Saturday, September 8, 2012

How much do I love Fresh Market?!

Makin' groceries 
  1. Phone the store
  2. Place order
  3. Give credit card information
  4. Answer the question -  "Is this the Black Lab lady"
  5. Walk 4 blocks
  6. Phone the store
  7. Wait for a second
  8. BOOM - person walks out with the groceries (and by that I mean wine) 

Growing boy!

Mid TT

Dr. Mommy is saving lives today! 

More Issac clean up today... goody!

And not my house... (that is still a hot mess) but accounting, administration, etc.  UGH!  

“People don't live in New Orleans because it is easy. They live here because they are incapable of living anywhere else in the just same way.” 
― Ian McNulty

Look into my eyes...

Odd is watching TV...

and seeing your brother.  Good morning Derek!
YouTube Video
NOJO 10th @ Tips on the 15th.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Sweet baby...

Our big baby!

More new babies!

Love um!

Invoice Questions...

If you sent us an invoice clarification question, we are working on an issue with our accounting software.  I will touch back to you ASAP.  They are working on it!

I am darling!

I dare someone to walk in this house uninvited!

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Accident free day!

Paws on Parade Home Page - The Louisiana SPCA

I need one of these for my yard!

Paws on Parade Home Page - The Louisiana SPCA:

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Come here.... we just want to talk!

Growing girl!

Those are treats... I am trying freedom today! 

Seriously - I have had enough of this thing!

The Shelter Pet Project | Adopt A Pet

I think these guys do such great work!

The Shelter Pet Project | Adopt A Pet:

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Good morning New Orleans!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Animal carcasses wash up on Northshore in Isaac's aftermath | Northshore - WDSU Home

Animal carcasses wash up on Northshore in Isaac's aftermath | Northshore - WDSU Home:

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Please vote for Hope

This could very well be the most energetic baby we have at this point.  Her name is Hope.  I think they named her that because her siblings hoped they did not rescue her!  If you have a moment, please "like" Camp Bow Wow and vote for this sweet baby girl.  

Thanks so much!  

So exciting!

We got a new baby!  

I am hard to see...

But I am growing too!

My babies got a swim today!

Getting so big!

Art form...

Securing your bike is really an art form.

Another Who Dat?

Paws crossed!

Who Dat!


Hanging with Bradley!

159 more days!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pamela loves us more!

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Just a heads up traveling parents:

It is good to live on "the grounds"

No leash!  I can run, run, run.

Check out the cat...

Our Mom is having a baby...

See how happy we are?!

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City Park

Whether you lean to the left or lean to the right...
we can all agree City Park's trees need to stand up straight!

Hundreds of the 5,000 trees we have planted since Katrina are leaning as a result of Hurricane Isaac.  Please help us to repair the damage and set them straight, along with planting replacement trees.  City Park is dedicated to our trees.

Won't you help save the trees?

Click here to donate now.

PS - FEMA does not provide funds to straighten and stake our leaning
trees.  Your support is greatly appreciated. 

What are we doing?

Can we go some more?

Do what?

She has longer legs!


Sh happy to be back!

Walkin' Bradley