Friday, May 12, 2017

The blog is a mess again today...

I always have plans A, B & C! So here is how things geaux... 

Yesterday a Team Member's car had to go into repair so I drove her. 

Today another Team Member's car stopped working during the storm so we got her back on the road...

Later afternoon today, yesterday Team Member's car had to go back in again so I picked her up so we could carry on. 

I hate all of the car issues but I sure love spending time with my TM(s)! 

What a beautiful day! Suns out and it is Friday y'all.
Hi y'all! We are rolling again... a little behind but not by much. It was crazy out! 

We are working but I am going to hold them in whatever house they are in until this Kenner threat is over. 

When will you be back?

Smallbatch Pets Inc. Recall Frozen 2LB Chicken Blend For Dogs And Cats

Although this recall does not involve Louisiana, it is a good heads up if you use this product.