Saturday, May 5, 2012

A message from Joey Herrick, President of Natural Balance Pet Foods

Thanks to my friend and client Del for sending this to me!

A message from Joey Herrick, President of Natural Balance Pet Foods on Vimeo:

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Baby O

School WORE him OUT!

School was great fun today!

Ready to roll!

Natural Balance Pet Foods Inc.® - YET ANOTHER RECALL

Natural Balance Pet Foods Inc.®:

Great - this is what my babies eat!

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Playing hard to get...


When I start to miss my brother...  I go here.  He lives two minutes from me but, I wish they still lived with me.  I got a few text messages from people who just saw him at Jazz Fest and it made me realize how lucky and proud I am to have him in my life.  When I first got Remy, Derek was in Europe with Mr. Harold Batttiste who is one of his mentors and a very important man in Derek's life.  Mr. Bat is very ill but tomorrow he will be at Jazz Fest at 2PM in the Jazz Tent for a living tribute with  Derek, Jesse McBride, Ellis Marsalis and Ms. Germaine Bazzle and I am betting a few more musicians will be sitting in.  If you are going to Jazz Fest tomorrow, you should check it out.

Mr. Battiste

If Derek ever sees this he will KILL ME.  This was the day he came back from one of his trips to Europe with Mr. Bat. and that is Remy talking to me on the telephone.  Yes - I made him do it!  That is not his hair it is a fez.  

Our Daddy is busy making a movie!

Wellness Dog Food - Recall


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This one is cool!

Friday, May 4, 2012

We gave him a spike!

How cute is that?!!

Officer Who Pleaded Guilty In K-9 Primo's Death Reinstated

Really?  Wow.  Unbelievable.

Officer Who Pleaded Guilty In K-9 Primo's Death Reinstated - New Orleans News Story - WDSU New Orleans:

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It is very hard to see the screen when she decides she wants to sit by me.

Needs some little PJs!


I love this one!

Capitals’ defenseman Karl Alzner’s dogs had way more fun Wednesday night than he did (PHOTO) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

One my clients just sent this to me!  I laughed out loud.... we have walked into some that look very similar! 

Capitals’ defenseman Karl Alzner’s dogs had way more fun Wednesday night than he did (PHOTO) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports:

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Daddy is on his way...

Hi Mommy!

Happy, Happy, Happy

Jane Jacobs Walk 2012 | Blog of New Orleans

Great activity to do with your pups!  Especially this Saturday the 5th.  The Luck of the Irish is being hosted by the Irish Channel Neighborhood Association and ends at Belladoggie.  Perhaps we will see you there!

Jane Jacobs Walk 2012 | Blog of New Orleans:

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Remember Amelia?

She is a beautiful, healthy, happy and LUCKY little girl!

Yin & Yang


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wolf dog to patrol Angola | News


Wolf dog to patrol Angola | News | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA:

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Dear Clients:

I really appreciate all of your support!  We love y'all.  Just sayin.

Going to Jazz Fest?

Derek is amazing!  Check out his schedule here!

The right way to remove ticks from pets

I learned a few things...

The right way to remove ticks from pets | WSLS 10:

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Transports are FUN!

Best way to get to and park for Jazz Fest!

Such a happy girl!

Murphy... (Erin's baby)

Wanted to come to a birthday party last night! 
All dress with no place to go... so darling! 

My babies...

This was taken last night.  When I tell them to nite-nite to go to the top of the stairs and wait for me.  It is so cute...  I love those two bad dawgs!

Dead ducks...

Oh well - they had fun! 

Enjoying the sunshine!

Great news this AM

I woke up to a computer that has crashed! This is going to be. a great day!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One duck down

2nd one seriously wounded.  
I give him another 5 minutes...  

Birthday presents...

Started WW3

Operation Noble Foster

Great program...  

On September 23rd, 2001, Operation Noble Foster was officially launched to provide temporary foster homes for military and paramilitary owned cats.  Please do volunteer to help our military have their pets to come home to if you can.
Since 2001, more than 6000 people have signed up as foster volunteers and more than 5000 cats have been fostered. Our foster volunteers are proud to have made it possible for there to be many very happy reunions, and many foster volunteers have continued to foster for other military pets.

Operation Noble Foster:

We love her...

So artistic Ms. Erin! 

No like it... sadness!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my two babies...

After 30 minutes of off leash ball...  we finally get some peace around here!



Walkin' Bradley!

Sexy Max...

Placing his leg in the correct position...
Such a private boy!  

Sending love...

Blogger and I...

are fighting again!  Actually  - it is more likely that I am fighting with AT&T at this point but... I can't post photos.  AGAIN!

So happy!

My babies are 3 today!

Isabelle is at the bowl closer to the door... they both have on blue collars!

Henri & Isabelle - 9 weeks


I call him Rat Cat

He kills them and brings them to Pamela.

What a beautiful day!