Saturday, July 27, 2013

Y'all - I want this baby as much as I want a farm!

I get that a lot - I am cute!

I am going to sleep with Murphy

You are going to come back?

She did not say no.

Nous avons eu notre baiser d'adieu

One more kiss for Pamela!



Happy Heart
Happy Hips
Mellow Mutt
Shape Up
Veggie Life

RECALL ALERT: Dogswell (Finally!) Recalls Chicken & Duck Jerky Treats | The Dogington Post

Keeping a watchful eye on Dorian

Friday, July 26, 2013

USA: Oppose the King Amendment to the Farm Bill

This very important bill coming up for approval. But, for those that aren't aware, please take a minute or two to check it out and respond. If you live in a "farming" state, you couldn't fail to notice the cruelty that will result if some of the restrictions in animal the name of agricultural production, are rescinded. And, I'm not a nut about food animal production. I know it is a necessary thing but we can't let it get worse instead of better. There are 3 puppy mills that are totally unregulated within 3 miles of the person who posted personal home.  That could continue to operate with no oversight. Since moving to a poor, rural area. I've seen more of what people will do to animals if money is involved.

If you feel so moved... This is important enough to take the time and urge your friends to do so as well.

USA: Oppose the King Amendment to the Farm Bill:

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Cat Parents:

You may need this!

Our new little one!

Our other new baby!

Calm down dude



Watching the park will wear you out!

My serious face - Training Camp started

Thank you blogger for not letting us post.  I don't hate you... I just don't like you.


From earlier this week...



I seriously want to come back as this dog...

I get to mess the place up!

I love this chapel on Jackson Avenue

Our new bug is growing...

You can stay - we don't care!

While this is not my Dad -

Admit it... sort of funny.

Morning baby photos -

Dr. Mommy enjoyed wine while cuddles last night!

Baby X expressing herself!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Is this a shock to anyone?

Party on...NOLA

I smell a kitty cat!

I am being SUPER good today

@ the Bulldog this evening!

Thursday July 25th the Bulldog we will be hosting monthly Yappy Hour from 5pm to 7pm in which we will be donating 20% of all sales to this months charity Used Dogs! Come out and show some support, a used dog is like a used tshirt. 

Baby B... those itch eyes make me sad.

10 Words That You've Probably Been Misusing

When I hear #7 - I always laugh.

10 Words That You've Probably Been Misusing:

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Super focused on smells

Super unimpressed with the whole situation

I will get in... you drive!

I love the way she holds her ears...

* Avoid Jackson Ave ~ Friday - Sunday * Between St.Charles & Magazine will be a hot mess

On Friday, July 26, through Sunday, July 28, FX Channel/ Firefly Creative will be “on location” filming a promotional film/still shoot.  Move-in begins on Thursday, July 25.   Our location is 1410 Jackson Ave at the Buckner Mansion.  

Times of filming are approximately 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. Please be aware of the “No parking” signs posted along Jackson Avenue and in the 2100 block of Prytania.  The Magnolia Mansion on the corner of Prytania and Jackson will be used for a holding place as well as for makeup and such for the actors.    McGehee School will provide a place for their meals.  If you have any questions about our filming, or any special needs, please don’t hesitate to call us.

          – 1300 – 1400 Blocks of Jackson Ave (Uptown/West side)  
            ~ 2100 block of Prytania Street     

   We appreciate the opportunity to film in your beautiful city and are grateful for your hospitality. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

 This filming is being done with the knowledge and cooperation of the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Economy / Film New Orleans, and the New Orleans Police Department.  For more information, contact Katherine Williams at Film New Orleans (504-658-0923 /

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Peter WilsonLocation Manager
John A. Mmahat Jr.Scout /Assistant Location Manager

Going to school...

trust me - I am happy.

Our logo - Blogger

Thanks y'all for the emails about the logo not loading.  It is a Blogger issue that they are working to resolve.

I appreciate it you visiting the blog and sharing that information with me!

Baby X

Her foster brother is taking care of her...
That is just to much.

She went to work with Dr. Mommy

She took Clifford.  
- a week old...

I will pull and transport!

Kennel # BN-7-8-01
JPAS - West Bank
"Hippy" - 7 year old Chocolate Lab

Hippy was surrendered to the shelter by his owner who was very distraught about having to part with her companion. She absolutely did everything she could for Hippy upon acquiring him from her son, who did not take the greatest care of him. Hippy is your typical amazing Labrador; he seeks companionship and at 7 years old, finds himself in an anxious state at the shelter, longing for his old life back. Sadly, his owner was diagnosed with a terminal disease and had to leave to receive treatment in order to prolong her life. She has called several times to check on him and is very regretful of the circumstances placed upon Hippy. 

Hippy is having a difficult time at the shelter; he longs to be with humans and is accustomed to living in a home. He is anxious, overwhelmed, and distraught. All that Hippy knows has vanished yet his hope for anew remains strong.

While Hippy is an adult at 7 years old, he is in great health. He is heartworm negative and has been fully vetted. His owner indicated that Hippy is housebroken and adores children. 

He is a majestic, cocoa coated teddy bear and we have high hopes for him that his new person/family is out there.
Hippy is available for adoption at 1869 Ames Blvd., Marrero, LA 70072. Please call 504-349-5111 for more info.

How my mind works at 2am

I think they should have named the Royal baby Payne.  

103 dogs seized from Thibodaux breeder found guilty of animal cruelty | WVLA NBC33

This man makes me angry.

103 dogs seized from Thibodaux breeder found guilty of animal cruelty | WVLA NBC33 | Baton Rouge News, Weather and Sports:

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How sweet is that face?!

Virbac Recalls Six Lots of Heartworm Preventive Iverhart Plus Flavored Chewables

Virbac Recalls Six Lots of Heartworm Preventive Iverhart Plus Flavored Chewables | petMD

My thoughts...

  1. Very angry about his/her shift at Commanders. 
  2. Very angry with the lady who made him wear it
  3. Very drunk and did not realize his tie "fell off" - how that happens is beyond.
  4. Accidental - that would totally disappointment me.

Owner going into a nursing home... Sweet darling needs a home!

Sweet male adult kitty needs a home ASAP. Owner has to go into a nursing home.