Friday, October 22, 2010

GiGi - Swamp Dog Fun Match

Look @ GiGi geaux! I miss her...

Took me an hour to fill the pool!

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Thank you for saving my life...

Tropical Storm Richard

Keeping a watchful eye... and following Margaret Orr's Twitter!

From Bark Bits - Heads up!


TheVoodoo Experience music festival will be held in City Park on October 29, 30, and 31. While the streets directly bordering the dog park, Magnolia, Zachary Taylor, and Diagonal drives, will not be closed, you should be aware that most of City Park south of I-610 will be closed to vehicular traffic for those 3 days. The Henry Thomas Drive underpass flowing under the railroad tracks and I-610 will be closed. Additionally, Marconi Dr. from City Park Avenue to Roosevelt Mall will be restricted to one lane of traffic during the festival. Your best access route to the dog park will be from the north, along either Marconi Dr. or Wisner Blvd., turning in on Zachary Taylor.

It is Friday y'all!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Regarding - Gimme Shelters

If you have a moment, please phone Office of the Mayor and express your thoughts... His number is (504) 658-4900

I would rather the NOPD focus on collecting criminals... not collecting stray animals!

Gimme Shelters - Article from Gambit

Gimme Shelters

Near the end of September, the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) warned the city its services were coming to an end — the same warning it delivered in November 2009 and the year before that.

  Without a contract with the city and the associated funding stream, the organization is forced to cease many of its operations, from hurricane and storm shelters to animal control — a service that has been handed off to the New Orleans Police Department's (NOPD) K-9 unit.

  SPCA chief executive officer Ana Zorrilla wants to know why New Orleans, unlike other cities in Louisiana, depends on a contract with a nonprofit rather than operating a municipal, city-owned animal-control unit. She also questions why the city doesn't offer its animal-control contractor a multi-year contract, or at least fund a full year at a time. Last year's money ran out in November. This year's stopped in October.

  Zorrilla says she has had little discussion with the mayor's office about the SPCA's future and its inclusion in the 2011 budget. "We were hoping to hear something about it prior to it going before (City) Council, but at this point we don't know where we stand," she says.

  At an Oct. 14 news conference following his preview of the 2011 municipal budget, Mayor Mitch Landrieu briefly addressed the SPCA deal, saying the city was "in negotiations with the SPCA now." He added, "They were only budgeted through Oct. 15, which I understand is a common occurrence [in the budgets of former Mayor Ray Nagin]. But the bigger point is ... we shouldn't be stopping in October to fight about what should have been in last year's budget."

  Presumably negotiations will continue through October. The 2011 budget should be finalized by November, after the City Council makes approvals and recommendations. Landrieu's plan calls for a $483 million city budget, smaller than those of recent years. "It will be tight," he acknowledges — about $20 million tighter than the current budget.

  "In New Orleans, people just assume (responding to calls about animals is) what the SPCA is supposed to do, when it's what the city is supposed to do," Zorrilla says. "We've, time and time again, done it because we can do it effectively and efficiently, and very humanely, and we're able to leverage our nonprofit resources to do more for the city than if they did it themselves, and it's hard. The city is in a difficult spot financially, I don't envy them in any way, they have to make some really hard choices. ... If we value our animals and our safety, we make a small investment in that and get significant returns."

Without proper funding for the remainder of 2010 and 2011, the SPCA is forced to drastically scale back a host of services. It'll suspend temporary storm shelters and evacuations of animals in the event of a hurricane. After-hours services are redirected to NOPD. Veterinarians, not the SPCA, will quarantine animals that bite humans. The organization also will stop enforcing mule inspections and the intact-dog ordinance, which requires pet owners to spay or neuter dogs older than 6 months (unless the owner has a permit). Owners who want to relinquish their pets will have to do so at SPCA's shelter in Algiers at 1700 Mardi Gras Blvd., and stray animals will not be trapped or collected — they will have to be brought in by the public.

  "Whether the SPCA does it or someone else does it, at the end of the day, what I want is (to know) the animals are well cared for, they're safe and the citizens are safe," Zorrilla says. "And my concern is, during this period of reduced services, there are animals that are going to be injured, there are people who are going to be injured that didn't need to be. That could have been prevented."

  The SPCA operates with a $4.5 million budget. Animal control costs alone account for $3 million. In 2010, the city provided $2.1 million. The SPCA cut services and raised money through donation drives and fundraisers to make up the difference. That budget allows for its shelter operations, adoptions, spay-neuter clinics, a wellness clinic, after-school and summer programs and community outreach. SPCA employs about 60 people and receives help from hundreds of volunteers.

