Saturday, November 8, 2008

COME ON 11.30.08



Oops she did it again! If LSU loses today while you are at the game... she may do it again, again! Silly girl!

Night Shift!

This week was fun for us mom... I bet we like the night shift more than you do! Have a great weekend. We will see you back on days next week!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Kiss Kiss Mommy

So glad you fired the other pet sitter... I know he is your son but, Jessica loves me too!


Planning to break camp! Checking out the front door! About to dine and ditch! etc... You really have to be on your A game in this house.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why not! Did you hear?

Today is election day!


Remember the special baby I mentioned in my Pet Fest post? Well... this is Tres. Tres is a beautiful baby (1.5 ish years) boy. He is being taken care of by a wonderful angel from Labs4Rescuse, Jennifer Wright. Jennifer tells me that his owner died and his owner's relatives literally threw him out on the street. Jennifer says... "He is crate trained and house trained. He is a gentle fellow who will follow you everywhere. He gets along with other animals. He is calm and spends most of his time just laying beside you. He loves everybody. He would be a great therapy dog and an inspiration to kids/adults in rehab. He would also be an ideal family dog because he is fabulous with kids. He will need a home without a lot of steps but otherwise has full mobility. He is incredibly special in so may ways." Jennifer has been working to raise money for a "wheelchair" for Tres. She was able to raise a bit Sunday at Pet Fest but not enough. So, in Remy's honor... we are going to take care of the remaining cost. She met with Dag's House this morning and has more research and appointments forth coming. I would love to foster Tres but, I know that he would not be happy in my three story house! I got to cuddles and kiss him Sunday and I am so in love with him! Jennifer is looking for a foster family and/or a forever home. Can you help this beautiful baby boy?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Baby M

How sweet is this baby? He is ll years young and LOVES, LOVES his walkin' time. Sad story... he was attacked by two dogs at dog daycare and almost lost his life. He had a collapsed lung and had to have a rib removed but you would never know it... He is such a happy and friendly little boy. We love when mom has movies to work on!

Max V - "International Lover"

After a year long visit to Atlanta... Max is back home with us and we are thrilled. He went nuts when he saw Jessica today. I think he is happy to be back where he belongs! VIVA New Orleans.

This is my...

" Don't leave yet" face...

Pet Fest

Jessica and I had a great time at Pet Fest! It was so much fun seeing everyone. What a great event... I met a wonderful black Lab that needs our help. More on that later... You are going to love this little man!