Thursday, May 5, 2016

Henri is so upset...


This makes me sad too but y'all... I promise everything will be just fine. I remember when Jessica, Sawyer, Kyle, Derek, et al left and how nervous people were with Bradley and we all know how that turned out. It is his time and I will always be so thankful for him and the 8+ years that we have spent together. Although he is taking a extended trip to Europe he (THEY) will be back in New Orleans.

I write today to inform you all that I have decided to end employment with New Orleans Pet Care effective towards the end of May 2016; or until Nicole and I feel that my presence is no longer necessary. The New Orleans Pet Care Team has worked to find a suitable replacement so that there may not be any disturbance in the services we provide you all. 

We strove to find an individual that would work well with the other team members, as well as someone who displays a great deal of the qualities we value and require in taking care of your pets in the manner expected of New Orleans Pet Care. I believe Kevin has the dedication, the work ethic, and the qualities we value (and a gloriously epic beard of mythological proportions, I might add), while I move on to other aspects of my life. I have dedicated eight and half years of my energy into this company, and I can confidently say that I leave knowing that you are all in capable and dedicated hands. 

Over the years, I have seen many of you and your families grow, new loved ones enter our lives and exit in the blink of an eye, families move from the city with heavy hearts and return to the city with elation, experienced the absolute worst heatwaves, snow and ice (what does that look like again??), hurrications, floods, and worst of construction.  I must say, with it all, it has been my absolute honor and pleasure to have served you and to have been a part of your lives. 

Thank you for the memories, 


Cookies please

His cute

Cookie face


We have lots of new babies...

I love you Mom!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Please spread the word!



Dog slobber

One of our new babies!

Lots of new kids lately!

They made me

Our other new baby!

Takin it

Dump truck parked in the middle of St. Charles is a great idea!

Spring Hawk!

With product in ! 

So sweet!

Holy winter wonderland

Sunday, May 1, 2016

For those that get push notifications - If you are at Jazz Fest please check out Lagniappe Stage at 11:30. Derek is a Director of the Don "Moose" Jamision Heritage School of Music and his students are about to take the stage!

He plays his usual set with Ellis at 1:35. 

Lets hope we can all get in some great music before it starts raining cats and dawgs! 

The more you know...

Wow - check us out!

This is going to be super fun!

Jazz Fest or bust!