Friday, November 12, 2010

Upcoming Events @ City Bark

Events: The holidays are just around the corner; mark your calendar for these special events.

Saturday, November 13:

Gulf South Golden Retriever Rescue will be holding their first book sale on Saturday November 13, from 9am-3pm. This event will be held at Lakeview Brew Coffee Café, 5606 Canal Blvd., in Lakeview. If you would like to donate books, contact Alicia For more information on this group, visit

Sunday, November 14:

Take your "bark" to Lafreniere Park, 3000 Downs Blvd. in Metairie this Sunday, from11AM - 4PM, for the third annual Pet Fest. The event is free for owners and friendly, leashed dogs over the age of 3 months. Pet Fest features adoption opportunities and more. There will be food and music, agility demonstrations, an AKC dog show, games for people and dogs, a costume party, and many pet informational booths. For more information,

Friday, November 19: Support City Park by attending the Preview Party for Celebration in the Oaks on Friday, November 19, from 7:30PM - 11PM in the City Park Botanical Garden. Tickets are $100 per person in advance, $120 per person at the door. Experience the magical holiday decorations in the Botanical Garden while listening to music on six different stages and enjoying food and spirits from a variety of local establishments. for more details on this event and the Children's Preview Party.

Saturday, November 20: P.A.W.S. Dog Adoption Day will be at NOLA City Bark on Saturday, November 20, from 10AM - 1PM. Look for the dogs wearing "Adopt Me" vests and talk with their handlers about adoption possibilities. This is a good opportunity for you to bring a friend who does not own a dog to visit NOLA City Bark to consider adoption of one of these deserving animals. "Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a relative." Mordecai Siegal (b.1934)

Sunday Novembe 21: Celebration in the Oaks Children's preview party is Sunday, November 21, from 5PM - 8PM at the City Park amusement park and Storyland. This is the perfect way to start the holiday festivities with your little "elves." Food, music, amusement rides and holiday decorations combine to make this a special holiday tradition for the younger set.

Don't forget to let us know if you have an animal event that you would like to feature in Bark Bits: email,

Bark Bits - City Bark Police & Leaf Blower!

November 10,2010


With this beautiful fall weather and so many NOLA City Bark permit holders eager to play at the park with their pets, the dog park is experiencing a large amount of activity, especially on week-ends. The greater density of dogs in the park makes it even more important for everyone to be a good citizen and follow the rules.

The dogs are more active, so please keep a close eye on your pet and be proactive in avoiding problems by walking your pet away from a crowded situation. In particular, do not allow dogs to crowd or rush the gate as others are entering. Move away from the gate area with your dog to visit with friends so that others may access the park easily.

Children 8 and over are allowed in the dog park with their parents. However, please remember that activities in the dog park are for the dogs. Parents, do not allow children to climb on equipment or trees, play in the water features, roll down the hills, or run in the dog park. Dogs might perceive your child to be "one of the pack" and respond by chasing, nipping or playing rough with your child.

And PLEASE remember to pick up after your pooch. We have had several complaints about the amount of dog waste in the park.

If your schedule is flexible, you might enjoy visiting the dog park on week-days before 3pm when it is much less crowded.

PERMIT RENEWALS: All permits will expire December 31,2010. Renewal permits can be downloaded online and mailed if you are paying by check or credit card. Please fill out entirely so that we can verify that we have your correct information. Your security card will stay the same so no need to come to the office unless you want to pay by cash. In order to allow everyone ample time to renew, we will not deactivate non-renewed cards until January 31, 2011. If you purchased your permit after August 1, you will receive a $10 discount if requested.

LIGHTING: Now that Daylight Saving Time has ended and the days are shorter, our 6pm closing time makes it very difficult for many people to use the dog park during the week. We will be meeting with Entergy to explore the possibility of the installation of security lights and to see if the cost is feasible and if the lights will provide enough illumination to allow us to use the park at night.

