Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nature’s Variety Announces Dog Food Recall

Nature’s Variety Announces Dog Food Recall

2 NOPD officers face almost no penalties after their police dogs die

This really bothers me...


I have never watched ET.  I am going to do that one day.
This dog cracks me up!


The baby is having a birthday party and we are going to get a bath.  Sounds lovely.  Don't we look thrilled.


Hero Pit Bull Saves Women and Dogs From House Fire


Hero Pit Bull Saves Women and Dogs From House Fire

Send PJs!

Hi Mommy & Daddy!

Nice present...  she LOVED both of them!

Oh my goodness...

One of Pamela's clients left her a present...  Goodness.  I know she loves Pamela but this is over the top.

Thank you PH!  We never expect anything and this is just over the top.  Y'all are amazing... so generous!

Only in NOLA

I love this guy!

Heads up y'all!

Garden District Neighbors:

Heads up. There was an attempted armed robbery last night in the Irish Channel in the 2200 block of Laurel Street around 9:30 p.m. . “He held a gun in the middle of my forehead and told me ‘give me what you’ve got.’ I told him that I had nothing, screamed for my roommate to get her gun & he ran off with part of my car key. NOPD came quickly & took a report….”

Description:“African American male approx 5.8 ft. Husky. Dark jeans, dark hoodie. He turned me around so quickly that I didn’t get a very good look at his face. There was a second taller, thin male that I could not see at all”

Again, we encourage all of you to use the GDSD patrol and to travel in pairs or groups if at all possible. You can reach the patrol direcly by calling 899-4373 any time day or night.

Note: The Irish Channel Neighborhood Association has been in discussions with its neighborhood to determine whether or not a security district is a viable and productive option for them. We wish them luck.

Tink is back to normal!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Blogger - 1
New Orleans Pet Care - 0

Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day!

Still at war...

Darn you blogger photo button.  It is driving me crazy!


Barb's baby is out of surgery!  Thank goodness...

"Vet Peeves": What We Do Wrong at the Vet's Office


My obsession...I have to stop.

I don't care who you are, that tweet at the top of this article is funny.

I hope we can post photos soon.  I can't imagine anyone is reading this blog today.

Tomorrow is Pawdi Gras

I wish I could go to this.  It was a great event last year!

Carnival obsession...

I would have totally taken the robes.

Headline of the day...

DIA Parking Lots Consider Measures To Stop Bunnies From Attacking Cars « CBS Denver

Is it wrong...

That I found it funny that the bus bringing Carnival passengers from Mobile to New Orleans broke down 30 minutes outside of Mobile?


My bathroom smells so much better.  Love Ms. Vilma.


Mr. CNN reporter - comparing the Carnival Ship to Katrina?

HOW TO Treat Your Dog for Chocolate Toxicity

I hope you (we) never need this!

I-Team: Pets online, buyer beware

From Chicago 7 News Team...

I-Team: Pets online, buyer beware


I can't post photos so I am going to post random thoughts...

You would think those people were on the Titanic.  Calm down... now you will get a free cruise and some drink coupons.

Unraveling the confounding world of compounding

If you are a dork (I am a big one) you may like this quick read.

Fighting again...

Blogger and I are fighting this morning...  I hate a blogger fight.  Really...

Good morning...

I only have eyes for one man...  Bradley!  


Please send positive vibes, prayers, cross fingers and paws...  Think is having surgery.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love is...

being a dork and still being loved! 

Sweet baby...

Lost and roaming the Garden District... last seen @ 3rd & St. Charles.
Would not let a few of us get close...  

Our little Southern Living Diva....

This one has THE LIFE! 

Cop shuts down highway to save small dog, becomes Web hero

I love this story!

Only in NOLA

Love is

going back to bed after walking Bradley! 

Love is...

the cookie part after the walking part!


I have been giving my all but, my first floor bathroom smells like I remember the men's room smelling at Benny's Bar at 2am.  (The ladies room had a line.)  Thank goodness Vilma is here today!  


Love is knowing

Ms. Erin loves you as much as Dr. Mommy &  Dr. Daddy!

Like Mommy...

Given the opportunity... they would spend the entire day in bed!

I love this movement
Love is patient...
Happy Valentine's Day! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We need a little more wind and rain...

Poor tree.

Love these ears...

Southern Living Magazine

One of our clients made it into the latest issue!  So proud of our little girl.  Tenth photo down!

We got our baby back...

Hi Mommy!

They are taking them down...

Can't wait until next year! 

Our little service girl!

I hope...

He is visiting my house.

If you have time to volunteer on 2.16

Pawdi Gras Volunteer Meeting tonight at Cane's on Manhattan at 6 pm. If you know anyone who wants to volunteer or needs to do service hours now is the time. Be part of the most rewarding and fun parade on the Westbank.

What happens...

When Dr. Mommy does not schedule Ms. Pamela...


We got it... we will watch TV and sleep all day with Tink.  We got this!

I love this guy...

He just lost his 15 year old Lab and I am searching for the perfect baby for him...

Super cute! Needs a home!

How sweet is that?  
If you know someone looking for a puppy!


Jennifer Wright
504 737 0407

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Edna Karr @ Muses 2013 Under The Bridge - YouTube

I love Edna Karr...

Edna Karr @ Muses 2013 Under The Bridge - YouTube:

'via Blog this'

Carnival 2013

As Mardi Gras day comes to a close @ 3101... I am looking forward to 2014.  It will be bigger and better next year with more friends, clients and family.

I wonder...

When my neighbor is going to bring his girlfriend back inside the house...


We can't let it geaux!

385 DAYS!

Mardi Gras 2014 is March 4th!

My favorite Rex float!

Blogging from the Avenue!  

Well... okay.

As close as I will ever get to Zulu

5' tall is hard...

My beautiful neighbor...

Cloud cover... 


I got a present!

Thank whomever did it!

Bayou St. John parade...

One of my Drs...

Everywhere else it is Tuesday!
Happy Mardi Gras!

Monday, February 11, 2013