Saturday, November 2, 2013

I really, really, really, really want to save this but I am not sure how much longer I can wait.

Spend the night party!?!

Sending much love from New Orleans...

Admit it... That is amazing!

Our BFF is here!

Caturday y'all!

Should animal abusers be registered?

Interesting conversation...

Should animal abusers be registered? - SFGate:

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Relaxin in bed...

BBC News - Scientists decipher dog-tail wags

Great read! 

BBC News - Scientists decipher dog-tail wags:

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I went to play school!

Friday, November 1, 2013

My Halloween costume - Or in this case - Día de Muertos

So - our Garden District Association party was postponed until this evening because of the rain last night. 23 of our neighbors have a special trick-or-treat at their homes and one of them hosts a party for the Association Members.  I made this basket for Megan's baby Rome (I may have done to much)...  Whatever. She can hide it.  I am going as one green finger nail painted person.  To all of our neighbors close... text me if you want to take a stroll.

Georgia company recalling pet treats - Bailey's Choice

Georgia company recalling pet treats - Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5

What is Voodoo Fest?

Listen - he is a Doctor... sometimes he has to go bananas!

Ms. Erin will wear you out honey!

Little bunny foo foo...

How happy is our beautiful little service girl!?!

I am a big boy... I do not need that crate!

But... when I am alone I get in because I like it.

Signs of Arthritis in Cats | Feline Docs

Great quick read...

Signs of Arthritis in Cats | Feline Docs:

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Henri just had a moment too...

How cute is this kid?

This is the kid that went out the window when Mom was on the phone in the driveway.  She is a pistol!  Don't let this face fool ya!  I swear she is so funny...  

Current "recalled" as of 10.23

I am not hiding from the contractors!


Hottest Hounds New Orleans comes out today...

I can't wait to see my babies and all of our clients!

New Orleans book premiere weekend details:
Fri. Nov 1st - Fellini's from 6-8PM
Sat. Nov 2nd - No Fleas Market from noon-2PM
Sat. Nov 2nd - Howling Success Gala 
Sun. Nov 3rd - Pet Fest 2013 @ Lafreniere Park from 10AM-2PM

Me when I realized Saturday is fall back...


It rained!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

St. Louis...

I love!

The Garden District Association event was moved until tomorrow!  So - I hope to see you all tomorrow! 

I moved my transportation for this PM...

This evening! Rain or shine!

We are going to stroll the Garden District Association party this evening starting at 5:30... dinner at 7 @ 2707 Coliseum.  If you are out and about - text us!  


Nope - Would have died on the spot...

That is just to much...

Isabelle Jane - my goodness... is still in Remy's room!

She will come down when she is ready and I am not telling her to. 


My babies have been HORRIBLE today... barking, barking, barking

The sentence - 30 minutes in Remy's room (AKA OPP)

Two men beaten in separate violent auto thefts, police say

Heads up y'all!

Two men beaten in separate violent auto thefts, police say » Uptown Messenger:

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Scared the he double L out of me...

Our newest little baby... Now - please... that is to cute for words!

Waiting for the next meal...

The last one was five minutes ago...

I love this school...

7 days a week... 3x a day... LOVE my little angel!

HOW TO Treat Your Dog for Chocolate Toxicity | Find A Vet

Just in case...  Don't forget Xylitol is toxic as well and is found in most sugar free (who would give that on Halloween?) too.

HOW TO Treat Your Dog for Chocolate Toxicity | Find A Vet:

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You know what amazes me?

How much you can care for someone without ever having met them...  

Official: Worker accidentally cuts down 'C,''I' from historic City Park bushes

This sort of makes me laugh!

Official: Worker accidentally cuts down 'C,''I' from historic City Park bushes | WDSU Home - WDSU Home:

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Thriller cat...



From our visit last pm...

With our BFF!

I am keeping these suckers. Sorry kids.

They are? Kiss us bye bye...


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My sweet brother...

Doing mad work...  

I just wish I could cuddle...

Not good...

The New Orleans Pet Expo has been cancelled. This is the response we received: Due to a lack of community excitement the show was canceled.

The animals deserve more support but with that...  I wish that organizations would combine efforts to host events that support each other.  

From Facebook...

Today we're meeting with Livingston parish law enforcement officials to review their animal cruelty investigation protocols. Every day of the week, we field calls from around Louisiana about cases that are not being investigated and cruelty complaints that are not being taken seriously. With your support, we're able to speak up for animals and advocate for those in need.

Sweet baby @ Animal Helper... You need her!

This adorable little kitten was rescued from under a car hood in a parking garage in downtown NOLA, she rode in from Arabi. She's dirty, skinny and flea ridden. We are in need of donations to get sweet Bambi vet checked, current on vaccinations, and whatever else she may need. Donations can be made via Paypal: or mail a check to Puppy Love Daycare 2630 Edenborn Ave. Metairie, LA 70002.

That may be a little much... justsayin