Friday, April 1, 2022


We are about to bounce!

The little ones give me life…

No blogger war... NOPE!

What a week. I tell new clients all the time that unless we are physically unable (Mardi Gras or Jazz Fest parking) we will be there. I very rarely say we can’t do something. It happens but it is rare. This week has been one of those weeks that has stretched us beyond both mentally and physically but we did not miss a thing. I would never be able to do this without the team that I have. When I tell you, they are amazing… it is a complete understatement. I am not sure how I got so lucky, but I did. I am thankful for them.

Monday, March 28, 2022

Isabelle Jane

Our sweet baby Isabelle left us at 7:12pm this evening. She was in the same bed that Henri was in when he passed... she always chose that spot in the late afternoon.  It was heartbreaking and yet peaceful. Remy's first Vet and our only Vet, Dr. Cathrine came to our home and helped us let her go and Mr. Lorenzo from Four Paws picked her up. They were so compassionate, and we are at peace.

 I know she is safely with Remy, Henri and Rocket and that she is no longer in pain. That gives me great comfort.

Isabelle was a little bit of a jerk. She always has been a little jerk. When Mike picked her out, the lovely gentleman looked him squarely in the eye and said, "you don't want that one". Apparently, she was on fire from day one. That day, we literally watched her chase two full grown adult labs and every littermate off of a porch to keep them away from us. I would certainly not consider her to be the poster dog for patience, but she was "don't start none, won't be none". She was a protector... of the house, the car and the streets. If someone walked up on us, she would make sure they crossed the street very quickly. When Henri was attacked, she put him behind Mike's legs to protect him and let the other dog have it.

She was a complete joy, as headstrong as they come. My first female and I loved her with everything I have.  It is never easy... Thank you Riverlands Animal Hospital for your loving care. Dr. Crawford, Ms. Paula, Ms. Caroline and everyone who ever had to clip her nails and/or clean her ears... Y'all know the absolute hurricane that was Isabelle Jane. I adore ya'll. Thank you to my amazing trainer Elizabeth Schonberg. We would have never survived the early years without you. 

 They are given to us for only a moment. 

Rocket... We got to love her for 15 years…

Today has been a day... I feel like things happen as they need to happen. This sweet little one gave us so much. Lovey was a foodie... no kidding. It was Lovey that introduced Isabelle and Henri to chicken and literally sat on the kitchen island in NOLA and AP watching us cook every night when she was with us. It might have felt a little judgmental because her Mom is such a good cook but nevertheless... we loved that.  She slept with us more than I can count. She loved the babies and they loved her. Lovey - that you and Isabelle choose today does not sadden me any more. I know y'all went together and I love that for both of you and for all of us. We love you little one. We will miss you beyond. Stay close to Mommy... you were her entire world. I love you Rocket. Run with Remy, Henri and Isabelle. 


She is trying…

That was fun!

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