Saturday, April 13, 2013

This was full this morning...

Yes - I use glass cleaner on the marble.  
Hey - It works and makes it shiny! 

Quick suggestion...

One should never ever shop online while taking pain medication.  I am still receiving packages.  Why did I order a frying pan?  I don't fry anything and I already have two.

Don't forget our presents!

What the HECK?

Rock that whip baby!


Both Henri & Isabelle are sick... If I am not cleaning up vomit from one I am cleaning from the other... and when I see it - well...  this is not going well at all.  

To La Place or not to La Place - that is the question.  I guess if I drive fast I can get there under the 60 minute trip max that the Ortho gave me.  




Erin is sleeping with these babies!

Our little house guest...

Slept on top of my legs last PM!



Friday, April 12, 2013

Pamela was wondering...

why her basil was dying.  
Mystery solved!

My house too...

Heads up!

Just spotted a Chocolate Lab running down St. Charles Avenue. Appeared to be lost and scared. It turned onto Second Street and could not be caught. Wearing a red or orange collar. If you have any walkers out in the area, ask them to keep an eye out.  


Growin y'all!

Who Dat!



Our little girl...

Is on holiday with her Grandparents...  
They are either killing her or wearing her out.


Are you sure you do not need us for FQF?

Quick FQF story from last year - a client phoned and said "Nicole - I am at FQF and I know I said I will be home and did not need y'all but - have you ever had a hand grenade? Can y'all give them dinner and a walk?  I am pretty sure I can make it home by morning!"  

Sending love from NOLA!

Need a good cry this morning?

It is a boy!



It just should not happen y'all...

"It's Okay! I Know My Time Is Up!!! Just love me until it's my time. At least I will know what love is if only for a short time here on earth."

Siezed animals now total 182; volunteers needed at Hancock County animal shelter | Can you help?

Can you help?

Siezed animals now total 182; volunteers needed at Hancock County animal shelter | Hancock County | The Sun Herald:

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

I think it is officially Henri & Isabelle "hit the pool time"!

You know the Cool Zoo at is open now, right? It's officially snowball season.

We do not think that the baby is here yet...

Ms. Barb walked and gave us dinner...
I hope the kid does not mess up the vibe of the house!

My brother is on his way!

Not sure how happy I am!

Can you put in the note that I need more toys?



We are slowing our roll for a minute...

It will all be taken care of - towels, rubber boots, etc! Everyone has to potty!

Hard to be me...


Some pups could care less... others need cuddles! 

My my "other" business...

We call this a combo!

Looking for a home...

I am the Man on the house and I am so unselfish that I am Fostering this little girl...

I am the little Foster Girl.  You want me?  
I am amazing!  
I will post more on her later...


HAS to TT on the cement elephant... 
It is HIS MUST DO on Magazine Street!

More Art...

Art is so subjective.

Virbac Recalls Six Lots of Iverhart Plus Flavored Chewables

More than 100 animals seized from Kiln home - - The News for South Mississippi


More than 100 animals seized from Kiln home - - The News for South Mississippi


Power out in most of the CBD...  


I give her just a few more minutes and she is going to open it!

Ms. Pamela had to come early so someone get get her thunder coat on!

Still makes me laugh!

63 Pit Bulls Rescued from Dog-Fighting Compound | Life With Dogs


63 Pit Bulls Rescued from Dog-Fighting Compound | Life With Dogs:

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True Cost...


Trainer feedback...

My favorite (also TONS of our clients favorite) Trainer is amazing and spot on!  Not sure how spot on she was when she suggested that D's Mommy got her a bed for her room.  Let me tell you - that is no Dollar General Store Dog Bed... heck - I could fit and sleep well on that!  Perhaps today will be the big day she gives it a try for a nap time!


Yaohooooo - Tornado watch until 3pm.  "severe thunderstorm, damaging wind & hail (AKA hell - sorry).  Rocking rubber boots today!

You like your leg Mr. Air Conditioner Man?

I would not come in here if you do!

Regret nothing!