Friday, April 9, 2010

Lady - drop the camera... call the elevator...

we got a roll Ms. Sawyer!

Getting better

Hi Mom - We love you!


I just saw what appears to be a full body apparition walking down Prytania. Seriously! Is the ghost of Abe Lincoln?

The BSJ Rooster!

Some of the neighbors may be unhappy with the rooster but we like him! We would like him with rice and gravy, a house salad and brownie!

City Bark Permit Info.

Important message from NOLA City Bark

Due to the overwhelming positive response of the public to NOLA City Bark, our all volunteer staff and one part time employee feel like greyhounds chasing the mechanical rabbit that we will never catch. In order to be able to process the permits that have been sold, enter the data, and issue the swipe cards to people who have already paid for permits, it is necessary for us to temporarily suspend permit sales until Monday, May 10.

Prior to Monday, April 12, permits may still be purchased at:
1. Friends of City Park office - 10am & 2pm, Friday, April 9, 2010
2. at the gate of NOLA City Bark
Saturday April 10, 9 AM to 3PM and
Sunday, April 11, 10:30 - 2 PM.
3. Permit applications received via mail postmarked Monday, April 12 or later will not be issued until after May 10.

The dog park will continue to operate during regular hours for permit holders that have either an activated swipe card, a temporary pass or have mailed the permit application prior to Monday, April 12. We are striving to keep NOLA City Bark a fun, safe, and clean place for you and your pet. For that reason it is necessary for us to take this break in sales to catch up with the business end of running the dog park.

Please ask your friends who have not yet been able to purchase a permit to be patient. NOLA City Bark will be around for years to come and we want to make sure that it will continue to be a treat worth waiting for.

If you have purchased your permit as of this Sunday, April 11, your security card may be picked up at the Friends of City Park trailer, 9-5 PM. starting on Wednesday, April 14.
Check the website for updated information.
Thanks for your patience!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

City Bark

Open note to my 346 Friends and my 1,168 Twitter followers: I watched countless people being “let in” (without a pass or evidence of a temp pass) to City Bark by “pass holders” this PM. I witnessed a dog fight that was with one of those let in… I hate that such a great thing was(this evening) being taken advantage of by those that are lazy, dog dumb (those that will bring a pet that is socially questionable ) or not willing to spend and/or willing to take the time to get a pass like the rest of us. Be alert… report … volunteer … we all need to help protect this wonderful asset.

Isabelle pouting...

Henri doing... well - what he does!

Added security @ 3101

Sexy Max & Isabelle


Lovin the cold snap!

ok, ok... not cold but windy snap!

His name is...

Doody... Love it!

Sam Simon Foundation

I love this foundation... Wish they were closer!

Katie - 10 + 10

(the one with the fork!)

1) Where are you from? Petoskey, Michigan (16 miles from the "Ice box of the the Nation"). AKA the only city in the continental US that consistently records day-time high temperatures of below -50 F every winter-before factoring wind chill)....New Orleans summer kills me.

2) What is your background... College? I am collecting an alphabet and seeing as many states as I can in the process: B.S. from Warren Wilson College in North Carolina, M.S. from Johns Hopkins in Maryland, and now I am a PhD student at Tulane....(this one I assure you is a terminal more school after this...but I have said this twice before).

3) Pets? Saywer and I are collecting a zoo. There is Buzi the Black Lab, Tiny the Great Dane, Dilly and Einstein the cats (and Dilly has a handful of fish). Some are intentional, some just needed a place to crash and now think they are part of the family. Tickets for sale at the door all proceeds go toward feeding the Great Dane.

4) Outside of spending time with your pets... what is your favorite thing to do? RUN RUN travel RUN RUN hike RUN RUN read RUN RUN enjoy New Orleans RUN RUN camp RUN RUN

5) What is the best part of working for New Orleans Pet Care? Unlimited running buddies, constant stream of kisses

6) What is the worst part of working for New Orleans Pet Care? New Orleans roads, the quantity of hair that comes home with me, one way streets

7) Where do you see yourself in five years? If I win the lottery-on my fifth loop around the globe....if not, working outside the US at a job that gives me eye, dental, and health care-I am way to clumsy not to have all of these!

8) Coffee, Tea or Soda? Coffee ALWAYS and BLACK

9) If you could go out to dinner anywhere the city this PM where would you go? Someplace I have not tried yet!

10) If you could change one thing about New Orleans what would it be? Politics, politics, politics.....SUMMER HEAT!

1)What is your favorite word? Mitochondria...bungee jumping, parasailing, hot air ballooning, hang gliding, canyoning, cliff jumping, hele skiing and I think I would like the word sky diving if I tried it.......

2) What is your least favorite word? boredom, resting, sleeping, nap, snoozing, sitting still, about a genre of words.

3)What turns you on? coffee, smell of clean laundry, waking up in an unfamiliar city with a whole day in front of me

4) What turns you off? dairy, meat, cost of gas, and most recently my dissertation

5) What sound or noise do you love? cleats on concrete, rain on tin roof, whippoorwills in the morning, loons in the evening, markets in developing countries

6) What sound or noise do you hate? anything on a chalkboard, mom yelling my full name "Kathleen MaryMartha Maloney"....that is NOT good.

7)What is your favorite curse word? I would never say a curse word...shame on you for asking!

8) What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? My high school aptitude test told my parents I was only suited for a job as a circus performer.....It actually sounds like something I would like.

9) What profession would you not like to do? Anything in a windowless cubicle.....

10) If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? "Well you did not waste your time down there. Come on in the sauna is stoked.....first margarita is on me!"

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Walkin' Pamela!

Enjoying the flowers...

Ball in play...

Henri - 0 Isabelle -1

Waiting at the door!

Really wants to go on a walkin!

Don't come home today face...

Fleas on 1st, Paws on 2nd, Tails on 3rd

Barkin the Park
at Zephyr Field
Fleas on 1st, Paws on 2nd, Tails on 3rd
Sunday, April 11
2:00 PM
(Gates open at Noon)

Sit in the stands or watch the New Orleans Zephyrs play the Round Rock Express
from the Levee with your family, friends and best four-legged buddy.

Guests are encouraged to bring their four-legged friends and watch the game from the Levee or
they can enjoy the game in a “humans-only” reserved seat in the stadium. The first 250 Levee fans will receive a t-shirt. There will be giveaways courtesy of the New Orleans Zephyrs, Jefferson Feed, Pet & Garden Center and Wellness. Have your pet’s picture taken in the Boudreaux cut-out by Stacey Warnke and meet adoptable dogs from Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue and Louisiana Boxer Rescue.

Levee tickets are $6 per person (dogs welcome) or 4/$20,
reserved stadium seats are $8 or $10 per person (sorry, no pets).
50% of the proceeds of Levee tickets benefit the programs and services of The Louisiana SPCA.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Stay another week Mommy!

Hanging OUT today...

Someone was riding the freedom train today!

Enjoying the sun...

LASPCA Event... Painting With a Purpose - Sounds fun!

Painting With a Purpose

Sun, 25 Apr, 2010 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Join us for an afternoon of creativity and camaraderie. Guests will learn to paint “Fun Oscar” with a local artist. Paint, canvas and brushes provided for $45 per person and guests are encouraged to bring their own snacks and beverages. Plus, at the end of the afternoon, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind creation and, hopefully, a newfound talent you'll want to explore! 100% of the proceeds from the painting session will go to the Louisiana SPCA.

LOCATION:Painting With a Twist at 1900 Lafayette St., 2A in Gretna
CONTACT:Guests can register for the class online at or by calling 504.361.0574.
CALENDAR:Louisiana SPCA Event Calendar

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