Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jazz Festing...

I like my weekends with Bradley

Two more satisfied clients + Max

I miss walking my babies!

Walkin' Bradley is serious business...

Ms. Pamela is hiding treats...

Ms. Megan came... but we are are still waiting for Ms. Barb

How sweet is that?!  


What is the password?

I hope they win!

URGENT HG 470 goes to vote again on the House floor on Monday!

URGENT: HB 470 (the bill which would require all dogs to be safely secured in crates when riding in pick up trucks on interstate highways) will go to a vote again on the House floor THIS MONDAY 4/29. Sadly, it failed to pass the full House last week after passing the Committee, but it is being reconsidered. PLEASE leave a message or call your Louisiana state representative as soon as possible. Don't know who your representative is? Find out using the link below. If your representative is Thomas Willmott (R-Kenner) who sponsored the bill, please contact him to say 'thank you' for introducing the legislation.


I wish I had more news to share... she is still at home resting!  I will keep you posted.  Please keep her in your thoughts.


Keep my Mommy & Daddy in your thoughts...
It has been a bad week for them too.

Need some motivation?

  No white flags.


Good morning New Orleans!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Jazz Fest !

If you are not Bradley...

Do not mistake my sweet face... I will pull your leg off and hand it to you!  Have a good one!

Gosh these make my day! Thank you KW!

Ms. Pamela came by to kiss you before we get to see Mommy...


I am super good at this part!


Is at home resting...  Keep her in your thoughts!  All good... we have it covered!

Pamela's baby...

Sweet Misfit...
Mommy's little girl...for 15 years.

Rest in peace and watch Mommy, Daddy and your Brothers and Sisters.  They need to feel you around them.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

It made me laugh...

I had a few conversations with parents today who have tournaments for various sports this weekend that are all over the State.  One of them said - "not sure about next weekend... it depends on this weekend.   Is it wrong that I hope we loose?"  

She is not asking for opinions from the mass and not being serious so no need to put her on blast.  I can't imagine balancing one child in sports so I really can't imagine more than one and add to that people who actually care for pet(s) and want to make sure they are out and have proper dinner...

I stared thinking - how in the world do these coaches to it?!  I mean - one child would be overwhelming and being responsible for well -  I wonder the number on on a team...?!  Goodness.  Add to that - times the number of parents... can you imagine?  Add to that the fact they have to wear what I am sure can be considered ridicules uniforms - like soft purple shirts with no sleeves (often called WBs) and random 1980s jean shorts.  I went to a Softball game once at the fly and they had beer.  I suppose that could make it more palatable but I am guessing that is not proper parenting.  

This is why I have dogs.  

We should all hug a coach.  

So - no stress y'all - just add as you win and we all know we all hope for wins!

We went to school...

!!  One of us is so much happier than the other !!


Y'all seriously make me laugh

Part of an email from yesterday.  One of her babies is on Xanax because of thunder storm fear.  It is so sad but for some reason, this cracked me up!  

"I went home to leave a note and get the pills out of my underwear drawer for him"

Derek's Jazz Fest Schedule (I got a "nastygram" from someone who reminded me to post!)

4.26.13 - w/ Ellis Marsalis @ Snug Harbor
4.26.13 w/ Herlin Riley @ Snug
2.28.13 w/ Next Generation Big Band @ JF

5.1.13 w/ NOJO Jam @ Royal Sonesta
5.2.13 w/ Larry Sieberth @ Jazz Fest
5.4.13 w/ Dee Dee Bridgewater @ Royal Sonesta
5.5.13 w/ Neal Caine @ Sung Harbor (late set)
5.5.13 w/ Ellis Marsalis @ Jazz Fest
5.5.13 w/ NOJO @ JF

I hope I can go to JF on the 5th with Derek.  Text me if you do too!  

To protect myself...

I am not getting in the photo.  
I have no idea how it happened.
So confusing.  

Barb is sending me the best photos...

She is so out of her mind!  
Thank goodness she is not in as much pain.


Barb is still in the hospital but will be discharged soon.   It is a Kidney Stone issue  that will just take a little time.  So, meanwhile - Megan and Brady will help us until she gets back on her feet.  Thanks so much for all of your emails.  I have shared them with her...  I just spoke to her and she is - well - speaking of "Stone".  She is feeling NO PAIN at the moment!  Thank goodness it was not something more but that has to be so painful!

The grass is still wet + I like it!

Not a client...

Seriously - I would totally avoid A1 & A2 for sure.
Actually - I would avoid the entire selection...  


So hard...

Pamela is struggling today with the decision to let Misfit go.  With that - I would want to be home with my baby.  I would... I can't help it.  Pamela is out taking care of all of her cat clients and pup clients.  She refused the offer to stay home and let us take care of things because the fact is...  she loves yours like she loves her own.  

I am so blessed to have her and I am in so much pain for her today...  Watching and feeling something slide out of your hands and unable to do anything to fix it is the worst feeling ever.  

Ms. Pamela lays on the floor in my room and talks to me...

I working on my list Ms. Pamela!


Is on her way to the Emergency Room so we had to juggle a few things (all of our routes) but we are all set for the day.  Please keep her in your thoughts...  

ASPCA Top Pet Toxins of 2012

Great reminders!

3 Sided Media | Web Design, Vet Web Design, Veterinary Web Desgin | Amite, Louisiana > Blog > Pet Blog - ASPCA Top Pet Toxins of 2012:

'via Blog this'

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When you love something so much and you feel it just slipping through your fingers...

That is just a horrible feeling...

Our darling Pamela sent a text to say that her baby M has carcinoma cancer cells throughout her liver and spleen. It is just to much to remove and even if treated aggressively it would only give a small chance of survival.  They are bringing her home and are going to make her as comfortable as they can.

Give them and all of us the strength to get through these difficult times.  

“Being deeply loved gives you strength, while loving deeply gives you courage.” 
― Lao Tzu


I hope today ends better than it started...

Thankful my Team is safe.

Just FYI -

If you lost your trampoline...  it is on the Causeway.

They are all over!

Starting to go down...

How sweet Pamela's sweet heart works...

It is a toy.
Not her toy.
No a client's toy.
Just a toy. 

Hope that goes down...

Need crawfish?

They are all over Old Metairie. 

No good...

Guessing that lamp is not going to work... 

one minute - 10".  Nice... all of Team NOLAPC are moving.  

Most of Uptown looks like this...

All but two are moving.  Two still stuck. DH and Dr. JG

Shoot -

I need Acepromazine.

Please pump faster!

DH - yea.

Dr. CC

She is tucked in and we are moving...


I am no marketing expert but I would say that is gonna cost um!

A lot of this... Text is still working!

It is raining in my house

And I can't move this... 
Can this day get any better?
Suck it up Nicole! 

Slowing down...

Not sure how smart it is for them but they are going to start rolling again where they feel safe.

Geaux Saints - leaving, no power.  Heading to Dr. CH

Dr. JG house (Old Met)

Dr. JG - we are stuck at your house...

Garden District!


Out(s) mostly around Audubon Park and spotty CBD.


I am having them stop so some of you will have REALLY long visits.

Thus far everyone had/has power.

We are stuck at DH, Dr.CC and Geaux Saints... waiting to hear from more.

Levity - Well - not really.

A deep, pensive, and long-lasting sadness.


 No worry...  They are troopers - all are out there working in it!

She is such a goof...

It is not pretty but...

my team is rockin rubber boots and getting it done!