Saturday, September 14, 2013

Walkin Bradley!

So darn cute!

Second suspect in Garden District rape case pleads guilty, sentenced to 35 years


Second suspect in Garden District rape case pleads guilty, sentenced to 35 years | New Orleans - WDSU Home:

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Camp Rome will wear you out!

Sending love to GI!

Dear Bradley:

I would like to publicly thank you for bringing me your cold from Chicago.  Totally appreciate it.  



Sweetest face...

Fighting dogs now being trained to love

Sweet story...

Fighting dogs now being trained to love -

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My favorite thing...


Is breakfast ready dude?

Are we all going to watch cartoons?

Make The Homeless Smile

By the grace of whomever you believe in... we are not homeless.  

If you are so moved too please put some extra dog food in your car too.  I know of seven men under the bridge @ St. Charles (across from the old K&B building) to the on ramp that have dogs.  I know if those men do not eat those dogs do not eat.  

Best ears award goes to...

Friday, September 13, 2013

Tink is on holiday!

Is Tap Water Safe for Your Dog?

Hummmm.... Interesting!

Is Tap Water Safe for Your Dog?

Need to get one of these for my...



My houseguest - Murph

In sync!

Family dog helps alert parents to abusive baby sitter - Yahoo News

Thanks to my best friend for sharing...  

Family dog helps alert parents to abusive baby sitter - Yahoo News:

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Happy, Happy, Happy!

We are friends!

Power nap!

You are not leaving yet are you?

New Orleans On Tap

Who is going to play for a good paws? 
1pm - 7pm

New Orleans On Tap:

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TD 10

Thank goodness...

Dr. Stattman is one of my Vets at Riverlands Animal Hospital...

Riverlands came to NOLA to put Remy to sleep at home.  If 
you know someone in these areas that would rather do 
that at home...

Dr. Strattman shared Four Paws Pet Cremation Service's status.

Let's help our friend support local veterinarians and owners during these difficult times.Lorenzo Bennett is a collegue and friend who has proven his professionalism through dedication and tender care of our companion pets. Contact him to find out more about the services he offers.
To all animal hospitals and veterinarians , Four Paws Pet Cremation Service will/is serving the following areas: Baton Rouge, Baker, Denham Springs, Walker, Livingston, Hammond, Covington, Mandeville, Gonzales, Prairieville, Donaldsonville, Port Allen, Plaquemine, Zachary, St. Francisville, LaPlace, Hammond & Ponchatoula. Please contact Lorenzo Bennett at (504) 905-1737.

No - you come to me.

Like my ears?

This toy lasted all of about 5 minutes!

Glad to be home Daddy & Mommy!


I would say it could get creepy around here tonight but it is creepy every night in NOLA!

Filming on Jackson - again... heads up!

LOCATION: 1410 Jackson Ave           FILMING DATE:  Monday, September 16th 
Dear Residents and Business Owners,
The FX series American Horror Story will be returning to the neighborhood to film at 1410 Jackson Ave on Monday, September 16th
Please excuse us as we move our working trucks and crew into your neighborhood on Monday. We will exercise every effort to be quiet as we go about our work. Please don’t hesitate to ask anyone with a radio to contact Locations if you have any questions or concerns while we are on site filming.  You can also contact the Locations Department via e-mail or phone using the contact info listed below.
We are working with Katie Williams in the Mayor’s Office of Film and Video, who can be reached at 504-658-0923 to verify our credentials. We will also be working with Law Enforcement Officers and Traffic Engineering to effect traffic control and monitor safety for you and our crew.
In addition to our parking reserve, we will be conducting temporary traffic control on the river bound lane of Jackson Ave at the corner of Prytania St between 8:00 am – 4:00 pm on Monday, September 16th Officers working the traffic detail will be instructed to assist all local residential and business traffic in getting to and from their intended destinations in a safe and efficient manner.
Parking will be reserved with “No Parking” signs in the area for picture and our working trucks in the following blocks on Monday, September 16th 7:00 am – 4:00 pm.  We will not block any driveways. All signs will be promptly removed upon completion of filming.
1200 – 1400 Jackson Ave (upriver side)
2200 Coliseum St (lakeside, ¾ block at Jackson Ave)
Should you have any deliveries, events or appointments that we should be aware of, please do not hesitate to call us. We thank you again for your support of filmmaking in and around New Orleans.
With regard,
Evan Gabriele – Episode Manager – 917-288-4073 cell

Virginia McCollam – Location Manager –


No details yet... just got the call from DH!

Cuddles time!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I am playing with it... by that I mean - about to tear it up!

Rollin out!

I should be ashamed of myself but I am not...

Erin posted on Facebook that "Murph is waiting for me to finish my yogurt so he can lick the container." and I phoned her!  I as so worried that she was unaware of the Chobani Yogurt recall because I did not want Murph to get sick.  

She just phoned back... laughing.  She pointed out that I was not worried about her... only Murph.  

Need sun shades!

So spoiled... so happy!

Exploring on the long leash on the levee!

I get an hour! Hahahahaha!

This is both my happy and sad face!

Do not go just yet please...


Heads up y'all...

Crossed paws!

Love our new little bugs!

Top 10 Annoying Stereotypes About New Orleans


Top 10 Annoying Stereotypes About New Orleans:

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Like my scarf?

Morning love with Pamela...

Will you kiss me bye bye?

Be Gentle: I know my dog is old


Be Gentle: I know my dog is old | The Bark:

Y'all are amazing - Facebook posts regarding Daisy

  • MM I will help. Bring her to me and she can stay here. I will go with you, if you want.
    11 hours ago · Edited · Unlike · 2
  • Nicole Douget Melissa - thank you for the offer. I am so scared to transport her at 13. I hope for shares in that area so that we can keep her close. I will let you know and work on a forever home here.
  • MM Actually, I have no fears about transporting a 13 year old, or caring for her here with Saint. I'm good with my sweet seniors. My concern is the medical costs, as I'm dealing with Saint's DM too. I will keep her or foster her as needed. Let's just get her out of there.
  • LR Has se been rescued?
  • Del I am trying to see if Shawn can help get her out.
    11 hours ago · Like · 1
  • JL Nicole, Debby & I will help out with the medical expenses. I'll make a check out to New Orleans Pet Care and Barb can pick it up tomorrow. Good luck!
  • BL I'm 100% in to help with expenses. I will leave a check too tomorrow.
  • DDTotally in to help with expenses and or forever home. Someone would have to drive her to LA. I think she's too old to fly
  • Mc We'll help in any way you need.
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  • HR Nicole: just say the word......we will all back you. what do you need?
  • D Shawn with Snooty Giggles in Middle Tennessee is going to talk to the shelter as soon as she can. She will let us know but promises she will get her out.
  • Nicole Douget I received this from Del
    this morning... Hey. Shawn says Bowling Green may not be willing to let her come to NOLA because NOLA is a high need area. But Shawn promises she will get her out no matter what. I told her we would help. I'
    ll keep you posted. Thanks so much y'all and hold checks (Y'ALL ARE AMAZING) and we will figure out how we can help her specifically. I am keeping in touch with Del and will keep you all posted. Y'all are amazing! I can't thank you enough...