrrrrrrre squirrel, here squirrel...
I have something for you!


1.Bradley will be home Thursday
2.Sunday is Dog Day Afternoon
3.Hi Lisa!

Save the date... Support 2009 Tour for Life! April 1st

Every year, North Shore Animal League America travels the nation bringing its life-saving mission on the road to help find homes for hundreds of orphaned dogs, cats, puppies and kittens and to raise public awareness concerning the plights of all shelter pets. Stopping in more than 20 U.S. cities to help save pets' lives across America, Tour for Life is the Animal League's month-long cooperative initiative with animal shelters across the country. Since its inception in 2001, Tour for Life has been promoting the importance of adopting shelter dogs and cats as a life-saving measure. This year, the Animal League is excited to have as our spokesperson Kathryn Erbe, star of Law and Order: Criminal Intent and also spokesperson for the American Mutt-i-grees™ Club (AMC). Since its inception in 2001, Tour For Life, in partnership with Purina, has placed thousands of homeless animals with loving families. This year the tour celebrates mixed breed dogs helping advance the mission of theAmerican Mutt-i-grees™ Club, which promotes shelter adoptions and discourages purchasing pets from retailers supplied by puppy mills.
Find a Participating Shelter Near You!

Hello Y'all!

We are enjoying our vacation too!
Sawyer is making sure we gets plenty of cuddles and lots of cookies!