Saturday, August 3, 2013

My three doors down neighbor -

I love the beautiful home... I totally do not get what the did on the roof...

so contemporary.

Her looks like a seal...

I can hook you up....

If you need cardboard curtains with blue painters tape - I am here for you.  I made these myself.   I know - amazing.

J'avais besoin de vacances!

Are my bangs to long?

I am happy you are here Ms. Erin!

Erin's baby - holding down HQ

Camp Tink - does this to you!

Chinese man tries to board plane with pet turtle disguised as hamburger

Not sure what is more disturbing the article or the Big Mac ad next to it.

Chinese man tries to board plane with pet turtle disguised as hamburger | Death and Taxes:

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Our sweet baby P

Had to have surgery...
Please send pawisitive vibes!

Caturday - It is just to hot!

I speak for everyone -

These two need to travel more...
Our Mom is just to much for words.  
Our Dad is a little better.
They love us so much but comeonman. 

It is sort of like this - 

Foster Sister is learning to love the baby -

Sleeping in -

I love her Clifford!  

Morning y'all!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Water is shooting out Ms. Megan!

My cool spot!

When Physical Therapy is over

I am all


All smiles...

When the call my name at Physical Therapy

I am all

You are back?!

But where is Ms. Pamela?

Post walk cool place!

I got my eye on you!

Not considered a walk...

They need to level it...

Cuddles time...

Camp Tink - On like Donkey Kong!

They needed a vacation - super bad!

Later dudes!

Heads up y'all!

On Monday, August 5th, Fox TV’s American Horror Story – Coven will film at 1410 Jackson Avenue between 7 am and 3 pm.  This is a one day event.  NO PARKING signs will be posted to restrict parking along the uptown side of 1200-14400 Jackson Avenue during this time and the 1400 block of Jackson Avenue on the uptown side will be limited to one lane of traffic.

A flier sent to immediate neighbors of the site noting further information and telephone numbers for the location manager is linked here. Buckner Mansion:Am Horror Story.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel -

Henri will do this all day...

I think he thinks it is going to fly open and food is going to fall out.

This story ends well but so many do not...

It happens here too.  Sadly, in areas where dogs are tied out or "live in the yard".  They say most of the time the ones taken are used as bait dogs.   As you know, you have to watch them and watch them so closely. 

From Richochet's Animal Rescue & Resource Page (Thanks to my friend DH for sharing)

If you all don't mind, I would like to share something I saw on my own personal feed tonight. While scrolling through status' and photos, I noticed a few of my friends had been commenting on this photo of a beautiful Husky in my hometown. I was curious and clicked. The photo stated the Husky was missing and gave all info needed. Curious, I went to this mans page and began scrolling through his photos & status', hoping I could help. Last Thursday evening, his dog (the Husky) and a friends dog (unnamed breed) were playing in a fenced/gated backyard like they did many times before, while the humans were hanging out. They checked on the dogs periodically & the dogs were having a good ol' time. When the owner of the unnamed breed went to collect his dog to go home, both dogs were gone. Neither dog had ever jumped the fence. They began to call for them, then search the neighborhood, then go door to door, all the things you do. They drove to unnamed breeds house to see if the dogs wandered over there, nothing. Door to door in that neighborhood, so on, so forth. 

Everyday this man posted updates, to no avail. He made flyers, ads on multiply webpages, shared on FB, had search parties. Both dogs seemingly vanished. Friends were helping, searching all over the internet in areas near us, at the pounds, on Craigslist, everything. Still the dogs didn't turn up. Monday someone seen dogs matching the descriptions, 10 hours away, in a town in Arizona. Immediately the men called and gave exact descriptions of the dogs in a pound located in Arizona. For some reason the shelter was closed yesterday (Tuesday), but the men left Monday night and drove until they got to Arizona. The shelter told them they would need some sort of proof these dogs were theirs (tags, photos, papers etc). At 8:00 AM this morning, the men went into the pound, proof in hand. They were shown the way to the kennels their dogs(?) were in. Immediately both dogs went CRAZY, barking, wagging their tails, howling, jumping etc. The shelter volunteers/workers said no more proof was needed. Their daddies had come for them!! How on earth did two fenced dogs make it over TEN hours away in 4 days?! 

The men contacted our local police department (I am not sure when, sometime during the search). Our area police said pet theft is on a rapid rise. People stealing pets from fenced yards and selling them. The staff informed the men the two dogs were found wandering in a neighborhood, together, in Arizona. It is believed the Husky and unnamed breed dog were stolen from the backyard of the house, driven to Arizona to be sold (or worse) and they somehow escaped together.

Please, keep your pets close and safe. No matter where you are. It seems criminals will do anything to make a dollar, even steal our furbabies from our yards while we are home. If you see something odd at a neighbors/dog park etc, please report it. I am sharing this strangers story in the hopes this never happens to anyone again. It could have ended much, much worse for all parties involved. Thank you all for allowing me to share this. May you all (humans and furbabies) have a wonderful night or day, where ever you may be.

Our little baby -

Kisha Curtis Pleads Guilty to Starving Patrick the Pit Bull

No words for her.
Kisha Curtis Pleads Guilty to Starving Patrick the Pit Bull

Happy baby girl...

They have farm dreams too...

I hope these notes were not super important Mom

I love you.  
You had me at hello.
You complete me. 
Awaiting your return... 
Can't wait to see you walk in the front door!

Love this face!

If you walked out of your shoes...

and can't remember where or when it happened.... give me a call.  Barb can help you out.  How does that happen anyway?!

Barb -

May have angered one of your neighbors!  
"learn to park"
I would have emailed you but she has no idea where/when.

Soooooo hot outside!

I love it!


Our other Mommy is sleeping with us!

I am excited - I really am.

Hi Mommy!

Humanewatch Posted this on Facebook...

I have been reading more and more about HSUS...  Something to think about.

What These Kids Did To Those Dogs ...

How sweet... amazing how differently people responded to them. 

What These Kids Did To Those Dogs ... Eh, Just Watch. You'll Love It.:

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