CITY PARK POLICE: City Park police officers, Billy Bayle & Billy Mimms, will begin to visit the dog park regularly. Rather than just driving by, they will park and walk into the park. Please feel free to introduce yourself. Since we have received numerous complaints about children under 8 in the dog park & non-permit holders using the park, they will help us with these issues. You may call City Park police, 421-9307 and give the officer your name and remain at the dog park to speak with him when he arrives. Police officers are on duty Monday-Saturday, 9 AM- 7PM and Sunday 9 AM-8 PM. During Celebration in the Oaks, (Thanksgiving-New Years) they will not be available during the day. There is only one officer on duty at a time to patrol 1300 acres.

Please call the police only for the above violations or for matters of extreme emergency. Most disputes should be handled between permit holders and other violations reported

LEAF BLOWER NEEDED: If you have a gently-used, gasoline powered leaf blower or a new one you would like to donate to the dog park, it would be most appreciated. Lt. Joe and his CSWs have been doing a great job of keeping our entry and sidewalks clean and this piece of equipment would be a big help. If you would like to donate, let us know at Thanks.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Help ARNO - Order a bed!

Donate a Kuranda Bed. The beds are sent directly to the shelter in the donor’s name at a special discounted priceDonate a Kuranda Bed. The beds a
Animal lovers across the country are making a world of difference for homeless dogs by donating a soft, dry off the floor Kuranda bed to sleep on. The calming effect reduces stress levels and helps to promote adoption. Donate a dog bed now!e sent directly to the shelte
r in the donor’s name at a special discounted price

I love this smile!

Map reveals locations of New Orleans traffic cameras

Attention: New Orleans Pet Care Team! I got another one yesterday... Perhaps I should just slow down.

Article here...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lulu love

I love this little girl so very much!

Fall Holiday Stylin'

$400.00 and worth every penny!

Pamela saved me (spent $ome money!)
My name is Homer
I love her... Mike is cool too!

Sago Palm Toxicity

Yesterday I was made aware of a dog in the ICU at a local vet suffering from Sago Palm Toxicity. The poor darling ingested some of the "fruit" of the palm and may not make it. This is such a common plant here...

Article from

Picture it: a sunny, sandy beach; a warm, tropical breeze; a comfortable lounge chair with a cool, refreshing drink enjoyed under swaying palm fronds. It may sound wonderful, but pet poisonings from the increasingly popular Sago Palm are on the rise.

Palm trees have long been icons of the tropics, evoking images of an island paradise. The Sago Palm (Cycas revoluta) - a stocky, spiky leaved member of the Cycad family of plants - is a lovely addition to residential landscapes in the sunny climates of the Southern United States. In recent years, miniature or "bonsai" versions of Sago Palm have also found their way into the hearts and homes of people living in the cooler, drier northern parts of the country.

While this popular palm is no doubt an attractive plant, pet parents should beware: Sago Palm is highly toxic.

Sago and other cycad palms contain toxic compounds that can potentially produce vomiting and diarrhea, weakness, seizures and even liver failure and death in cats and dogs.

"Many people familiar with this plant's poisonous nature assume that the only poisonous portions are the seed, or nut from the female," says Dr. Sharon Gwaltney-Brant, veterinary toxicologist and Vice President of the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center. "However, all parts of these plants are toxic, whether male or female."

Dr. Gwaltney-Brant also says that over the past five years, the Center has witnessed an increase in Sago and other Cycad Palm cases of more than 200 percent. According to the Center's data, 50 to 75 percent of cases involving ingestion of Sago Palm result in fatalities, further illustrating the serious danger that the plant poses. Dr. Gwaltney-Brant states, "Because pet parents and possibly veterinarians in northern regions of the country where these plants are becoming more popular may not be as familiar with the toxic effects of Cycad Palms, we feel that it is critical to get information out about their toxic potential."

