Friday, January 2, 2009

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jour De Lan

Happy New Year
I love this company with all that I have... And we give it our all. This is my passion, not my hobby... Remy's legacy leads me to continue our work here... not only with excellent pet care but it also affords me the opportunity to support the rescue/transport organizations that are so important to me. We will continue to differentiate ourselves by making sure we have a full team... ready to go everyday, no matter what the weather! We will never take vacation, we are 24/7, 365 days... we will be there when you can't. We love them like you love them. We always have and we always will!
Thank you for your support in 2008!
We look forward to a wonderful 2009...

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's Eve!

Dance like no one is watching...

One of our wonderful neighbors, Joey Bonhage... died on Christmas Day. He was such a wonderful friend to all of us who walk the streets of the Garden District with our babies... He will be missed. I remember one night before Remy died we were walking and stopped by Joey's to give Remy a rest. Joey realized how sick he was at that time and always gave him a slice of bread... Remy never turned down bread! As Remy was resting, we were watching the dinner guests arrive at Commanders and naturally we were commenting on whatever struck us interesting or absurd! He started to tell me the funniest story about (years ago) going to a luncheon and announcing his intention to be the Queen of Carnival! He always made me laugh... Tonight...he would want us all to dance like no one is watching... Rest sweet Joey... rest. We will miss you friend.

When routes collide!

Jessica ran into Marci and babies today.
It is so much fun when we actually run into each other!

Totally getting ready for the party...

Seriously... he is sleeping. Out, ZZZ,
Resting for the NYE party!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We miss you Mommy!

Have a wonderful night!


She loves catnip!


Marcia sent this to me... and I wanted to share. How cute is she? "Your new baby Max reminded me how tiny Scarlet was when I got her. Bradley was comparing him to a sheet of paper. I've attached a photo of Scarlet sitting on our 12" kitchen floor tiles! She was about 11 weeks old in this photo and weighed less than 3lbs." I just love baby pictures!

Monday, December 29, 2008


This is our new little buddy, Max, with his sister, Chloe. HE IS SO TINY!!!!!!

Yes...yet another Max in our New Orleans Pet Care family :-)

Happy Birthday Sexy Max


How cute! They watch Sawyer leave...

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy... but I LOVE it!

It has been so crazy and we just love it! It was great fun waking up the babies on Christmas and giving them cuddles and kiss, kiss for y'all! I got to take some time on Saturday to take my great-niece to the zoo and to feed the ducks at the park. Little did I know, she was starving. I was a much better Remy's mommy than I am real person's mommy!

Our vacation...

Hi Mommy!


My brother broke camp and was flying all over the house!
Not I... right here waiting for my breakfast.