Friday, February 13, 2015

When you watch a show weekly and -

suddenly it is being filmed in front of your house.  I hope the 17 year old got to CH safely and is on the mend.

Shake your tail feather time!

Here we geaux again!

And we wonder why traffic is a hot mess...

Police officer who "Wobbles" adds "Cupid Shuffle"


Come a little closer!

See you Monday!

Sad but true

Carnival road rage. 

Hi Mom!

76-Year-Old Man Jailed For Feeding Cats

This is sad and unreal.


My body hurts.  I am getting way to old for this.  

Thursday, February 12, 2015

We are here!

Come play!
The doors are open and the J juice is cold! 

We have security!

Bradley found our guard in the side yard.

He is watching the corner of 8th & Prytania!  He is not as much a threat as Isabelle Jane but has her back.

I got to see Pamela a bunch!

Cuteness overload


Bead tree today!

Nyx hit it hard!

We smell pretty!

I am pretty!

Hi Mommy!

This face...

Nyx left overs...


Recall - 6” Beef Trachea Pet Treat Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk

Recalls, Market Withdrawals, & Safety Alerts Pet International Inc. Recalls 6” Beef Trachea Pet Treat Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

No! You can geaux on 8th... Oy

Better this I guess... I hate when people use my garage area.

  • Clean the kitchen
  • Turn on flood lights
  • ice the beer
  • work
  • work
  • work
  • work
  • prepare, prepared food
  • work
  • welcome guests
  • Geaux play!  

Love these two!

Enjoy your ride Nyx ladies!

My door is open!  

Oh my gosh this traffic!  If you'd like to loose 45 minutes today I would suggest taking St. Charles Avenue from 8th Street to the CBD it's tricky tricky tricky tricky!


Do I look pretty?

Walkin B!

I wish I had this hair.

Hi Mommy!

When are we moving back?

The bead tree is looking great this morning!

Oh my gosh...

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

DH! - lezier le bon ton roulé!

Krewe of Nyx rolls Wed night - FOX 8 WVUE New Orleans News, Weather, Sports, Social

Isabelle is a drama queen

When your king cake does not come with a baby...


But I am restin...

Play time!

Remember the baby Barb found last Monday?

Some disgusting heartless person left this sweet baby on the side of the road in this box.  That is not food at the bottom of the box.  Yes.  It was - How could someone?  

Well...  Barb saved her, she is with Connie @ Boxer Rescue and livin large, made her debut on Sunday and  is looking for a loving home!  She is very malnourished but HW-, and otherwise healthy and very loving and kind.   She could be yours!

My darling friend and client... Nynx 2015

DH came over this morning to bring this beautiful purse.  I took one look at it and could not stop crying.  She knows the first way to my heart!  Thank you so much DH.  (I cried again when I showed it to Erin!)

You are amazing!  (I am starting to cry again...)

Our newest little baby... 9 weeks young!

She never stays still for a proper photograph!

Seriously - this freaks me out 2x a day!

I love Carnival!

Amis des Paux

I first met the founder, Kelly YEARS ago on the corner of 8th & St. Charles during Carnival. She lived just down the street and she and her family set up "camp" with us.  Last year we spoke about a business dream she had and along with her business partner, they made this dream a reality.  They are doing such great things.  From the first holiday that they were in business forward, we have been delivering Amis de Paux treats as gifts.  I love supporting local businesses and I trust her so much.  

I dreamed about starting a pet care company and made it a reality... I never dreamed it would be what it is today and I am so blessed.  Kelly dreamed about a business and look at her now.  Dare to dream!

Amis des Paux treats - available at NOLA Gifts and Decor, Puppy Love, Tooth and Nail and Lucy Rose!