As with any toxin, pet parents should take the necessary precautions to prevent their furry family members from coming into contact with Sago Palms in and around their home. Or better yet, replace the plant with a non-toxic alternative. For a list of non-toxic plants, please visit

About the ASPCA® Animal Poison Control Center

Established in 1978, the ASPCA® Animal Poison Control Center is the only 24-hour, 365-day animal-dedicated poison control center in North America staffed by 30 veterinarians, 13 of who are board-certified general and/or veterinary toxicologists. Located in Urbana, Illinois, the specially trained staff provides assistance to pet owners, and specific diagnostic and treatment recommendations to veterinarians pertaining to toxic chemicals and dangerous plants, products or substances. The Center also provides extensive veterinary toxicology consulting on a wide array of subjects, including legal cases, formulation issues, product liability, and regulatory reporting. For more information on potentially dangerous substances in the home or to reach the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, please call (888) 426-4435 or visit

About the ASPCA®

Founded in 1866, the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) was the first humane organization established in the Americas, and today has more than one million supporters throughout North America. A 501 [c] [3] not-for-profit corporation, the ASPCA's mission is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. The ASPCA provides local and national leadership in animal-assisted therapy, animal behavior, animal poison control, anti-cruelty, humane education, legislative services, and shelter outreach. The New York City headquarters houses a full-service, accredited, animal hospital, adoption center, and mobile clinic outreach program. The Humane Law Enforcement department enforces New York's animal cruelty laws and is featured on the reality television series "Animal Precinct" on Animal Planet. For more information, please visit

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Big Girl!

No longer in a crate!
Hope I can handle it...

Pet Fest - Sunday - 11.14.20

What: Pet Fest 2010, presented by Friends of the Jefferson Animal Shelter and the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter
Where: Lafreniere Park, 3000 Downs Blvd., MetairieWhen: Sunday, Nov. 14, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Pet Fest will have adoptable pets from more than 25 area shelters and rescue groups; a pet marketplace, featuring pet fashions, jewelry and more; local veterinarians, humane education and spay/neuter information; an AKC Sanction Match, sponsored by four local kennel clubs, plus AKC puppy classes; agility demonstrations and canine good citizen testing; games for people and dogs; food and live music.

The 2010 honoree is the Delgado Veterinary Technology Program.

Admission is free, and friendly leashed dogs are welcome. Please, no puppies under three months old. (Their immune systems aren't fully developed.)

More info... here

Mom is packing...

and someone wants to go with!

Monday, November 8, 2010

A bee got me...

Pamela killed it and I got a cookie!

Not my day...

This Week at Swirl Wine Bar & Market

A Benefit for the LASPCA with Rosenblum Wines, Tuesday November 9, 6-8pm
Rosenblum's Chateau La Paws wines will be in the lineup tonight as well as the Rosenblum Viognier, Petite Sirah, and their award winning, highly rated "Rockpile Zinfandel". Taste five great wines, help out the SPCA, and feel free to bring your well behaved, leashed, four legged friends if you want too! This event is limited to 40 - two legged participants. Reservation and prepayment are required, call 504.304.0635. $15.

In 1978, veterinarian Dr. Kent Rosenblum and his wife Kathy founded Rosenblum Cellars. Over the years Rosenblum has been hailed as one of the top American wineries and called a “mecca for zin-fanatics.” Embodying nearly three decades of winemaking tradition, Rosenblum has evolved from a passionate home-winemaking operation into a world-class winery. Today, Rosenblum Cellars is recognized as one of North America’s most acclaimed producers of zinfandel and Rhône varietal wines. As a veternarian, Dr. Rosenblum wanted to honor the animals that give us so much joy so he created "Château La Paws", Rhône-inspired blends with a California twist. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this vibrant and deliciously playful wine benefits Paws With A Cause, a charitable leader in training assistance dogs for people with disabilities. And tonight we'll also donate the proceeds from the cost of the tasting to the LASPCA. The Chateau La Paws wines will be in the lineup as well as the Rosenblum Viognier, Petite Sirah, and their award winning, highly rated "Rockpile Zinfandel". Taste five great wines, help out the SPCA, and feel free to bring your well behaved, leashed, four legged friends if you want too! This event is limited to 40 - two legged participants.Reservation and prepayment are required, call 504.304.0635. $15.

I love these two!

So sweet...


I got this photograph from Cresent City Vet this morning. My babies went to "school" a few weeks ago...Isabelle loves to hide in the tube!