  The SPCA will continue emergency response, but without the group performing after-hours animal control, those duties will be handed to NOPD's K-9 unit, which is absorbing the SPCA contract loss by putting its own officers in the field.

  Superintendent Ronal Serpas suspended that unit's suspect apprehension team earlier this month after a Department of Justice review. Serpas says the unit needs training — following officer Jason Lewis' guilty plea in the death of his K-9 partner Primo, a Belgian Malinois who died from heat stroke in 2009 after being left in Lewis' car. Photos of the officer's car show the dog ripped the seats to shreds in a desperate attempt to escape.

  In another case, Sgt. Randy Lewis' K-9 partner Phantom fell 17 stories in an elevator shaft at Charity Hospital last year. Malfeasance charges against that officer were dropped.

  Cmdr. Bob Young, the head of NOPD public affairs, says the police department will assign two K-9 unit officers to handle calls the SPCA typically would answer after 5 p.m. "We're going to step in and do the deed until this is resolved," Young says. In addition to training for working with their dogs in the field, officers also are receiving training on how to handle strays.

  "How are you going to actually deliver some level of service? If you're not going to let the SPCA do it, do you really have that many extra NOPD? I'll say this as a private resident: I live in Orleans Parish. I want NOPD picking up criminals, not dogs," Zorrilla says. "I want them to do what they do well, or better. ... My goal is that it get done and we're not worried about people or animals being attacked because we can't afford to."

  The Humane Society of the United States estimates between 6 million and 8 million cats and dogs enter the country's 3,500 shelters each year. Zorrilla says the SPCA here picks up about 5,000 stray animals each year, or 450 a month — more than double the national average.

  Of those animals collected nationally, 3 million to 4 million are adopted and 3 million to 4 million are euthanized because no homes can be found for them.

  Devona Dolliole, Landrieu's director of communications, says the city "obviously wants to have animal care," and will continue budget negotiations to pay for the remainder of 2010 and all of 2011.

  "We want the city to win, the animals to win — we want to do good work," Zorrilla says. "It's a service we want to make sure happens."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Isabelle is?


Love this smile...

Oak Street Pelican Block Party - FYI!

Scissorman's Paws & Claws will be hosting and coordinating the grooming station! If you have any questions or need information... phone Gary @ 504.710.4826.

My client's that use Scissorman love them!

The Lab part is so strong...

In this sweet little girl!

Really - we want to go this way!

Trying to walk Sawyer...

Halloween Pets Costume Contest, Enter For A Chance To Win - u local News Story - WDSU New Orleans

Hey - you can win $250.00!

Halloween Pets Costume Contest, Enter For A Chance To Win - u local News Story - WDSU New Orleans

Inauguaral Oak Street Pelican Block Party - Support Humane Society of Louisiana

Celebrating All Things Pelican!
Saturday, October 23, 2010
noon to 5 pm

Come and attend the 1st Annual Oak Street Pelican Block Party on Saturday, October 23rd, from noon to 5pm! To celebrate the wonders of our coastal wildlife, especially the brown pelican, our state bird, area businesses will be decorating their stores with pelican-themed ornaments. Participating businesses will also donate 10% of all proceeds on this day to the Humane Society of Louisiana. You can purchase a pelican t-shirt, visit our mega-grooming salon, or enter our raffle drawing for fabulous prizes. Oak Street businesses participating include:

Curry Corner, Skip and Whistle, Oak Cafe, Zotz’s Cafe, Blue Cyprus Books, Salon Alphonse, Lil Dave’s Alterations, Carollton Jewelry and Beatrice Shops, Oak, Jacques-Imo’s, Body Bistro Spa & Salon and Glue. You can buy specialty drinks and food at Oak, Oak Cafe, Zotz’s Cafe and Jacques Imo’s.

The mega-grooming salon will be held on the corner of Dante and Oak. Minimum donation is only $10 for a light hair-cut and nail trim.

Good Tuesday morning y'all!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Note from Sawyer... Made me laugh!

Holy christ this flew into my forehead!!!!

Look at our new baby...

Awww! We love new babies...

ASPCA Save More Lives $100 Challenge

LASPCA could use our votes!

Cast one vote each day to help decide which animal shelter in the ASPCA Save More Lives $100K Challenge will receive a $25,000 grant. Even one vote can make a big difference to your favorite challenge contestant.

You can vote once each day between October 15, 2010 and midnight, October 31, 2010, Eastern Time. We’ll announce the winner on December 8, 2010.