Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tuesday - Filming in neighborhood!

I just got a notice that they are filming "Weapon" in the neighborhood on Tuesday. It looks like St. Charles from 6th Street - 8th Street will be in the film zone. If we are lucky we may see Jean-Claude Van Damme! MeoWow he is cute...

Les Chat Toi

Things are going great Mommy!

We miss you but Pamela loves us very much...

Friday, October 1, 2010

This never gets old... silly boy!

Hi Mommy!

Bradley loves me so much...and I like him too!

ABC 26 News Story

ABC 26 did a story on LASPCA changes that featured Henri, Isabelle, Tink and our newest Team Member, Barb. Above was the intro package pre commercial. The three of them are playing, Tink drinking water (running into the wall) and Isabelle in the pool. Here is the full story!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Good one Pamela!

Pamela rescued this kitty...

She is at Southern Animal waiting and ready for a home. Southern Animal named her... Pamela!

Don't you need her? Look how cute...

Hi Mommy!

You are missing our little taste of Fall... It is 73 this morning. All is well... the people in the building are very helpful and Pamela is starting to wish that all of our clients had valet parking!
Hope you are doing well... They are!

Freret Street Yoga...

This is the brother-in-law of one of our wonderful clients! Call him... look - he will come to you!

Monday, September 27, 2010

I bow down to Mother Nature

Thank you for the weather! We always get this shot of the baby... so cute.

Poor baby R!

Pamela tossed her ball in the tree and is trying to get it... She is a goof!

Bark Bits... Still need your pass? Come Wednesday!

THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS: Thank you to Lt. Joe Valiente of the NOPD and the Community Service Volunteers he brings. Through their efforts, the new sod has been watered well, the parking area across the street made free of weeds, and the pavilion, gazebo and entry area washed down at least 3 times a week. They have logged over 60 volunteer hours since he started working with them at the dog park.
Special Permit Sale & Pick-up:

We will be selling dog park permits at the entry pavilion from 4:30-6:30 onSeptember 29 during the agility demonstration. Please tell any friends and relatives who are interested in joining. You may also pick-up previously purchased permits.

Permits can be purchased M-F, from 10am-2pm at the Friends of City Park office across from Storyland..
If you mailed your application, your permit will be available the day after it is received between 9 & 5. Call 483-9377 to confirm. If you cannot pick it up, you can have it mailed for a $5 additional charge. If you are receiving Bark Bits, your permit is ready for pick up.
ADOPT ME: While you are at the dog park with your pet, you might notice handlers with dogs wearing "Adopt Me" vests. These are LASPCA foster dogs with their foster parents. Each of them fills the requirements set by NOLA City Bark for entry and their foster parents have swipe cards for admission. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting another dog, please talk with the dog's handler. Any adoptions between now and October 31 will help the LA-SPCA reach their goal in the $100K shelter adoption challenge.

Bark Bits... Still need your pass? Come Wednesday!

September 26, 2010


On Wednesday, September 29, at 5:30PM, Cinda Walters and her award-winning Australian shepherds, Jake and Zeke will present an agility demonstration at NOLA City Bark. Cinda has been enjoying agility training and competitions for 8 years. Jake and Zeke have earned the top ranking of Excellent in agility; both also hold titles in sheep herding. Cinda will also bring her more recent rescue, Riley. Age 2 years, Riley has only been training for about 6 months. It will be interesting to compare the "rookie" to Cinda's 2 experienced competitors.

The demonstration will be held outside the dog park fence; the dog park will remain available to permit holders and their off-leash dogs. You may watch the agility demonstration with your dog, but she must be on-leash while outside the fence and viewing the demonstration. This program is free and open to the public. Non-permit holders are welcome to come in and visit the dog park before or after the demonstration, but, as always, only registered dogs are allowed within the gated area.

Following the demonstration, Cinda will be glad to answer questions and will have information available on agility training lessons.
Thursday, September 30, is the rain date for this event.

PERMIT, PLEASE: We continue to receive complaints about non-permit holders lingering at the gate until they are admitted into the dog park by a permit holder. If you have a friend that does not hold a permit, but joins you for entrance, please discontinue this practice and ask your friend to purchase a permit for his own use of the dog park. If someone you do not know asks to be admitted, please tell the person that admission is by permit only.
Admission to the dog park is by permit only because:
The $35 calendar year annual fee is used to pay for maintenance of the park, which includes grass cutting; flea treatments; cleaning of bathrooms, shelters, trash cans, and waste stations; purchase of waste bags and cleaning products; security; repairs; etc.
By purchasing a permit, NOLA City Bark users sign a contract with NOLA City Bark agreeing to abide by the rules and claiming responsibility for their pets.

We want to keep the dog park safe, fun, and affordable for all. Please respect the permit rule and understand that if you admit non-permit holders into the park, you are violating the contract that you signed and risk having your permit revoked and swipe card deactivated.

Woof Woof!