Saturday, December 28, 2013

We are playin!

My favorite present!

Caturday lovin!


Does that not look like a dream?
Look across the street.  
Meanwhile - I can't go outside today because it is to cold ;)


Doggie Doors - DON'T DO IT!

Once again... a story about a house that was robbed (this was yesterday) all because someone crawled into the house via the doggie door.  This was not in NOLA... it was in the burbs!  

I can't tell you how many clients we have had over the years that have had this happen.  If your dog can fit, trust the fact... thieves can figure out how to fit.  I had a house with a "small dog door" and I can tell you they shoved a child inside to open the door.  How do we know?  We watched it on video.

We would all like to think that our dog will deter someone... guess what?  They often bring meat, treats - I have seen that on video too.  Oh and to make it better -they went inside the doggie door and they opened the front door and let them out and it took days to find them.  

Lastly, once - one of my Team Members walked into a house while it was being robbed and the doggie door was how they got in.  Please - if you have one... reconsider it. It is like leaving the door open.  Aside from that - If a dog or cat can fit in/out... what other animal can?  

Being TOTS Good

Caturday Y'all!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Man robbed at gunpoint in the Garden District on Christmas Eve


A 33-year-old man was robbed at gunpoint Tuesday afternoon in the Garden District near St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans police said.
The victim was in the 1500 block of Seventh Street (just on the river side of St. Charles Avenue) around 1:30 p.m. when he was approached from behind by two men with a gun, according to the initial police report. They demanded his money and iPhone, and left after he handed it over, the report states.
Further details about the case were not immediately available. Anyone with information is urged to call CrimeStoppers at 822-1111.

Does anyone recognize this little girl?

This precious little girl spaniel was found last night at the corner or 
Washington and St Charles. They scanned her for a chip at CCV but nothing.
I was hoping you could post something, maybe someone will recognize her.
If they do they can call 504. 248-0709
Thank you

Getting it done!

Car ride!

Presents - MOM ROCKS

We get 60 minutes!

We love these two...


Someone "a secret admirer" left this and a bottle of Gnarly Head wine.  The name of the wine is the tip off.  Thank you Elizabeth.

Our darling baby girl...

Our pretty little girl!

Thanks for the dog vacation!

We hate when all of our clients start coming home...

These make my day!

Thanks again! Btw we've been telling everyone here about how great y'all are my 
mom after 15 years finally found a good dog walker/sitter.

We can do that!

My favorite request today... "can you stop and get milk for us?".  

Come back soon...

Hi Daddy!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Our big baby...

Baby J

J today...  

Hurry Mommy!

We have presents to open!


I wish like heck mine looked like this! 

This is our happy face -

We are under a lot of pressure okay!

YUB those ears!

Where is my food?

Our little babies

MeWow Y'all!

Enjoying vacation!

The day after...

Good morning New Orleans!  Firstly, thank you to our amazing clients for letting us take care of the babies. And to my fantastic Team - thanks for all of your hard work!  I know it is hard not to be with the ones you love at this time of the year!